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Good Morning My Lovely Readers Thanks alot dear jasmine sia anuva anu n tanshi

Dear sia Thanks alot for beautiful scene demand n description will surely put in sometime.Thanks ?

Thanks alot silent readers

Happy Lohri Happy pongal Happy Makarsankranti Dear Readers Stay Blessed Always ? ? ? ?

Recap- wasim n zoya quarrel zoya says that she will not let anyone harm or hurt her family She calls Hoodas as her family Harshvardan returns home All support zoya’s decision Adi n pari try to cheer zoya

Harshvardan is sitting

Anjana comes

She hugs him

Harshvardan  (Tears in eyes)-Anjana I thought wasim was my best friend I never knew he was feeling all this maybe I have been unfair to him

Anjana -No Harsh U always have been fair with bhaishaab pls dnt blame urself. sometimes greed spoils beautiful relations n everything maybe bhaishaab got carried away but Harsh Iam feeling bad for zoya Noor n Roshnaq

Harshvardan -Zoya is an angel who thinks of father in law before father

Anjana -Harsh Zoya Always stands with right

Harshvardan nods

Scene shifts

Siddquis  House

Roshnaq is crying

Noor n zoya pacify her

Adi offers her water

Roshnaq  (lump in throat )-I cannot understand what made wasim do all this I feel so ashamed u all always treated us like a family.Iam so sorry Adi beta

Adi hugs Roshnaq

Adi-Ammi y are u saying or feeling sorry Iam sure everything will sort out soon u pls dnt wry ur son is with u Pls now eathat little pls for my sake

He makes Roshnaq eat

Zoya looks on she feels bad

Zoya makes Roshnaq n Noor sleep.

Adi looks on

Zoya-Aditya u pls return home maa might be waiting for u I will stay with ammi n Noor

Adi-zoya is this not my home??cannot I stay over here

Zoya is shocked

Adi-Zoya I have already informed maa that Iam not leaving u all alone n going I will stay here

Zoya-but pari…….

Adi-Zoya pls think about urself also sometime

U cannot always think about everyone

Pari has Arjun maa n papa

Iam going no where

Infact I will make some tea

Lets have some tea we will feel good

Zoya-Do u know to make tea leave it i will make

Adi-u are underestimating Aditya Hooda Ma’am I make the most refreshing tea taste once youwould want to have it every time Adi goes in kitchen

Zoya follows him

Adi is in full swag

He lights the gas n starts making tea

Adi-Zoya I need some ginger pls assist me

Zoya (smiles)-u need assistance for making tea

Adi looks at her n shruggs

Adi’s pov -Got ur smile mission accomplished

Adi-u dnt know zoya I make such amazing tea when I was in hostel I had thousands of fans of my tea ppl were crazy for my tea they were ready to pay me My tea gave them energy to stay awake n study

Adi goes on n on

Zoya listens  to him attentively

Adi chops ginger

But while doing so he hurts himself

Adi-ouch hhhh

Zoya rushes to him

Grabs his finger Its bleeding she pulls him towards tap

Zoya (angry tone)-Aditya u are silly u should be careful while working in kitchen u can tell me ur popularity stories afterwards also.

See its bleeding so much

Adi admires zoya

While she scolds him

She washes his finger

She applies ointment n puts bandage

Adi is staring her

Zoya too looks in his eyes

Dard Diloo ke kaam ho jaatee mein aur tum agar hum ho jaate plays

Scene shifts

Harshvardan is sitting tensed in his room

Adi-Are u sure papa I mean…

Harshvardan -Adi see whatever wasim did, he definitely did for his family Wasim doesn’t deserve so much punishment Adi if not for him we should  atleast think for Bhabhi Noor N zoya

Beta zoya supported me  but I can feel n understand what she is going through It might have Been very difficult for her.

Adi-Yes papa but this will be really very difficult

Harshvardan -But not impossible

Harshvardan n Adi are shown talking to many lawyers

Adi n Harsh get disappointed

Adi-Papa now only one lawyer is left all have refused to prepare bail pprs

Harshvardan -Dnt wry we will convince him

Adi n Harshvardan are shown talking to a lawyer he seems to disagree

Harshvardan takes our his cheque bk

Adi is shocked to see this

Lawyer agrees

Harshvardan hands over bail pprs to adi n asks him to get wasim out of prison

Adi-Papa for the first time I saw u gave bribe

Harshvardan -beta there was no other way out I couldn’t see wasim in jail pls get his bail done

Adi nods

Adi reaches police station

N gets bail done

Wasim is shocked to see that Adi got his bail done

Inspector -u are a very lucky man wasim siddqui Generally in such cases ppl ruin life of the person who betrayed them but here this family has saved u U might have done some good deeds to be blessed with a friend like Harshvardan

Wasim gets thinking

He tries to talk to adi

But adi leaves

Wasim feels bad

Wasim rings door bell

Roshnaq opens door She is shocked to see him

Wasim is about to hug her but she leaves

Even noor leaves without talking to him

Wasim is heartbroken

Roshnaq informs zoya on phone about wasim’s bail

Zoya notices Adi standing behind her

Zoya is unable to say anything to him

She leaves with tears in eyes

Adi feels helpless


Wasim calls zoya

He says sorry

Zoya says she can never forgive him

She remembers how yash told her that he had come to stop Adiya marriage n wasim lied that he knew adi has a affair they all knew

Zoya dresses up in beautiful sari for lohri

Adi cannot take his eyes off her

They do prayers of fire together




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  1. Wowwwww loved it a lot!!!!!!!!
    Adiya love track is nice ????????

  2. Jasminerahul

    harsh anjana scene was nice.loved adi asking if zoya’s home is not his n he will not leave her alone.adiya kitchen scene was cute.zoya taking care of adi when he got hurt n adi admiring him was romantic. oh harsh is so nice that he even bribed to release wassim.wassim felt bad.want him to apologize to harsh n thank him.hope wassim will have redemption

  3. Firstly thanks to u for thinking of adding that scene and secondly loved the scene were adi was saying zoya about his tea popularity ????

  4. Wow it’s superb.adiya kitchen seen was nice..adi admiring himself… the precap is interesting… wish u happy lohri, pongal and makarsankranti..god bless u….take care..

  5. Anuva

    Nice… loved the scene Adi telling Roshnaq that he is her son… Harsh is very kind… Zoya is cute… overall loved it…

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