Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th April 2019 Written Episode Update Vibhuti out of Majnus fever

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu addresses everyone and says laila i will cross every hurdle even kill myself for you,vibhu imagines tiwari stopping him, laila saying laila is all yours dont leave me alone, Vibhu says laila come give me a hug, Hapu stops him, Angoori says Hapu im giving you last warning,do something or else we will hit him bad, all start accusing vibhu aka majnu, hapu takes him in.

Tilu walks to teeka and malkan and asks whats up, malkan says very hard work, tilu we are very tired get us some drinks, tilu says not possible now, Vibhu walks to them,tilu asks wanna meet laila, vibhu says yes and hands them bottle of alcohol, Vibhu getz in through window, and says laila today i shall take you away from here good its just us here, lets go, Angoori wakes and scolds him, boys rush in and catch vibhu,

Tiwari walks in,vibhu pushes boys and hugs tiwari, teeka hits him, Vibhu faints.

Vibhu tied to a column, everyone starts accusing him for his deeds, Vibhu says i love my Laila and will do anything for her, angoori says look how shameless he is, Vibhu says im in love,master says its not love, Vibhu says its love learn from me,everyone decide to hit Vibhu with stones, vibhu says only they shall hit who has never fallen in love, Gupta hits him,vibhu imagines tiwari as laila begging to realise Vibhu, everyone starts hitting with stones,saxena stops them, Angoori says don’t interrupt,this man is eyeing on my man, saxena says calm down, look at him you hit our vibhuti bhaiya you wanna kill him, Gupta says we have no way,prem says this is a way to teach him a lesson,tiwari says you are the culprit, saxena says agreed and i have solution too

vibhu moarning in pain in mishra house, Tiwari walks to him,vibhu says i knew laila you will come to see me, laila says im here with bad news majnu, and calls angoori, angoori walks in dressed as a man,laila says he is my love, vibhu says no no, she is mine, laila says im not yours and starts dancing with Angoori and kiss. vibhu faints.

everyone waiting for vibhu to come back to concious,vibhu wakes up and asks why is everyone gathered, Gupta says you slipped from first floor and fell down so im here, angoori says he looks fine and everyone leaves. vibbu asks Saxena why is his body aching like someone hit him with stones, saxena says this book you read, you read it again and see me first i will like it.

Tiwari asks teeka and malkan, they are hired here to work and at night they are found playing cards and drinking with Tilu. malkan says we work hard all day so cant we have some time at night, tiwari says i fire you,teeka malkan complain to angoori, angoori says you cant do this to them, tiwari says they dont deserve, teeka and malkan say give us our 6 months salary then we will go, Tiwari says you didnt even work 6 days, Teeka malkan plea to Angoori, angoori says give them one month salary,tiwari says no way,angoori calls amaji.

pre cap: saxena informs vibhu and tiwari an injured woman is attacking men at night, vibhu and Tiwari say we arent scare

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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