Bepannah 23rd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Zoya’s hit and miss with the mystery woman

Bepannah 23rd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zoya and Aditya do puja together. Pundit ji notices that the vermilion fell off on Zoya while doing the aarti. You are very lucky. You got blessed by Mata. Aditya smiles at Zoya as she looks at him in confusion. She touches her hairline and realises what just happened. They both walk away holding each other hands. Aditya tells zoya that pundit ji was lying. I am lucky. Ma has blessed me by sending you in my life. She replies that his love has made her life beautiful. You had a right to be upset with me after the mistake that I did yet you brought my family here. You did so much for me and my family! He tells her to drop it now. I might get upset with you and fight with you in future too but don’t leave my side ever. She shakes her head. I will stop breathing before leaving your side. I will be your

shield and stop any problem from reaching you. She mentally vows to not spare the person who is trying to create a rift between them. She excuses herself on the pretext of buying a gift for Abbu. He tells her to go. I will see you at home. They share a hug. Zoya mentally apologizes to him for lying to him. I will find out who is that woman who is trying to break our house!

Zoya recalls her conversation with that mystery woman. She remembers how they saw a metro construction site on their way to the venue. The background noise was similar. She thanks Ma for showing her a ray of hope. Please be with me.

The mystery lady blows conch. She is angry for the way Zoya reacted. I thought she will sit quietly but she is retorting! I think I will have to bring her face to face with truth. She loves to follow her patni dharma. I will see what she will do for her first husband now! She checks something in the laptop. The CCTV footage of the road clearly shows who is responsible for Yash and Pooja’s death. I will see how she will react after knowing the truth. Get ready Zoya!

Aditya and Arjun return home. They tell Harsh about the party accident. Aditya wonders why that girl danced with him intentionally and ended up blaming me. Harsh says she might have recognized you and thought to trap you. She dint realise that you weren’t alone. You had your wife too. Aditya reasons that something is really wrong here. She could have taken me to a corner if she only wanted money. It seems to be very personal of sorts. Harsh says you are very smart. You seem to be thinking too much. Aditya says it seemed too well planned. She came directly to me and then ended up blaming me. He asks Arjun to talk to Noor. I want that recording. Arjun nods. Harsh tells Aditya not to think too much. Where is Zoya? Aditya tells him the same thing. Harsh is impressed with Zoya for going against her family to marry Aditya. She is struggling so much at every step of her life. She should be praised for the kind of faith she showed in you today. Take good care of her. Happy wife means happy life. Aditya agrees. He decides to plan something special for Zoya.

Zoya reaches the construction site when her phone rings. It is the mystery woman. She taunts Zoya for being too strong. Zoya replies that she was very strong since beginning. Now I will test your courage. You have attacked me always. Now it is my chance! She climbs upstairs. Mystery woman tells her to mind her tongue or her loved one might get punished instead. Zoya tells her to stop threatening her. I wont be afraid anymore. She simultaneously leans closer to every door on every floor to hear the woman’s voice. I wont get afraid of any of your plans anymore! Mystery woman calls it trailer. You don’t know what is about to happen. Zoya asks her what she will do. People who attack stealthily can only do small talks. You are a small woman who only plays games like a kid! The lady shouts at her to stop. Zoya hears her voice. She continues to taunt her to instigate her. I slapped the girl you sent to trap Aditya. Don’t you feel I slapped you? The lady tells her to be quiet. I gave you a chance to save yourself but now you will shed tears of blood. You will regret not listening to me. Zoya says the same line for her. I would like to meet you once to end the game that you have started. Come in front of me once! Mystery woman hits something angrily. It falls on the floor with a loud thud. Zoya hears the voice and is now standing right outside the mystery woman’s house. They end the call.

Mystery woman calls someone. I need you badly. Come soon. Zoya is holding the door handle. Mystery woman notices a shadow outside the main door. She peeks in from the keyhole. Zoya moves aside just in time. Mystery woman is still alert. She opens the door a little to peek outside but does not see Zoya. Before Zoya could confront her, someone comes and breaks the tubelight. The hoodie guy helps the mystery lady escape from there.

