Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with everyone crying nd vibhu is beside anita disguised as old man. Prem says vibhu why did you die? And you should have given my money and then died. Prem sits dow. Anita looks at vibhu and says disgusting this is. Tilu gets up and says as everyone has said, vibhu must have been arrogant, rude or useless but I don’t care about that and he always helped me in taking out my money from my cold hearted boss Tiwari. Tiwari gets angry. Tilu says I hope god sends someone like vibhu again for me. Saxena gets up and says vibhu was the only person in the world who satisfied me, everyone look at saxena shocked, saxena says by slapping me and making me happy by kicking and beating me. Saxena says I want to say just that I don’t like it. saxena sits and gulfam kali gets up. She says what do I say? I feel like the light of our program has gone and without vibhu there is not more fun now and I will miss him. Anita looks at vibhu and pinches him and says what is this? Tika and malkhan get up and say we miss vibhu but he always beat us, he cheated us on so many occasions and that too for his benefit. Tika says anyway god keep his soul in rest. Anita looks at vibhu. Vibhu says they are lying. then Tiwari says anguri you say something too, anguri says okay and gets up and says vibhu was our neighbor and he used to bore me everyday a lot but he was sometimes funny too. Anguri sits. Tiwari gets up and says I didn’t know I would miss vibhu and after his death I feel I love him as a brother and miss him. Tiwrai sits. Anita says I just feel vibhu is around me sitting beside me and I want to talk to him alone so everyone can go now. Tiwari says she is in deep sorrow lets go. A man gets up and says I am insurance agent and have come to see if vibhu is really dead. I will talk to his wife anita later. Vibhu is scared and says I am vibhu’s old uncle and you all were insulting a dead man but he was a very good person and human being he helped a lot. Get lost now. Everyone go.
At night Tiwari is crying and says I didn’t think vibhu would die. Anguri says don’t miss him so much and mom says if you talk always about a dead person a lot then their spirit comes and haunts. Tiwari gets scared and says what? He sleeps. Anguri is about to sleep when vibhu comes at window and calls anguri. Anguri is scared and about to scream when vibhu says don’t and come here. Anguri goes and says you were dead and how are you alive again? vibhu says I am dead only and I am vibhu’s spirit. Anguri say what? Why did you come? Vibhu says I have been sent back by god to meet you and anita. anguri says yes? Vibhu says yes and how are you? anguri says nice and you say how is it to be dead? Vibhu says bad but don’t tell this fat man sleeping beside you. vibhu says if you tell me I love you then Tiwari will live for more years and god told me. Anguri says yes? Vibhu says yes. Angui says okay and says I love you. vibhu says once more, anguri says again, vibhu says once more, anguri says I love you again and says how many times now? Anguri goes to sleep and as Tiwari snores vibhu says bye and goes.
Next day at tea stall Tiwari and saxena are there and Tiwari is crying and says I miss vibhu. Saxena says why? Was he your boyfriend? Tiwari says are you dumb? Saxena says then how much will you cry now? He is dead and forget it. do you know how he must have died? Falling from that valley onto stones and rocks piercing his eyes and tearing his skin apart and then his skull and brain crushing, otherwise people also die as bike accidents and bike drives through their chest tearing it apart and the heart bursting and spilling blood. Tiwari gets scared and then slaps saxena who says I like it. happu comes and tika malkhan too. Happu says vibhu died was a tragedy but what will happen to anita. Tiwari says you don’t worry about that. tika and malkhan say you should have died Tiwari instead of vibhu. Tiwari slaps them.
At home anita is dancing on an item song and Tiwari sees from window and thinks vibhu is dead and she is dancing? Tiwari gets in and sits on sofa seat. Anita dances and then as she moves back she sees tiwrai and screams and turns off the tape. She says what is this Tiwari ji? Anyway how are you? Tiwari says I am fine and how are you? anita says I am of course healthy, happy and very good. Tiwari says vibhu died and you are very good? Anita bites her tongue and thinks how did I forget vibhu is acting dead?

Precap: anita tells vibhu that people like happu singh taking advantage of women who are widows and now he thinks too I am a widow. Vibhu says just wait happu, I will teach you a lesson now. At night anita and vibhu are dancing and romancing and Tiwari sees.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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