Bepannah Aashqui FF epi 32

Greetings For The Day My Lovely Readers Thanks alot dear arunima fenil jasmine sia
Thanks dear silent readers
So today finally entire mystery would be resolved

Recap- The coolie who was caught by police tells that he opened yash’s Bag n put a parcel in it For which he was paid 5 lacs by pooja Hooda
Harshvardan claims that pooja wanted to snatch yash from zoya
N also trap zoya in bomb blast case
As pooja believed adi gave more importance to zoya
So she was just seeking revenge
She wanted to run from train but was trapped in somehow

All are dumbstruck
Adi cannot believe what he just heard
Judge is going through evidences
Adi(lump in throat )-My lord can I Pls say something

Harshvardan is getting tensed

Judge -u may

Adi-Though pooja is not alive though pooja cheated me
But I can say one thing for sure pooja can never stoop so low
May be this all is done to save me n zoya
But I. ………

Tears fall from his eyes

Zoya too is weeping

Adi-i cannot let blame be put on pooja for something which she has not done Pooja is definitely innocent

Harshvardan keeps his hand on head

Before judge could speak

Mahi interrupts

Mahi enters

Mahi (firmly)-yes yes very true Aditya u r right pooja has not done all this
She was made to do all this
Somebody has used her

All eyes are on mahi

Rajveer sweats terribly

Mahi gives him killer look

Arjun n Noor smile

Judge -Miss Mahi arora if u have to say something Pls come in witness box

Mahi enters witness box

Harshvardan n Wasim are confused

Roshnaq and Anjana are shown to be praying to God

Adiya look teareyed at each other

Mahi-I will not say anything
U all can Pls listen to a confession made

Mahi hands over a tape

It is played

It is a video played on screen

A room is shown

Mahi is seated with Rajveer

Rajveer is in complete inebriated state

Mahi-Raj but what if somehow that Harshvardan Hooda saves his son
See i have no problem with adi
But what about zoya
I Dnt want her to return

Rajveer laughs loudly
Mahi goes close to Rajveer
He kisses her

Rajveer -Dnt u wry babe Harshvardan cannot do anything

I have laid the plan so perfect that Harshvardan cannot get a single clue

Mahi places her fingers seductively on Rajveer
Mahi (seducive tone)-But I have heard something

U know am acting to be friendly with Arjun n Noor as they were looking out for evidences am showing them I am helping so they shared with me something so very important
Delhi police has caught the guy somebody who put something in bhaiyaa’s bag what if that man …….

Rajveer laughs loudly

Rajveer -Darling no worries he will take pooja’s name n adi will never believe thus adi will feel his father did all this to save him
So no use adi will once again to save his beloved wife’s name will take whole blame on himself

Mahi (confused )-but y would he take her name

Rajveer -thats because she gave him the parcel
She paid him money
I told u baby I have trapped adi badly nobody can save him n zoya

Mahi-I cannot understand anything y would pooja do all this n she too got killed

Rajveer -She didn’t knew what was inside the parcel
I gave parcel to her
I told her it had some drugs
Because of which both Zoya n yash would get trapped by police n she can live a happy life with her Adi
I made pooja have affair with yash

I instigated pooja

I took advantage of pooja’s bepannah Aashqui for adi

I made pooja kill so many ppl

Because I wanted adi to get trapped into all this

Zoya didn’t nothing
I had nothing again her
But zoya is adi’s weakest point

I used both Zoya n pooja to trap adi

Hahaa haaaaaaaaaaaa

There is complete silence in court room

Rajveer gets up

He starts running

Police runs behind him

They catch him

Mahi- My lord this bomb was purchased from noida sector 38 Trim Ulaanbaata shop The owner has come here He can recognise Rajveer

Owner comes in witness box-My lord Inspector Rajveer Khanna had come to my shop n he purchased this bomb from my shop yes I have sold it

But he told me it was for some testing police department was doing

Owner presents some pprs

Judge is shocked

Judge-Its so shameful that an ACP has done all this Mr Rajveer khanna Pls come in witness box right now n tell everything.Its better if u Dnt put us to more shame n very honestly n truthfully confess everything Your reasons for doing this n how all this was done Y all this was done??

With red eyes Rajveer comes in confession box

Rajveer -yes I did it yes .because I wanted to kill Aditya I wanted to see pain in Harshvardan n Anjana’s eyes I wanted to destroy entire Hooda family
I tried many things
To kill Aditya
But he always got saved


Harshvardan -Y Rajveer y did u do all this
Rajveer-Because of u because of pooja.I loved pooja She was my world. Adi snatched her from me Adi snatched everything from me
I wanted to see u in pain

Adi n zoya enter Hooda house hand in hand

Anjana does their arti

Dear readers 3 more episodes to go

I will end this series on 35 episodes

Yes dear jasmine u were right Rajveer did all this

But y did he do all this


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  1. Amzing update yaar , yaar I seriously want you to write a new ff on adiya after finishing this plz 😙 plz try

  2. Awesome update dii….I really want u to continue this ff.. can’t believe its going to end soon…but u have done amazing job.. congrats…👏👏👏👏

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