Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 22nd August 2017 Written Episode Update: Bakool tells truth to Sheena and Jigna

Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 22nd August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baa telling Bakool that she saw necklace with her friend and asks her to make her husband meet her. Bakool asks her to stop meeting her friend and gets Harry’s call. He goes to meet Harry and gets the artificial necklace. Harry asks him to give fake necklace to Baa. Bakool says she will understand that it is fake and tells that he will give necklace to Sheena. He goes to Sheena and gets romantic, takes off the necklace from her neck. Sheena says she will wear special clothes and goes. Bakool changes the necklace and goes. Dagdu collides with him and asks where you are taking necklace. Bakool says for my wife and goes. He comes home and gives necklace to Baa. Baa checks the necklace and gives to Jigna. Jigna wears it. Sheena calls Baa and says her husband is ready to meet her. Baa says now no need and tells that she got her necklace. She says if you were my bahu then I would have gifted same necklace to you.

Later Baa watches news that the earth is going to end in 24 hours and everyone will die. Jigna cries and gets emotional with Baa. They kiss each other while crying. Bakool asks Jigna if she wants to say something. Jigna hugs him and tells that she is sati savitri and that’s why takes an oath that if the world finishes then she will not pray infront of God. Bakool and Baa are shocked.

Bakool comes to Sheena. Sheena says she wants to spend rest of the time with him. She says she wants to meet her mum in law and apologize for hiding the truth. Bakool feels guilty to have hidden the truth.

He comes to office. Harry tells him that Juhi thinks of him as Jigna’s husband and asks him to clear her misunderstanding. Bakool thanks him for being a good friend and tells that he will tell truth to both jigna and Baa.

Neighbor sells vegetable at cheap rates. Baa says we shall buy vegetables. They buy vegetables at cheap rates. News flashes on Tv that the news was fake and the concerned people were arrested. Dagdu tells Sheena that Harry gave letter to Sheena sent by Bakool. Ranjeet says may be he named his property on your name. Bakool tells Baa that he is going to tell his life secret to them. Baa asks what?

Bakool tells Baa that he has another wife. Baa and Jigna are shocked. Even Sheena is shocked to read that Bakool has another wife. Harry tells Bakool that the news was fake. Bakool is shocked and says he told truth to both his wives.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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