Better Half…(Part 1)

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Hey guys…thank you so much fa the valuable cmnts u all have given. ! Thank you so much ….❤❤❤❤

Sona’s POV
I’m little nervous though I have met him twice before. Yet I’m nervous because he asked me for a coffee date before our marriage so I hesitatingly agreed. I started getting ready much before 6 as he asked me to be at Café Dodge, at sharp 7. I calmed myself and changed into a new outfit with a light pink salwar with long cuts and a legging matching to it. I applied a minimum make up I would do always but my sister who was always ready to pull my legs started teasing me so I left my home so soon leaving my curls dance to the air.

I reached the Café Dodge before him…”Thank god”. I was waiting there for at least 15 mins humming my fav songs when I felt someone tapping at my back. I turned around to see “him” standing with a black shirt and a grey blazer over it with matching pants. I was juz looking at him when he snapped me out of my trance and made me embarrassed. He sat opposite to me and ordered a black coffee for him and asked me to place my order. But I was looking at him shocked while he signalled me what..?
Sona: black coffee..??

Dev: Yes….any problem…I mean..
Sona: No Mr Dixit….black coffee was not good for ur health….don’t u know this.?
Dev: Yes Ms Bose..! I know but I would always have black coffee as I love to have it even at home and also at office.
Sona: What…? Always…Mr Dixit don’t u take care of ur health….u know….health is ur wealth and u can’t be so careless that u can eat or drink whatever u like …I can’t allow any of my closed one to do…..

I stopped midway and looked at his shocked face. I know he was shocked as I mentioned himself as my closed one. But y did I said that. Gosh..! He is staring me like a hell. I stopped thinking when I heard him speaking.
Dev: cancel the black coffee.. 2 apple juice.
He said and gestured me …if its okay…I nodded and he said..
Dev: I hope u don’t have a problem with this Dr Bose…! As apple a day keeps a doctor away…! He said smirking.
As I juz looked at him shocked.

Dev: No ….no….I didn’t mean u..Dr…no…Ms Bose…
Sona: Its OK Mr Dixit ….pls chill…!
I think we should at least know each other in this mean time …so that it would be easy for us to carry on with our whole life.
I said reluctantly and bit nervous. He placed his hands on mine which shook my ground.
Dev: Ms Bose …..u don’t want to be so formal to me….as we are concerned we r going to spend our whole life together and…its better we talk freely at least now.
Sona: U r correct Mr Dixit. And ….

We both spoke fa at least a hour below and became friends though not besties yet.
Dev: Hope ….u know about me….that my early days, about my family……everything…
I nodded and I too hope the same as he would know abt my Childhood days…my passion everything.
Later, he offered me to drop at my home.
Dev: Ms Bose …come its already 8.30 and I would drop u at home…

Before I could say something he continued ..
Dev: U can trust me….
Sona: No…Mr Dixit…..its not about the trust…I do…hmm…OK..!
We both headed to his car and he opened the door for me like a typical man. And we drove off to my home. It was completely a silent journey. I leaned on the window pane and was enjoying the scenery throughout our journey while he was driving but he did not forget to steal my glances. At first I felt awkward but something in me made me blush with the uncleared thought of him looking at me. Later within few minutes we reached our home. I smiled at him and bid him bye. I got down and turned to bid him bye again when I saw him getting down. He came near me and thanked me.
Dev: Ms Sonakshi Bose…thank you.
Sona: Thank you…??? But why Mr Dixit.

Dev: I think its better to leave now.
Sona: But Mr Dixit this is not the exact answer for my question ..I guess…
Before I could say he handed his card to me and gave his private number.
Sona: Mr Dixit if ur thank you was to share everything about me to u…r..??
He started his car and was about to leave. I thought …such a rude man….he is really an Obhodro…
He stopped and opened the window and said…

Dev: I thanked u fa considering me as ur closed one Ms Bose.
He said. ……I felt my cheeks turning pure red as I reminisced the scene…. He saw me blushing and asked me to get inside the home…
Dev: Blushing in the road is not safe….so its better u get inside ur home..

I loved his concern and obeyed him like a typical fiancé and was smiling all the way..!
But I stopped blushing when I saw Dada and Elena standing at the door step waiting fa me.
As soon as I stepped in…they came running to me and asked me what had happened today..?
I narrates them the whole story….and they did not leave their chance to tease me. It was around 9 so I left to my room and saw Elena texting to her friends. I ignored her and went to my side of the bed and landed myself there completely exhausted. I was thinking about Mr Dixit when my phone buzzed. I looked at caller Id and found it was none other than my sister in laws calling me at this odd hours. We spoke for few mins and disconnected the cal…!

The days went off like air passing….so soon I thought…?!
Each day …the nervousness within me only increased ….but it neither seems to be reduced nor off me.
In these days we had a great happiest family moments which always made me weak to leave my lovely family behind.

Precap: Devakshi’s marriage

That’s all for today….hope it was gud…!
Sorry if its boring…
So guys waiting for ur comments pls do cmnt me….I would upload the next epi as soon as possible…!
Pls give ur reviews…!
With love

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  1. Sgatik

    Lovely episode. Pls post next one soon

    1. Heshine

      Thank you Sgatik…!????

  2. Akshita

    Hey its not at all boring yr in fact I loved it???
    plzzz post soon ?
    Lots of love❤

    1. Heshine

      Thank you Akshita…!!?????

  3. Good start up.. please go ahead…

    1. Heshine

      Thank you Poonam…!???

  4. Richa144

    Such a lovely write so well…love you post soon

    1. Heshine

      Thank you Richa..!???
      Love u too. .❤

  5. DramaQueen1004

    It was really cute n funny
    ‘Blushing on d road is not safe’ I just loved dat dialogue
    m waiting very eagerly fr ur next epi
    pls post soon
    loads of love

    1. Heshine

      Thank you so much Nafia. !❤??
      Love u too..!❤??

  6. V.V.harshita

    Awesome……blushing tht too on road nt bad…hmm….plzs post asap ??????

    1. Heshine

      Thank you Harshita…!❤??

  7. Aarti32

    Awesome..Dat blushing wala dialogue was so cute ??

    1. Heshine

      Thank you Aaru di…!????

  8. Awesome episode

    1. Heshine

      Thank you Princess..!???

  9. Srush

    It was awsm…

    1. Heshine

      Thank you Shrushti…!???

  10. Aamu

    Hey,i read ur previous part now only..
    It was awesome as previous…
    Sona blushing on road n alll was jz perfect?
    Sachchi loved it…?

    1. Heshine

      Thank you Aamu..!????

  11. Darshana

    Firstly sorry di for not commenting in ur intro..i was busy…
    the episode was so sweet??..i just loved it and if u don’t mind…this episode was kinda similar to the promo of krpkab…in which sona and dev will be in car and the rest of sona’s family will be teasing sona..i just love that promo?????….
    it was not at all boring…
    post soon
    lots of love??

    1. Heshine

      Thank you Darshana…!????
      Sorry if u felt it similar dear…!

      1. Darshana

        Its not a complain di..i really wanted an episode basing on that promo…

  12. Priya12

    Akka, it was a luvely epi..
    “Blushing on d riad is not safe “..I luved this dialouge a lot…
    “Apple a day keeps the dr away”….and dev handling…no…I didn’t mean that..awwww
    “Closed one”….wow…
    Totally I luved this epi 2 the core di..

    1. Heshine

      Thank you so much Priya…!???????
      And I have also updated the next episode…have a look at it…!???

      1. Priya12

        Yeah sure

  13. seems to be a interesting story with indian touch…nice episode.

    1. Heshine

      Thank you Ekani…!????

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