Zoya comes running downstairs and calls out after the mystery lady to stop. She starts running. Zoya chases her. A car is right behind Zoya. Mystery lady falls down while running and is hurt. Someone pulls Zoya aside. The hoodie guy helps the mystery woman escape from there. Guard asks Zoya what if something had happened to her. She asks him about those people but he is clueless about them. That flat is empty. She demands to know the details but he takes her upstairs. The door is locked from outside. She is sure they must have put it. He opens the door to prove that no one was inside. Everything in the living room is covered with white sheets. She insists she saw someone in this very house. He politely requests her to leave from the building. Zoya wonders how it can happen. I saw it myself.

Mystery woman is talking to someone on phone. The game was up almost. We will have to plan our next moves now. Make sure no one bothers me for a while. She ends the call. She removes her fake leg and relaxes. She gets call from someone. The guy informs her that Zoya went inside the house but he had fixed everything. She dint see anything. She ends the call. She looks at Zoya and Aditya’s wedding photo. This girl is feminine yet strong. Huda family got a DIL who will give them strength. My work is tough now but it is good. It is fun defeating a stronger enemy. Now I will break her slowly. I was stunned when she was right outside my house! I wont give her any other chance. I will be around her all the time. She tears the wedding photo separating Aditya and Zoya.

Zoya cannot stop thinking about the incident. That person isn’t alone. They want to prove Aditya wrong in front of everyone for some reason or other! They have some connection with Aditya. I will tell Aditya everything right away!

Precap: A guy delivers something at Siddiqui House for Zoya. Mystery lady is happy to know that Zoya left for Siddiqui House. Zoya is in a car. She repeatedly asks the driver to stop the car but in vain. Mystery woman laughs thinking about Zoya’s fate.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. I’ve reach to the point where I’ll say again “I’m only watching this series because of Harshad and Jennifer .
    Never heard of or saw them before but they are professionals at what they do.That’s the only thing that have me still viewing this show.

  2. Neha1

    Mata Rani give blessings to AdiYa…🤗😍😘 AdiYa hug👌😍😘 Zoya almost reached that lady but that man saved the lady…I think that Hoodie guy was Rajveer…
    Anyway Precap is OMG….Zoya stuck in the car… who’s the driver…
    I think that lady has the footage of that night in Missourie where Poosh’s accident occurred…I think she’ll prove Zoya that Anjana killed Poosh and Adi will trust his mom and support her and that lady is planning to divide AdiYa and will ruin Hooda’s through Zoya…That lady applying “Divide n Rule” trick to ruin or revenge from Hooda’s….
    And New Promo….God really worried for AdiYa now seriously…
    Now I had no interest but still watching the show only for Jenshad/AdiYa…

    1. I have a different opinion. I think if I am not wrong, when the accident happens it was a stormy & rainy season because of which Aditya’s flight was departed in Masoorie. When his friend told him that he can buy a gift from Masoorie, he left but on the way, it may happen that because of rain, his car was about to hit with some other car (that might be the care of Harsh & Pooja). Although, Aditya was saved but may be Harsh & Pooja’s car was inbalanced & the accident happens but Aditya was not aware about the same.

  3. Neha1

    There’re some promos which I don’t like but this one I felt is worst….

    1. What??????? Aditya will favour Anjana despite knowing she is responsible for the murder? Aditya never defended anything wrong. Never. He is the first one to raise his voice against any wrongdoing. and he will protect Anjana against murder? That is something Harsh will do, not Aditya. If this really happens, then makers are doing it just to create illogical distance between leads, like every other show in this country. No difference will be felt between Bepannah and any of the run of the mill serial

  4. exactly me!!! its like ua in my mind… So in love with their dedication..😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍.. Hopefully the Cvs are preparing something beautiful.. If not please hurt us NO MOREEEE👿👿👿👿👿👿

  5. Lol
    What a crap episode and promo
    I also watch just because of jenshad
    They look and act too good together
    Now after this there will no romance

  6. I think that driver is non other than Adi, he wanted to make her a surprise yes, and that singel picture of Adiya under a chandelier???

