Good Morning My Lovely Readers
So a new journey begins today
I hope to entertain u all
N win ur hearts
Am trying to make this ff different from original track
So i have created characters in a little unique way
Pls read character sketch before reading this epi

So here i go..

A beautiful mansion is shown
The name plate has Hoodas engraved on it
House is being decorated
Flowers everywhere
Many people are busy working
Anjana hooda is supervising them
She is busy giving instructions to all
Anjana scolds a worker- sir jii mata ki chowki aaj hain pls work a little faster pls
Guest will start coming anytime

Just as she moves about
She feels dizzy
Her son
Arjun hooda notices
He rushes to her
He holds her hand
He makes her sit on sofa
Arjun (angry tone)-Mom i told u i will manage u rest Mom u r not well u should rest
Anjana (smiles)-Arjun arjun arjun today am so so so happy My adi is coming back
Iam going to see him after one long year
Am perfectly fine i just cannot rest
Everything needs to be perfect
Today is first day of navratri n my adi is returning
Arjun -mom i can understand ur excitement but u just cannot be careless mom
Did u take ur medicines

Anjana blinks her eyes
Anjana-i forgot
Arjun (angry)-Mom i think i should complaint zoya how can u forget ur medicines
She asked u to rest n u r working I think i should call her only she can manage u

Anjana -Absolutely right only she can manage me n also adi n this whole house
Arjun now i can only rest when my bahu comes in this house n zoya is perfect for this post

Anjana laughs

Her husband Harshvardan Hooda enters

Harsh -i completely agree

Arjun interrupts-But mom dad bhai is not ready to get married

Anjana -dnt u worry am his mom i know how to convince him
U just call zoya
Now she will only come n make me have my medicines

Scene shifts

Lifeline Hospital

A nurse is shown struggling to give injection to a small girl
Nurse is getting frustrated as child is resisting
Nurse holds her tightly
Child starts crying loudly
Just then A dr passes from there
She is Dr zoya siddqui
She enters the room
Zoya (angry)-sister stop it pls
Leave the child
She is in pain
Nurse-Dr i need to give her injection am trying since 15 mins she is not ready to take

Zoya-give me i will give her
U watch how to deal with a small child

Zoya goes near child
Zoya (lovingly )-Heyy cutiee pie whats ur name Dnt cry na pls dnt cry pls

Child’s mother smiles

Zoya talks with child
She distracts child in her talks n tactfully gives her injection

Zoya-sister certain things can be handled with love anger is not a solution

Zoya leaves
Her phone rings
Its Arjun
Zoya smiles-Arjun yes yes i know today there is mata ki chowki We all will come
Noor ammi n abuu will come from home i will directly come from hospital
Arjun -zoya u pls come now pls
Zoya gets worried
Zoya -what happened Is Anjana Aunty fine
Arjun -u come asap n check mom fainted suddenly
Zoya-what???am coming dnt worry

Zoya rushes out of hospital
Anjana winks at arjun

Zoya enters hooda house
The garland falls in her neck
She somehow manages to free herself
She rushes to Anjana’s room
Zoya is shocked to see Anjana sitting on bed smiling

Zoya-Aunty u r fine

Zoya hugs her

Anjana -Am so sorry zoya i asked arjun to Lie to u am fine nothing happened to me

Zoya is shocked

Anjana -I knew u will come very late i wanted u to be present in mata ki chowki
I wanted u to get ready nicely

Anjana goes to wardrobe
N brings out sari
She gives it to zoya
Anjana -pls wear this

Zoya-Am not talking to u aunty
U lied to me ……

Anjana -Am sorry

Anjana holds her ears

Zoya hugs her

Zoya-whats so spl about today’s mata ki chowki aunty

Arjun -Surprise surprise surprise bhai is coming home after one year

Zoya is pleased
She is blushing

Zoya murmurs Aditya

Anjana -yes ur Aditya is coming so u should look most beautiful zoya

I know u missed him alot

Zoya blushes -Aunty pls

Zoya leaves from room with sari

Anjana smiles

Scene shifts

Aditya hooda is shown arriving at Mumbai airport
With lots of luggage

Arjun n Harshvardan have come to receive him

Adi is glad to see them
He hugs them
Adi-where is maa
Harsh-at home doing preparations for ur welcome
Arjun -we didn’t get her here otherwise she would have got flood in airport with her tears

In car
Adi n arjun are sitting on backseat
Adi-Arjun is there someway i can escape this chowki n all i want to meet mum but i just dnt want to attend this chowki
Her guests
Her aunties vrry annoying

Harshvardan is smiling
Arjun makes helpless face
Adi-for one whole month ma will make me do all this i will have to dance to her tunes

Harsh-ofcoure u made her wait for one year adi

Arjun’s pov-Dear bhai its not just one month mom will not let u return this time

Zoya is hurriedly walking with a plate of fowers in her hand she is unable to manage sari
She collides with adi
Adi holds her by waist
Flowers fall on them
Intense eye lock

Zoya smiles at adi
Adi-zoya u here in mata ki chowki u should have been in hospital am amused to see that Drs also believe in this timepass
Zoys laughs
Zoya-Aditya u crack amazing jokes

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  1. O yess first chapter , I was literally waiting for this only 😋😋 , it was very very very very good and amazing , omg zoya 😊 doctor not bad , really an amazing start , 🤣 now waiting to see will anajana convince adi for the marriage 😋😋 , and ya one more thing has zoya already fallen in love with adi???? Cause she was blushing when Anjana told that adi is going to come home back😘 and also she just said that she have to convince Aditya and she didn’t mention Aditya that means zoya is ready for the marriage and also I think Waseem In this story don’t hate adi 🤔🤔🤔 hope soon , ahaa waiting , am really very excited to read , hope your this time wins other hearts too but your has won my 💓 heart but this time this story is really very different , so psot the next chapter soon 😚😚 can’t wait anymore 😍😍 , post soon

  2. It was amazing dear , loved it , omg zoya is doctor not bad ❤️❤️ I am very excited to read it further , update soon

  3. Again same thing happened to me 😤😤 I thought that the comment did not go and I wrote once again 😁

  4. Jasminerahul

    anjana wants adiya to get sweet.zoya’s introduction was nice.zoya anjana scene was cute.finally adi arrived

  5. Can we see it’s episodes or u r only publishing the chapters?

  6. Rushi you rock

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