Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th August 2021 Written Episode Update : Babaji gets Arrested

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone near tea stall and Saxena come start his weather forecast report says everyone welcome to Mausam channel wind is blowing with speed of 200km/hr and now Masterji been seeing flying like garbage. Malkhan and Tillu fly away too. Saxena says as you can see my technical crew also flew away. Prem says when camera fly away then how will you telecast.

Anu in her house getting panicked for Vibhu and calls Helan. Anu asks did you talk to Vibhu. Helan says I asked him he is not ready to tell anything. Anu says did you ask why is he doing this. Helan says why should I ask I accuse you for his condition, its all because of you. Anu says how me its all because of you. Helan says its you because you had fight with him. Anu says he is fighting with me without any reason. Helan says he cannot fight he is afraid of fight, listen one thing if something happens to him it will be because of you now go and save him. Tiwari outside his house flying because of storm. Angoori come and says lets get in its storm outside, and will not go inside without you. Anu sees Vibhu from window and scolds him. Tiwari and Vibhu says try to understand go inside storm will stop in some time. Anu says to Vibhu i just want to say get in or this storm will take you what will I do without you. Tiwari and Vibhu thinks about there ritual they are doing for bhabhiji. Angoori says to Tiwari I’m asking last time get in. Tiwari says I’ll not come. Anu asks Vibhu I’m asking last time are you coming in. Vibhu says no. Anu says fine and goes in anger.

Tillu and Malkhan walking on street sees two legs over tea stall. Malkhan says these legs seem familiar. Tillu says lets grab these legs and see. They pull legs and sees Saxena. Malkhan and Tillu gets shocked. Malkhan asks Saxena what are you doing here. Saxena says I was searching Chameli my lizard she flew in storm. Tillu and Malkhan says we cannot do this job, climate is changing in every second give us are salary. Saxena says you will not get salary because you are leaving job by your own will go away. Malkhan and Tillu slaps Saxena and goes away while singing. Saxena searching Chameli.

Ammaji in Tiwari’s house calls Angoori. Angoori come and greets Ammaji. Ammaji says go bring my stick I’ll teach a lesson to Tiwari, I told him lets get in Angoori is worried for you he said no. Angoori says I’m seeing he is avoiding me a lot. Ammaji says don’t worry. Angoori says I’ll bring stick.
Helan sitting with Anu in her house. Helan says to Anu I cannot handle you did wrong now you will take care. Anu says to Helan atleast hear me first before accusing me, your son had fight with me. Helan says you could have tolerated and mocks Anu. Anu says instead of playing blame game lets find out how can we bring him in. Helan says its difficult he will not come in that easy we have to force him.

Tiwari and Vibhu outside there gouse lying on bench. Vibhu gets up and call Tiwari ask him stop sing or else I’ll forget you arr my neighbour or I’ll eat you raw. Tiwari says to Vibhu how’s everything going. Vibhu says its difficult to get bhabhiji. Tiwari says I also decided to get bhabhiji. Angoori and Ammaji come out Angoori start crying and asks what I did wrong that you are behaving like this. Ammaji says to Angoori you talked him earlier but did he took action for what you said. Angoori says no. Ammaji grabs stick and beat him and ask him to get inside till he get in. Vibhu pray to god and said you’re great. Helan come grabs Vibhu and takes him inside. Vibhu doing mellow drama. Anu says come in senses get up. Tiwari shouts on Angoori and Ammaji. Angoori says why are you doing penance.
Anu says to Vibhu what are you trying to say that I don’t live you. Helan mocks Anu. Anu says what are you trying to say that I don’t love Vibhu. Vibhu says no nobody is saying that you don’t love me I’m doing this penance so that our love get more strong. Helan mocks Vibhu.
Tiwari says to Ammaji, love between me and Angoori is like business. Ammaji gets her stick and beat him. Tiwari says try to understand, more Angoori love me more I get profit in my business.
Anu says what has happen to you Vibhu you are living in 21 century and thinking about 15 century you are morden, wear morden clothes and still keep this kind of thinking. Vibhu says to himself this thinking is of 21 century, bhabhijis thinking to get her.
Ammaji says to Tiwari what are you trying to say tell clearly. Tiwari says I’m trying to say Angoori loves me more them I do to her so I’m trying to make this love equal. Angoori says I never thought like that.
Helan says to Vibhu you love her, she doesn’t love you. Anu says to Helan what are you I love her more then Vibhu does to me. Vibhu says I’m sorry and says Baba Mausmi Chatterjee told me precisely that you love me less. Helan says bring that Baba in front of me I’ll teach him lesson. Anu asks where is Baba Mausmi Chatterjee. Vibhu praise Baba.
Tiwari says he got power whatever he says it become true.
News reporter on news channel says he is fraud.
Vibhu says to Anu whatever he predicted for climate it was all true. Tv reporter says all that prediction was of global warming because Atlantic oceans glacier was melting because of that there was sudden change in climate and that Baba is arrested.
Ammaji says to Tiwari now what is your Baba saying to you. Tiwari apologize to Ammaji. Anu says it’s always you who goes off track. Vibhu says well I’m your husband I love you and they both hug eachother. Helan says I’m here too think something for me too. Vibhu says dad is missing you go to Himalayas, I’m really sorry and faints. Tiwari says I love you to Angoori. Angoori replies him back and they both greet Ammaji.

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