Beyhadh 2 3rd December 2019 Written Episode Update: Maya Meets Rishi And Rudra

Beyhadh 2 3rd December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maya writes that a storm emerged in 2 brother’s lives, it can take one brother to the heights of success and another into deep trouble. Her aide calls her and says someone is searching her address. She asks Rishi. Aide says correct. Maya says good he did not make her wait for long and asks to give him address. Rishi over phone thanks his brother for finding Maya’s address and says he is indebted to him. Rudra asks whose debt he is paying. Rishi says a friend gave him notes, so he is thanking him as Roys don’t keep anyone’s debt. Rudra says like his father. Rishi says yes cool like father and requests not to inform about it to father. Amir thanks MJ for his help. MJ says he is his brother and best friend and in friendship, only trust matters. He hugs Amir. Rudra asks Rishi whose address he is finding. Rishi says TMI, i.e., way too much info. Rudra says he will not go anywhere, else his dad will get heart attack. Rishi says their dad. Rudra says he will go to his room now and pushes him. Ananya bumps with Rudra. Daadi comes and asks Rishi to come with her as waiter is serving her mocktail instead of cocktail, greets Ananya and drags Rishi away. Ananya informs Rudra that news paper article request came from fake PR company. Maya gets a call from her aide again who informs that another person is also searching her address. Maya asks if it is Rudra. Aide says Rudra’s good friend and partner Ananya, if she wants to end even Ananya’s wait. Ananya tells Rudra that company doesn’t exist at all. Rudra says something is wrong. Ananya says Maya is real and gold standard, if their company signs a deal with Maya, they will be in big profits. Maya tells her aide that Rudra will himself come to her. Aide asks what about Ananya. Maya says let her follow her friendship.

MJ gifts Ananya her favorite author’s book’s first edition copy. Ananya says she was searching it since long. MJ says he knows, so he ordered it from Paris. Ananya asks how he takes care of everyone’s interest, papa was telling she forgot him after coming here. MJ asks her to tell her father Sudhir to enjoy in London and not worry about her. Ananya says he shouldn’t tell this to his son, else he will get angry. Rudra gets angry seeing them from a distance. Rishi asks him to relax as Ananya will not become their stepmom. Rudra warns him not to go out, else papa will kill him. Rishi says okay fine, he will not go just for him; asks what are Ananya and dad discussing about, some big plan. Rudra stands jealous while Rishi leaves smirking.

Maya restarts writing that a storm has fire in it and fire’s nature is to burn everything, he din’t know that whom he is searching, storm spent years to meet him. Rishi bumps with Daadi who asks whom he is searching for and jokes to set her with his girlfriend’s father. Rishi says he will, but until then don’t be naughty. Daadi smirks. MJ tells Ananya that he is Rudra’s father and his duty is to clean all his wounds, this article is published by some rival company and he will find out who it is, so she need not worry; he will fund her and Rudra’s company. Ananya says Rudra will not like it. MJ says he is helping as a father. Rudra hears that and says he doesn’t need his help as he doesn’t want him to control his life again. Antara tries to calm him down, but he walks way fuming. Someone records everything happening in Roy mansion. Ananya walks behind Rudra and says MJ was trying to help him. He says she would take MJ’s help as he considers her as daughter. She says yes and she is his friend and not his puppet to accept all his orders, they haven’t signed even a single author in 3 months and should accept MJ’s help. Rudra says he would rather die than accept his father’s help.

Maya watches it on her laptop and chants a sholka meaning she is the sacrifice and fire and is everywhere but nowhere. Rishi buys flowers for Maya and reaches her house. Maya gets up from her chair and picks her gun. Rishi rings bell and finding door already open walks in asking if someone is in. He walks to Maya’s room and switching on light sees Maya’s photo with someone with blackened face. He thinks she looks so pretty smiling, but why is man’s face blackened, it is time to make new connection. Maya acting as terrified seeing an unknowing person barging into her house and pointing gun on him asks who is he. He says he is the one whom she saved. She says she stays alone and he must have come knowing about it. Rishi says he is Rishi Roy whom she saved from drowning in the morning. She acting as more terrified asks him to go. He offers her flowers. She says she doesn’t like flowers. He says he just wants to speak to her and relaxes seeing gun locked, says he thought his connection will also end like the man in photo. Maya says some connections won’t end till one is alive. Rishi says so new connections should be made. Maya asks him to go as she doesn’t want any new connections. Rishi writes his number on window and leaves saying there is a distance of only these numbers between her and her medicine. Maya then gets back to self and says distances are just a test to know to what extent love can go, love is a deep pit and if a person falls in it, only death can bring him/her out. She breaks window glass.

Rudra gets inebriated in a bar. Waiter says his bill is paid. Rudra says if he had known that MJ paid the bill, he would have ordered 2 more drinks. Waiter shows Maya and says she paid the bill. Rudra walks to Maya and says he is not that cheap. Maya says her taste is not that bad. Rudra says fine, apology accepted, he will accept her deal in his company, extending hand. She says she doesn’t deal with lies and she did charity for a person who doesn’t have a house even to cry, he can order 2 more drinks. Rudra says he wasn’t crying. Maya gets up saying some tears are invisible and says to sign her, he should either up his value or forget singing her. He angrily breaks glass. She walks back to him, checks his injured hand, and pouring liquor on his wound drops glass down. She then says to sometimes to lesson one pain, one needs another pain. She walks away while Rudra says he hates her. Maya thinks even she doesn’t love him, but hatred doesn’t let her go away.

Precap: Maya practicing yoga says coincidence is another name of fate and nobody has escaped from fate. MJ finds out that someone is behind his sons. Rudra asks Maya what is her value giving her a cheque. She writes value and returns him cheque to him.

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  1. I liked beyhadh First season a lot. Season 2 I didn’t find anything Interesting. Maybe more to come on its way in the next episode. I love Maya’s role.

    1. Watching only for MAYA??

  2. With whom maya will be romantically paired with??? Rudra and RJ both looking hot?!!!

  3. The serial is interesting so far, Awaiting confrontation between Ashish Chaudhary and Jennifer.

  4. I don’t understand this season. I really like the 1st season cox it’s more entertaining and funny .I really miss arjun and sangh. but this 2nd season is not that interesting. maya jaisingh is from where .atleast they should show wheather she have relatives or not just like the 1st season .and maya was killed in the last season so how did she survive and how did she stop loving arjun and where did she get the title jaisingh. and pls they suppose to tell us wheather arjun,sanjh and others are alive or dead.
    Rudra is acting like arjun and he hate his father just like the way arjun hate vandana in 1st season and he hate maya just like the way arjun hate maya in season 1

    1. Just like in movies different parts r made like golmaal series, dhoom series, which r not related with past one, they r not in continuation with past parts same way..this show is like that
      Let me tell u that this a new show with same title…like sanjivani..Dil mil Gaye…it’s a new story..and the makers r creating suspense like a suspense movie…why in such hurry….your eagerness will ruin their suspense…if they will reveal everything now what will the future holds to show…for now just know that she wants revenge from this family and that’s why targeting both Bros…
      The plot is she’s seeking revenge from MJ as he betrayed her in love…I know this much

    2. tnx RV I now understand.

  5. I cannot even understand where this season started it is complicated since it’s beggining.

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