Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th April 2021 Written Episode Update : Vibhuti accused of stealing

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu rushes to Anu and says hide me somewhere, Anu asks why, Vibhu says Tiwari is false accusing me of stealing 5 lakh necklace but I didn’t I just stole the flower pot, Helan says flower pot is allowed, Anu says you said flower pot is Prem’s, Vibhu tells Anu why he stole flower pot, Anu says what nonsense.

Tiwari’s and commissioner at Vibhuti’s door, Commissioner knocks the door, Vibhu says I am hiding in bedroom please don’t tell anyone, Anu says oh god, Helan says support my son it was a little mistake stop doing this to him.
Anu opens the door, Tiwari says Vibhu stole in our house, Helan says he is not a theif, Angoori says he has accepted it, Commissioner says we will find that surrender him, Anu says I dont know where he is, Angoori says stop saving him, Tiwari forces Anu to support truth and tell about Vibhu, Anu says he is upstairs, Tiwari and Comissioner walk in bedroom and search for Vibhu and says let’s go down and find him and hide, Vibhu comes out and they catch him, Vibhu says I did not steal, Comissioner says you are under arrest.

Manohar on call, TMT walk to him and ask why is he in colony any issue, Manohar says yes Vibhu stole 5 lakh necklace, Teeka says then go inside, Manohar says commissioner is inside catching Vibhu, Tilu says he did very wrong, Vibhu says I didn’t steal, Anu says don’t worry all will be fine, Vibhu says I didn’t steal, Angoori says tell me where is my necklace I will take my complaint back, Helan says he can do anything but not steal, Commissioner says let’s go, Helan says can we do anything, Commissioner says yes give 5 lakh necklace, Angoori says tell me where my necklace is, Vibhu says I am not theif, I am unemployed, Tiwari says you said you were at our house last night and stole from us, Vibhu says why would I tell you if I had stolen, Tiwari says because you wanted 500 more, TMT say to Vibhu steal peoples pain and not happiness, Vibhu says Anu save me, Anu says I am so is police.

Helan crying for Vibhu, Anu says calm down he will be back, and why he had to do such thing, but please understand he has done crime, Helan says its all because of you, Anu says its your upbringing, anyway if he is innocent he will be back soon, Helan says what if he comes all injured, its all your fault and will never forgive you.

Angoori crying, Tiwari asks her to calm down, Angoori says it was given by my daddu, Angoori says it was close to me, and had so many memories with it, it was precious, and I have a doubt that bowls stolen from our house are also stolen by Vibhu, Tiwari says don’t worry Police torture will make him reveal the truth.

Vibhu given shocks in police station, Manohar says he still isnt answering, Commissioner says try 4th degree, Vibhu says trust me I don’t have necklace, Commisioner says I am asking last time have you stolen necklace, Vibhu says no, I am innocent I don’t know where is necklace.

Pre cap: Helan in front of model colony says let’s go inside, Anu asks Vibhu is he alright,Vibhu shows him his hand and all shocked

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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