  7. I have now stopped watching Bepannah. The story is going down the drain. Bepannah somehow still stands out of the line ’cause it has a murder mystery in it, is waiting to be solved.
    This was a very unique storyline but now, I guess either the writers have changed or as we were earlier informed, the story upto 150 episodes is ready. Since the fixed story has now finished, the writers are somehow making up new episodes in a given small time.
    Yes, the quality has degraded and this thing bothers me but what bothers me even more is this:
    Jennifer Winget is an amazing actress. But the directors and producers are under-using her talent. She has immense potential and we all know that, but she isn’t given enough or proper chances to showcase her potential.
    Ex: Jenny has always been on the T.V. doing Kasautii Zidagii Kii, Saraswati Chandra and other daily soaps, but we all got to know about her talent only after she portrayed the role of Maya Mehrotra in Beyhadh. It is because she got the right chance and opportunity to showcase her talent. The producers and directors of Beyhadh got a great actress in form of Jenny and used her talent to full extent. But the makers of Bepannah aren’t using Jenny’s talent.
    When you get something good, use it to full advantage. So, Bepannah makers, if you get an actress like Jennifer, use her talent to full advantage.
    These characters of Sneha Bajaj and Kumud and Zoya Siddiqui and others are average characters. These can be portrayed by any other middle level actress. But the level of Maya was something completely different. It was such a character that not everyone or anyone could play. But Jennifer completely nailed that character. This is a symbol that she is different and much more talented. Jennifer added her signature style to the character of Maya. Now that anyone will think of a psychopath, Maya is the first picture to come to mind. Such is her talent.
    So give her something unique, something exquisite to play. You are simply wasting her talent. Her potential is getting suppressed under these middle level characters. Result: Your show has vanished from the TRP charts.
    Now whenever I see Jennifer’s acting in these insta links posted here, I somehow feel that even she is bored of playing this role. She is playing it just for the sake of playing it. And also ’cause she can’t resign from the show as she is the lead. The role of Maya looked unique and special and thrilling from the beginning till the end ’cause even Jennifer was excited to play such a different role. She could put her heart and soul in that character because she wanted to.
    Same thing with Harshad Chopra. I got to know about his talent only sometime ago. You guys are wasting his talent as well. Both Jenny and Harshad can do a trillion times better than anyone can think so give them that chance and then you see, the show will climb the TRP charts with flying colours.

    However I still have expectations from this show due to its pending murder mystery. So makers, since you have successfully started destroying the show, I beg you to put a lot of quality in solving the murder mystery. Bring some out-of-the-box ideas and clues and suspects. And please make someone completely unexpected the killer. I will sue you if you declare Anjana as the killer. Please don’t. Nearly the whole fan base believe Anjana murdered Poosh. So change the storyline. Because the audience always loves shock.
    And please decrease this level of saas-hating-bahu and family drama and start the murder investigation asap.
    You know what I want to see? Thrill!
    I want to see Zoya and Adi in action; Rajveer and Anjana in their full psychopath mode (without any family drama please); Harsh and Arjun in their lawyer roles, arguing and fighting cases in courts; some mystery revolving the Siddiqui family. You know, the show on fire and all the characters high on their roles type mode.
    I don’t expect you guys to create a ‘Sherlock’ episode here ’cause I know you can’t reach that level, or for the matter, 99% Indian show makers can’t. But please do something better.
    I’ll be going through the voot episode headings just so I know when the investigation has started.
    I know I can be trolled here but it is the truth

