Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th January 2019 Written Episode Update : Vibhuti gets hand on Hypnotises.

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori calls Ladoo and says master is waiting, vibhu tries to flirt, Angoori says quite dont you see im in rush, Ladoo leaves. Angoori walks to Vibhu,Vibhu says theres a fare in Kanpur,Angoori says is it, i love visiting,when you have Ice candy and and roam around hand in hand,Vibhu says hand in hand am i dreaming, and blushes, what else, Angoori says im on swing, roaming around and see a sweet corn seller and share one with Tiwari, and blushes. Vibhu asks why him, Angoori says who else other than him.

Vibhu says you always roam with him let us go together, Angoori says no no i will go with him, why are you forcing me, Tiwari walks out, and asks what timepass are you upto,Angoori says he was asking me to go out with him to fare, Tiwari says and where will he get money for it, forget him lets go in.Vibhu says tiwari i will show you.

vibhu on call with Anu says baby you doubt on me a lot really trust me a bit, Prem walks in, Vibhu asks where were you, Prem says hong kong, Vibhu asks how was your trip, prem says good and i got myself something look at this locket, its used to hypnotise i will use it on my wife. Vibhu says is it, prem says i used it on a chinese,also i hypnotised my wife and left her in hong kong she will be back tomorrow, vibhu says lend it to me for a day will return you tomorrow,prem says cool but who will you use it on,vibhu says i have to show someone how i am.

Teeka reporting news malkan recording,Tilu walks to them and aplauds and asks where did you steal these things from, Malkan says we didnt we are reporters at A to Z news channel. Hapu walks to them and asks hiw come so groomed today, Teeka tells him ahout reporting,Tilu says how lucky where as me my boss doesnt pay me salary. Hapu tells boys that be with me i will give you great news also keep me in focus, Teeka asks what will i get in return, Hapu says 10000 per month just keep in all the news.

Tilu goes Tiwari house, Angoori asks how come here, Tilu asks where’s Tiwari,Angoori says client meeting, Tilu says im hungry,Angoori says be seated i will get you food. Tiwari walks in and slaps Tilu, and asks who is at shop when you are here, Tilu says no customer just flies and I want my salary, Tiwari asks what for you are bere instead of shop,Tilu says don’t forget i sell everything.Tiwari says i will slap you, Angoori walks in and says dont fight he is your employee and here Tilu have paratha, Tiwari says he doesn’t deserve. Angoori says stop getting violent, Tiwari throws him out. Vibhu walks to him, and asks dear friend whats wrong, Tilu says he doesn’t give me salary also insults me, Vibhu says what if i give you 5000 daily you will go mad right, Tilu says yes but that greedy man will give nothing, vibhu says i will make that happen but commission 4500, tilu says i know that’s not possible, but if you do so i will be all yours, Vibhu says done.

Tiwari and Vibhu drinking, Tiwari asks how come you invited me for drinks, Vibhu says cmon its our neighborhood love, Tiwari says i got so emotional, and insults him again and says the brand isnt something you can afford, Vibhu says cmon lift your glass and bottoms up, Tiwari has it and says it tastes desi, Vibhu gives him few more pegs. Vibhu says cmon have it and anyways you know about gems right tell me which is this, Vibhu begins hypnotizing Tiwari. Vibhu asks him to slap himself, Tiwari does so,Vibhu says you will hace to go home and avoid bhabhiji and if she still insists tell her to talk to me,Tiwari says okay.

Pre cap: Tiwari says if you want to talk go talk to Vibhu.
Vibhu hypnotises Angoori and asks her to say I Love you.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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