Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th December 2018 Written Episode Update : Tiwari to steal.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori says im making paan for Tiwari,he has habit to have it after dinner, vibhu says may i have one too,angoori says why not and gives him. Vibhu imagines singing with Angoori. Angoori calls him and says how os the paan, vibhu says delicious, Angoori asks was everything in proportion, Vibhu says yes, Tiwari walks out and says i was waiting for you inside and you were wasting time with stupid people, Tiwari insults vibhu.

Tiwari asleep, Amaji comes to model colony, she makes Tiwari a call and wakes him up, Tiwari yells on phone,amaji scolds him and asks him to open the door, and asks him to come alone.Tiwari walks to amaji, she says there will be problems on angoori so do as pandit Rampal says, Tiwari says its all nonsense, amaji says pandit cares about us a lot and so you have

to do solution, you have to do teft wearing black clothes and i dont wish to hear a no.

commissioner waiting for hapu Singh,hapu arrives, commissioner says im in a problem, Hapu asks what is it, Commissioner says theres something in jail that can put me behind bars, hapu asks what is it, commissioner says black money and so i want to, hapu says donate me the money, commissioner says no fool just keeo it with you and there will be some reward for you. Hapu says done, commissioner says be careful its 5 lakh amount.

Angoori visits vibhu, angoori gets him halwa to test, vibhu says thank you so much. Hapu walks in,vibhu says please leave i dont wish to talk,Hapu says its important, Angoori says okay you talk bye. hapu says heres 5 lakh, ita commissioners and so wants it to be little safe, its land deal money, vibhu asks what will be my benefit, Hapu deals in 50,000.

Boys at tea stall,eve teasing girls. Master walks to them, master scolds them, teeka says why do you always interfere, master says what pleasure you get doing this, instead get beaten,have you ever taught,those girls you trouble must be cursing you, also people you loot,so please agleats for sake of your dead parents start behaving and leave a good life or else no one shall ask you ever even on your death bed and leaves.

Reema says master was so right,tilu says true we shall stop all this,malkan says this is why we are single, master asks wheres my wallet, teeka gives it, master scolds him.

Tiwari dressed in black,pelu sees him. he gets in mishra house. vibhu sleeping missing Anu. Tiwari sees Vibhu asleep and says im missing bhabhi but happy is away from him.tiwari sees keys beside Vibhus cushion.

pre cap : Vibhu hugs Tiwari thinking its Anu

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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