Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 29th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dagdu telling Ranjeet that Harry’s wife is in toilet. Ranjeet scolds him for seeing other’s wife. Dagdu says I remember, and tells that Bakool’s wife is in toilet. Ranjeet tells that you should have written in the diary and asks him to go to Bakool’s house and massage him to make him fine. Bakool gets up and calls Harry. He tells that if he sits on bed still then he will get unwell for sure. Dagdu comes and sees him standing on his feet. He goes. Bakool is shocked and tells Harry that Dagdu saw him standing on feet. Harry says he will handle him. Dagdu rushes home and tells that he wants to tell something important. He gets a call and Harry asks him when to send girls, you ordered me 4 days ago. Dagdu asks Ranjeet. Ranjeet scolds him and says it is a wrong number. Harry says you called girls for your boss chautha. Ranjeet slaps him and asks him to cut call. Harry thinks he might have forgotten by now. Dagdu tells Sheena that you got married to Bakool. Ranjeet scolds him. Dagdu recollects and tells that Bakool is fine and he saw him standing on his feet. Ranjeet says if he is fine then he will be not. He asks Dagdu to call Bakool.

Jigna tells Baa that Bakool left for shehar wali branch. Baa asks him to catch him. Jigna says I will play game with hm. Baa says I am not telling you that. They play the game. Baa says I am sure Bakool won’t be saved.

Bakool asks Ranjeet why did he call him. Ranjeet asks did you tell your mum about your marriage with Sheena. Bakool says I couldn’t tell as Maa will think that Sheena is inauspicious which is not true. Sheena asks if he is acting? Bakool asks what you are saying. Sheena says Dagdu told me that you are betraying me. Bakool says you are trusting him and doubting on me. He makes a sad face. Sheena says I want to know what is truth or not and asks him to give small test. Ranjeet tells that he will keep orange on his head and shoot. Bakool thinks if he couldn’t stand then he will be killed. He asks Sheena to save him. Sheena asks him not to shoot him. Ranjeet tells that he will shoot above. Dagdu keeps orange on his head. Bakool says I have not betrayed anyone. Dagdu asks him to shoot. Ranjeet is about to shoot. Bakool asks God to save him. Ranjeet fires the gun and it hits orange. Bakool opens his eyes and says I am saved. Sheena says I am so happy that your leg broke up. Bakool says you doubted on me because of Dagdu. Sheena asks Ranjeet not to leave Dagdu. Ranjeet asks Dagdu to stand and keep grapes. Dagdu says you will see not grapes. Ranjeet asks him to have bullet now. Dagdu says no and runs. Ranjeet follows him. Sheena hugs Bakool and says she is so happy.

Malti buys vegetables and scolds the seller. She pays him money and sees Jigna praying to ghanta wala baba and asking him to make Bakool fine. Malti tells her that even monkey was cured by this baba. Jigna says Bakool will come to him like that of monkey. Dagdu tells Sheena that Bakool’s truth that Bakool’s truth can be caught if he gets current. Sheena says I will call him now. He gets her message. He thinks it seems Dagdu did some kand.

Ranjeet tells Dadgu that they call him to get him treated. Dadgu gives him electric current. Bakool shouts no in pain.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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