Beyhadh 2: Read all the details of the story line this time

Embrace your self as Maya is returning with Beyhadh 2. As we all saw and well, fell in love with the character of Maya essayed by Jennifer Winget in Beyhadh, it’s sequence had us intrigued from it’s very announcement. While the details are getting revealed one at a time, by far we know that it’s Jennifer who will essay the role this time too.

To play the lead, Shivin Narang has been cast and the story will unfold something like this. It is so that Maya falls in love with an older man, a character played by Ashish Choudhary. Ashish is also the father of Shivin Narang. When Ashish’s character dumps Maya, her dual personality kicks in and she takes revenge by falling in love with Ashish’s son Shivin Narang.

The story this time will not revolve on Beyhadh pyaar but on beyhadh nafrat. Jennifer has already begun the shoot of the promo and shared a few pictures on her Instagram handle to keep her fans updated.

As report in the promo, during the aerial act, Maya almost chokes herself and then let loose, indicating her dual traits in personality. She also has shot a few aggressive scenes, throwing around things.

  1. Is this a continuation of the first Beyhadh?

    1. No…’s gonna be different. One thing is sure that one should snatch the opportunity to work with Jennifer and that too in a show like beyhadh…it’s gonna increase ur fan following a lot

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