Bepannah Aashqui FF Fifth Episode

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Recap-Zoya is unconscious n in ICU she has suffered nervous breakdown Dr tells adi it is imp for zoya to gain senses to stop her from going into coma .Adi is broken down he pleads zoya to wake up from him zoya reacts.Hoodas n Aroras are shocked to know about Pooja n yash’s affair

Outside ICU adi notices through the little window on door that zoya has opened her eyes

Adi is sweating

Adi notices zoya looking at ceiling deeply lost in her thoughts while tears flow down from her eyes

It is shown that flashes of zoya n yash’s court marriage their happy time together their hugs yash saying good bye to zoya yash’s dead body he holding pooja’s hand flash before her eyes

Tears flow from ADI’s eyes as he looks at zoya

Adi’s pov-my zoya my best friend is broken n I cannot do anything about it

He bangs his hand on door

Adi’s pov-i could not see a single tear in her eyes n today

I cannot go in I cannot face her

On other hand

Zoya looks a door n sees adi looking at her

Zoya’s pov-Adi adi is in pain n I just cannot do anything to make his pain less

Both look at each other

N tears keep flowing

Bepannah aashqui hain tumse plays in BG

Suddenly zoya realizes something she tries to get up

Adi opens door n rushes in

Adi-kya hua zoya?? What r u doing u need something

Zoya-Adi I …….I………y…….a……s…..h

I need to rush to railway station

Adi gets angry-What rubbish zoya u rest here chip chaap u r not going anywhere

Zoya wildly is taking off all tubes from her body

Adi tries to stop

Adi-zoya don’t be mad

Zoya-i need to go my hash needs me

Adi in full tashan goes to zoya he tolds her tight

Moist eyes of both come in intense contact with each other

Adi-Zoya he was cheating on u do understand ??

Zoya-Adi nothing is yet proved

Adi(angry tone)-zoya he was holding my wife’s hand their hands were intertwined they lied to us zoya yash’s said he was going to Mumbai n Pooja said she was going to Katmandu while both were going to Jammu

They booked tickets as hubby n wife

What more proof u need they were cheating us

U r not fine zoya u r not going anywhere

Zoya -Adi may be there is some misunderstanding Adi Pooja cannot cheat u she loved u a lot I have seen it during our college life

Adi in fact she snatch……….

Zoya stops midway

Adi looks on confused

Zoya -I mean she loved u adi

Adi-Amnot blind zoya

Zoya-Lets cut on this Adi its last time I can be with hash n u can be with Pooja

Tears flow from zoya’s eyes

Zoya(lump in throat)-Adi they will never come back lets go pls pls

She folds her hands in front of adi

Adi makes helpless face

Zoya is shown walking out of hospital quickly

Adi is walking behind her

Zoya trips while walking

Adi holds her by waist firmly

They have strong eye contact

Sad music plays on

Adi holds her hand

N they walk together hand in hand

They reach railway station mortuary room

Zoya is shocked to see

Bodies missing

Zoya weeping asks guard-humare shuhaar yash

Guard-victims bodies are taken by their families for last rituals to Mumbai

Zoya is shocked

She starts running from railway station

She is very weak unable to run

Adi runs behind her

Adi holds her

Zoya(panicked)-Adi I need to go to Mumbai adi I want to see my yash I want to see him adi

She starts weeping

Adi hugs her-Zoya we will reach Mumbai don’t worry I will take u but u pls take care zoya pls I cannot lose u

Zoya n adi r shown sitting in backseat of cab

Zoya is sitting near one window

N adi near other window

Both r looking outside windows

Adi remembers his good memories with Pooja n then her dead body n her hand

While zoya remembers about yash

Tears flow down

They look at each other moist eyed

Adi slowly keeps his hand over zoya’s hand zoya looks at him n keeps her hand over his

Adi’s pov-i could not stop whatever happened zoya but I promise to be by ur side in this difficult phase

Zoya’s pov-Adi u r not alone though I was unable to protect u from this pain I promise to keep supporting u always

Bepannah aashqui plays in BG as they are shown holding hands n looking deep into eachother’s eyes


Yash’s body is kept on floor

Madhu is crying inconsolably

All relatives are present

Zoya enters

She feels bad seeing yash’s body

Before zoya can step in the house

Mahi yells-zoya how dare u how dare u??don’t step in my house stay away from bhaiyaa u didn’t spare him when he was alive at least spare him now he is dead he is dead zoya he is dead

Mahi starts crying

Zoya folds her hands-ps I want to spend sometime with my yash pls pls mahi

Madhu comes-zoya pls leave us alone pls go from here pls u r an omen u have made my son’s life a misery u bought unfortune in his life just go away

Zoya falls on her knees-mummyjiii I beg u mummyjii I beg u pls

Nahi comes n in anger pushes zoya zoya is about to fall but adi holds her firmly

Mahi smashes the door she closes door she doesn’t notice adi

Zoya bangs on door

She weeps

She keeps begging

Adi feels bad

Adi-zoya pls stop it we will go to cremation ground pls stop requesting they are in human

Zoya interrupts-Adi pls don’t say so for mummy jii she has lost her son its natural for her to be angry

Adi looks at zoya

Adi’s pov-how can u be so so so considerate zoya y r u so good

Zoya-Adi am fine u pls go to ur home u should be with Pooja

Adi(angry)-Zoya am a human am not a God like u u can forgive I cannot

Zoya tries to say something

Adi stops her-pls zoya I don’t want to see her face it will hiry me more am here just.for u I don’t want to punish u as nobody can feel the pain u r going through better than me

Hooda’s house is shown

Many ppl have gathered

Sakshi is weeping looking at pooja’s body

Harshvardan is getting restless n continuously trying to call adi

Harsh-where is adi ??god damn what stories media ppl will cook up

His wife’s last rites r going on

N he is missing

Cremation ground

Yash’s body is brought

Zoya n adi to reach in a cab

Mahi notices zoya n locks up the gate

Mahi-Dnt dare to enter in zoya

Adi notices some cars

He notices that on otherside of ground

Pooja’s body is brought

Adi breaks

Adi-look zoya they loved each other so much that after death too they are lying in same cremation ground I cannot take this am going

Adi is about to go

Zoya (lump in throat)-adi don’t be impulsive its last time u get to see Pooja don’t do this u may regret latter

Adi looks at her-i regret loving a cheater I regret marrying a cheater

He leaves

Precap-Adi is drinking alcohol sitting near a beach

Adi gets up n starts walking I

He is walking inside water with bottle in hand

Water has reached his waist

Zoya comes there she pulls adi out snatches his bottle n throws it

Zoya (teareyed)-u didn’t let me go adi I too cannot let u go u have to be here with me for me I am broken I need u

Adi hugs zoya

Tight hug

He cries -y did it happen to us zoya

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