    1. Neha1

      Yes. @Evelyn….I agree with you that makers had destroyed the show by this typical saas-bahu and family drama like Other serials but Me too is watching the show for the sake of Jenshad and their extremely hard work…I know for an actor like Jenshad, the show has become quite boring and it also disappointing fan’s too …So you’re right that there should be some action, romance and thrill instead of this Family drama… And Jenshad had huge fan following amongst the youngsters….
      Jennifer had reached 7Million followers on her Instagram account….it itself a huge success for her but makers not using her talent in a right way and did same thing to Harshad….I watched Harshad’s shows earlier and I can see that he by each passing year become a good and Talented actor, he improved very very much on his body/fitness and specially as an actor from his shows like, Mamta, Left Right Left, Dil se Di dua-Saubhagyavati Bhav, Tere liye, Kis des mein hai Mera Dil, Humsafars and now in Bepannaah….but Makers Didn’t using their talent but to wasting it….
      Bepannaah was started with such a great Actors and it’s strong story content that had a 2 or 2.5 Trp initially and now it seems like watching Ekta Kapoor’s shows and Trp also decreased….We can’t reached that 2 or 2.5 Trp till now and never if they show this kind of family drama/Saas-Bahu drama….
      But still I’m watching it as it’s my favourite show with my favourite Actors…what to do…🤔😒😞

      1. Exactly. I agree with you @Neha

  8. And for precap
    I think driver is aditya
    He is planning some surprise
    So there will some romance than all will be vanished

  9. And if my guess i true, i really hope it is, than Aditya will ask Zoya about what is happening, who is this lady she is talking about, he already is having some clues.
    Then if she will tell him the truth they can together find out that someone is trying to frame Anjana for Poosh murder. And that explains the promo released.
    In promo she didn’t tell “I killed Poosh” to me it felt like she belived something she had done could have caused their death.
    Once again my question is: if Rajvir already had the proves against Anjana why he didn’t present them on court, it could have been easier for him to make Adiya look like they were too involved in the murderer.

  10. Good news…as per Instagram spoilers on Friday Zoya will sign DIVORCE papers to save Waseem’s life!!!…n better news….I m extremely glad I emotionally detached myself from this serial!!!!…n i saw shocked fans after new promo released yesterday!!! Werent they all expecting true love in eternal separation n fights???😀😀😀

    1. Neha1

      Whattttt..???? Zoya signing Divorce Papers.??? Seriously…???😮😱😱
      I’m Shocked 😱…. What the hell is going on the show… I’m Sad n Disappointed..

      1. @Neha : Yes check out spoilers on Instagram page…

    2. Thank God
      My emotional attachment lost with adiya marriage week and snake drama
      As i got it it will be like other shows

  11. Neha1

    Upcoming AdiYa date …. AdiYa were sitting picture is quite blur but still it’s AdiYa…. AdiYa Date…🤗😍😘😘

  12. Neha1

    Yes Upcoming spoiler…. Shocking 😮😱 Swipe and watch…

    I have already expressed how ‘bepanaah’ has already ended for me as an open ended story and I was watching this show now considering it a new one just for JenShad.. Ofc there’s no need for that also now.. Some might say I gave up too soon or that I caved or that should support them.. But guys, I did till I could. The level of stupidity and disappointment has crossed my threshold patience long back..
    I have no idea who the characters are anymore neither where this f**kall story is headed. (Excuse my language but couldn’t think of a decent way to describe the ‘thrilling’ plot telecasted these days).😏🙇🏻
    So I am officially out.. Will keep myself updated with the track by occasionally checking out the headings on voot as someone here said or again,occasionally coming on this forum,maybe.😏🍃
    We all have been hurt so bad! 😭😭😭But at least I got to know you guys! I’ve never come across such a a fandom.. And this has been great guys. I hope we meet again when another such show comes along..
    Commentary,theories,rants,swooning over AdiYa was all so much fun with y’all at all times! Thank you,fam.💕
    Special shoutout to @neha,@arch,@eri,@dhara,and @evelyn!
    I love you each and every comment here but you guys have been special.✨
    Also ofc a shoutout to BEPANAAH the most beautiful show I Have watched in all my life. The story,the characters,the execution,the ost,the dialogues,EVERYTHING about this was legit beautiful. I hope more shows are made this way. Obviously this will always be special.
    And I hope my jenshad ship sails well!😂🙈😛
    Or that I get to see them together in another show as well.. Well,waiting for more of their individual projects as well. 💫😇

    1. Neha1

      We all are upset and disappointed…. Specially with makers….and upcoming track…
      Don’t have words… don’t know what to say and what not…??
      Even….I don’t know what to write in my comment about the episode… Bepannaah completely destroyed…no interest and the upcoming twists is so hurting… Don’t know.. confused. Have nothing to say.

