Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 30th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Bakool in dilemma again over visarjan time

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Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 30th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bakool coming to his house indisguise of God Shiva. He sees her sleeping. Jigna wakes up and finds him standing. She says Bhole Nath…God Shiva. Bakool tells her that he knows her and tells that this idol is of someone else and asks her to make idol of Aata or Sand. He says he is impressed with her bhakti. Jigna says my Vishnu ji told that it belongs to someone else, but I didn’t agree to him. Bakool asks her to agree to her husband’s saying sometimes and asks can I take this murti. Jigna says you are father of Ganapati, who will stop you from taking him. I will make murti with my Shraddha. Bakool says ok and runs away from there holding the idol.

He comes to Sheena’s house to keep the murti, just as he is about to go, Ranjeet sees him and thinks of him as God Shiva. Bakool apologizes to God. Ranjeet asks him to give vardaan and asks him to bless her daughter with a baby. Bakool asks him to make his son in law have Prasad and then his wish will be fulfilled. Ranjeet gets happy. Bakool asks him to close eyes and leaves.

Baa comes to hall in the morning and tells Bakool that their Ganapati is stolen. Jigna brings handmade sand idol and asks her to do bhakti of God and not of idol. Bakool says God is everywhere. Jigna asks how do you know. Bakool says it is written in Shastra and says he got married twice to Jigna. Baa asks who told you this. Jigna says Bhagwan Shiv came here and took that idol. Baa says really. Bakool says why she will lie.

Ranjeet tells Sheena that he met God Shiv and he blessed him. Sheena says he is after money, and says God will not give darshan. Ranjeet says he is not lying. Sheena calls Bakool. Baa asks him to bring sheher wali, office work here. He picks call. Sheena asks him if he brought idol home and says Papa is thinking God kept idol here. Bakool asks her to let him think whatever he is thinking.

Bakool talks to the God idol which Jigna made and apologizes to him for lying to his wives and says he wants to make his wives happy. Baa and others come there. Jigna brings modak. Neighbor says good smell is coming. Baa says they will give modak after aarti. Baa does the aarti followed by Bakool and Jigna, and neighbors. Moriya song plays…At Ranjeet’s house, Ranjeet, Sheena and Bakool do the aarti. Ranjeet tells Pandit ji that he saw God Shiva yesterday. Pandit ji is surprised and asks what happened then? Ranjeet says he folded his hand and asks him to make him Nana. He says he said that he will become nana soon. Bakool says he might have asked you to make me have Prasad. Ranjeet asks how do you know?

Pandit ji says God does everyone’s kalyan and says you shall find out who is having two wives. Sheena asks Ranjeet if he? Ranjeet says no. Dagdu says I don’t have one. Sheena asks Bakool. Bakool says whom? Pandit ji says Ganapati had two wives. Bakool asks him to tell his story. Baa tells Jigna that 1 and a half day is finished. Jigna says she don’t want to bid him bye. Baa says when he goes from our home, he blesses her and we hope he comes again.

Bakool gets call from Sheena. Sheena asks him to come at 3 pm for visarjan. Baa also says the same. Bakool gets tensed and tells Harry that Visarjan mahurat is also same. Harry says you got married twice with God’s wish and says visarjan will also happen with his wish. Baa calls him for aarti. Jigna prays for him. He thinks God keeps jigna and Sheena separately.

Ranjeet and Sheena also come to the same place for the visarjan. Bakool is shocked. Later Bakool have bhaang and tells Sheena that he has two wives.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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