Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 24th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pandit ji telling that he will recite the mantras. Harry comes and hugs Bakool. Bakool asks where is the mangalsultra. Harry says I kept in your pocket. Bakool asks Pandit ji to recite mantras fast. He makes Sheena wear mangalsutra. Everyone claps. Ranjeet tells Dangru that Bakool finally made Sheena wear mangalsutra. Bakool is leaving. Pandit ji stops him and asks where is he going? Bakool says mahavir nagar. Pandit ji asks him to drop him there. Bakool drops him to the temple. He comes inside the temple and smiles looking at Baa. A song is played. Pandit ji says he is waiting for a girl like her. Baa says she called him to get her son married. Pandit ji tells that he reached temple late and his bride ran away. Jigna says I will not run from here. Baa calls Bakool and asks him to come fast. Bakool comes in the temple and sees Sheena on the stairs. She tells that pandit ji asked him to do darshan of the God. She says we will go together.

Bakool says Pandit ji asked me to offer Prasad and says I will get it. Sheena says she got it. Bakool says coconut. Sheena says I have brought that as well. Bakool acts as he has fractured his leg and says I will come after sometime. Sheena asks him to tell the truth. Bakool says shall I tell you truth. Sheena says yes. Bakool says I just remembered that I haven’t taken bath and was going to take bath. Sheena says you came to our marriage without having bath. Bakool says yes. Sheena says she feels heart needs to be pure, and says it doesn’t matter if you don’t take bath. Baa tells that Bakool must be busy in City branch. Sheena drags Bakool inside the temple. Bakool takes chunari and covers his head. Pandit ji says just now I got them married, but Baa and Jigna couldn’t see his face. Bakool makes excuses that a modern wife husband have to cover his face. Sheena asks him to wear sehra. Bakool says good idea. Pandit ji asks Sheena to do jaap.

Jigna tells Baa that Bakool don’t want to marry her. Baa says even his father will marry. Bakool comes wearing toy mask. Baa asks why is he wearing mask? Bakool tells that some astrologer met him and asks him not to show his face to anyone. Pandit ji asks where to apply tilak. Bakool says I have already applied it. Baa goes to get sweet. Sheena wonders where is Bakool and sees masked man with Jigna. She looks at him, and says my husband is smart and handsome and calls him joker. Jigna says I will show his face, he is handsome.

Bakool asks him to start rounds first. He takes fast rounds. Pandit ji says children will come soon in your house. Baa asks them to take rounds fast. Bakool and Jigna take other rounds. Pandit ji says marriage is complete. He gets Ranjeet’s call and he asks him to get ready for wedding night. Bakool gets tensed and ends the call. Baa asks him to get ready for wedding night. Bakool thinks what to do and pretends to have accident. He blames Jigna and his destiny.

Ranjeet and Dangru come to see Bakool. Baa tells them that Bakool had an accident immediately after marriage.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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