Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th June 2021 Written Episode Update. : Anita and Angoori to gamble with Madam

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori talking to Anthony in her room saying my husband is a kind of person who should be kept in house or in shop. Anthony says what are you saying. Angoori says I want to do romance with you and start dancing with Anthony and throws him on bed. Anthony says what are you doing I’m your husband. Angoori says I already know that I can identify you in million of people from your self and tell me what is this gimmick.

Anita’s room doorbell ring. Anu says come in Akhbar come to Anu and ask what can I do for you. Anu says what can you do what services you give. Akhbar says I can provide all services which hotel offer. Anu says I want to do romance can you give me that service. Akhbar says yes I did romance when I was young, but we dont have this kind of service in our hotel, Akhbar picks up a jug and start hitting him. Anu says stop it what are you doing and you didn’t gave me answer of my question. Akhbar says you have husband you can go and do romance with him. Anu says a peasant like you will tell me what should I do with me and my husband. Akhbar says you called me peasant. Anu says I also feel bad when someone bring my husband in conversation. Anu says come lets do romance. Akhbar says this is wrong you have husband and I’m an old waiter keep some humanity. Anu says if you said something more about humanity I’ll go out and shout that you tease me now come lets romance. Akhbar says this is wrong I cannot do. Anu start screaming in her room. Akhbar says ok I’ll do romance with you. Anu start dancing with Akhbar. Akhbar shouts stop Anu its enough, I feel ashamed that I’m your husband. Anu says why are you ashamed. Vibhu because you already have husband and still doing romance with an old waiter. Anu says oh please when I arrived at hotle I understood by smelling your cheap perfume its you, but still I give you benifit of doubt but in some time I know it was you, what can you more expect from a liar like you. Vibhuti says liar. Anu says yes you are you came here to see land and where is the land, you know what money is stolen from my locker can I know what you did now or there will be new story with this hotel. Vibhuti start crying.

Madam Noori, Angoori, Anu Tiwari and Vibhuti in one room. Madam Noori asks Angoori and Anu so they are your husband and you want I should release them. Angoori says yes, says to Anu she is keeping our husband. Madam Noori says excuse me they came here by there own. Anu says I want to request we are lady and its and stick situation if you release them it will be very kind. Madam Noori says well if you both missing you husband so much so you can do the same job. Anu says excuse me what are you saying I’m a business women although my husband is unemployed but it doesn’t mean you can say anything. Angoori says my husband has a shop of undergarments. Madam Noori laugh and says what kind of people come here. Anu says why are you laughing he do hardwork and earn that money not like you who earns black money. Vibhuti says to Tiwari our wifs are taking fight with here we can find some other way. Tiwari says do you want to stay here forever every minister knows her we have to defeat her in her own game. Vibhuti says I know Anu can do it she is a clever girl Madam Noori says I have a plan you have to play gambling with we and can take them. Anu ask if we loose. Madam Noori says then you also have to stay here and owrk with them. Vibhuti says no Anu dont do that she is a cheat. Anu says you both shutup, we will do gambling.

Angoori, Anu, Tiwari, Vibhu and Prem in one room. Vibhu says to Anu and Angoori please don’t take that risk. Anu says so we should leave you here to rot. Tiwari says we are men. Angoori shouts on Tiwari and says what men every time you use to say to me dumb but you are the world biggest dumb. Vibhu says please calm down. Angoori says you shut up its all because of you. Anu says Angoori is right its all because of you two and your friend Prem, Anu says to Prem I’ll tell your wife and she will beat you, Vibhu says actually it was our fault and so please, Tiwari says he is right but we won’t allow you to be slave here, Manager walks in and says welcome, Anu asks why, Manager says because you are going to loose in game with our madam. Anu says we will see.

Madam walks in and Manager starts gamble game, Anu says we are here for our husbands and we will surely win, Madam says I will release them if you win but If you loose you will be my slave, Anu and Angoori says done.
Game begins, Madam shows three queens, Angoori shows three kings, Anu shows three Aces, Madam leaves with Manager angry.
Vibhu and Tiwari thank Anu and Angoori, Any says promise us you will never gamble now, and will never go with Prem. Vibhu and Tiwari wink at Prem and says promisw.

TMT walking weird and Tilu asks for water, and all three faint, Gupta walks to them woth Sheikh, Gupta examines them and says they are Highly dehydrated and may die too soon, Sheikh says wow I am so happy to see them, Teeka says we passed all.your tests now let us see your girls, Sheikh says sure stop for some more time, Teeka says atleast show photos, Sheikh says wait will call them before meet their dad and removes his glasses and wigs and says it’s me Saxena, TMT abuse him and faint.

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