Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th October 2019 Written Episode Update : A movie date.


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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anu walks to Vibhu and hugs him,Anu says have you heard about film neighbours wife, Vibhu says yes interesting name. Tiwari says what a nonsense name,Angoori says its trending a lot. Vibhu says Anu if you feel like go watch,Anu says what does that mean, Vibhu says i feel restless. Anu says 15 days back you went with Prem, Vibhu says we were hiding there because Prems wife sent goons to hit him. Tiwari says movies are fake i dont like, Angoori says i do please lets go, Tiwari says we will watch on television sorry. Vibhu says go with Meenal i wont.

Prem walks to boys and says im here with an offer,The new movie neighbours wife is trending a lot i bought 100,you have to sell it in black with 1000₹ each,70k mine and 30k yours.

Angoori next day upset, Vibhu walks to her and asks whats wrong, Angoori says Tiwari i tell you,he denied to watch film with me, and now i have to watch on TV, Vibhu says its fun on big screen,i requested Anu but she denied lets go together please don’t deny, Angoori agrees. Anu tells Meenal on call about film, Tiwari hears them talk, Anu denys meenal to go with her,Tiwari walks in, and says you look upset cmon lets go watch film, Anu says Vibhu denied to go with me now i dont feel like,Tiwari says even Angoori did,come lets go please lets go watch,Anu agrees and Tiwari leaves.

Vibhu sees movie housefull and boys selling tickets in black, Vibhuti asks 2, Tilu asks for 3000, Boys dont agrew for negotiation, Vibhu takes corner seats and leaves. Tiwari walks to boys and asks Tilu why is here,Tilu asks how will I earn money,Tiwari says anyways 2 tickets,tilu says 4000, Tiwari forcefully pays. Angoori calls Vibhu and tells him she cant come to movie, Vibhu says tickets costed me 3000. Anu tells tiwari she cant come to movies, Tiwari says tickets costed 2000,Anu says okay sell again and thinks i will watch with Vibhu why him.Angoori tells Vibhu she wants to watch with Tiwari and not him.

Tiwari and Vibhu see eachother, and go with eachother to movies,boty intimate eachother that they are waiting for Anu and Angoori.Vibhu and Tiwari imagines themselves in movie.

Precap: Tilu asks Mishra and Tiwaris help him get Marzina,she is a rich kid and if they do he will pay 1 cr to everyone.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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