    2. Hey Meera… What hurts is they will bring this amazing cast and we will desperately want to watch these actors, but then they will take a hot dump on us knowing that most of us have already fallen in love with the leads. Every show does this. The start would be great and just when we are anticipating something greater, the writers take a downturn and laugh at us.
      Bepannah could have been one of a kind show, but instead of following a sensitive logical story, evil vamps have come with the typical resources to do whatever they want while the leads run like a headless chicken. the vamps have endless money, all sorts of obeying snakes, super updated phone dictionary, and eyes everywhere. While the female lead is forced to keep quiet, and distance grows between her and the male lead and there will be consummation of marriage after 10 years of the wedding, by which time viewers wont even want the leads together! I can name so many pairs who i loved watching in the beginning but now can’t even imagine why they will want to stay together anymore. and Bepannah seems to be going the same route. These promos of Aditya supporting Anjana or Zoya signing divorce papers is too much! Its sad.
      When i feel low, i just watch the initial episodes of some of my fav couples and then choose an ending point of my own and dont watch any further. For me, it seems the ending of Bepannah will be the episode where, after their wedding, Zoya got the surprise gift for Adi, and they had such cute moments teasing each other and hanging the photos. Why can’t the writers more of those scenes instead of over the top of villains and unnecessary fights 🙁
      Anyways, i hope we meet in some other forum as well. Take care 🙂

      1. @Dhara : Other popular serials that are following this formula are atleast getting high TRP n in top 20…our serial is out of top 20 since Arshad track but still makers are coming up with tracks that will push its TRP below 1.0…i m atleast one of the viewers who stopped watching on TV so no longer TRP contributor….but the positive thing is lower the TRP more finite the series will be n consequently more logical…i think it’s high time makers should end the series on a high note otherwise the way it is progressing u can expect poosh ghosts to haunt Adiya!!!😂😂🤣🤣

    3. I could not agree more @Meera. (Btw, the voot headings thing was said by me 😀 )

  14. The moment i saw 28 comments i knew something was wrong 😥
    After seeing yesterdays and todays news i tried to bring some logic to the happenings. To not over react , try to be positive not to be negative. Then i realised i have been doing this for the past three months. Starting with Arshad, then rushed marriage, snake, barsi, blacmailer, Zoya as superwoman, Adi as super dumb. I have lost my patience. I have lost the ability to justify them anymore. Now i want to see what other crap they will bring more. Because i just can’t quit suddenly, i am stupid and still have a ray of hope.
    The only hope i have is Zoya telling everything to Adi tonight, and everything that will happen will be their decision, even that divorce paper signed by Zoya. The only thing that makes me believe this is the new montage, they are apart from each other but they are smiling. I would love to see them meet secretly if that is true.
    I know i am stupid but i have spent 7 months watching this show and it hurts seeing this amount of stupidity.
    The only thing worth watching for the moment is off screen moments of Jenshad.

    1. Neha1

      @Eri, I guess you and me are sailing in a same boats⛵….as I still watching the show after watching such stupidity but what to do…as I love Jenshad and the other thing that there’s no such good shows left on TV that I could watch…. So, you could imagine that I still watching Bepannaah for a Time pass only…

      1. Someone of makers should enter this page or instagram . See what viewer needs
        All good shows are destroyed or end name of trp
        Really indian viewers choice really wrong (kkb and kundali on top same story over year and months);yrrkh(running with melodrama ,long marriage and fetival track. But no long negativity). Trp rises on normal shows when they shows black magic and witch ( viewer enjoying and appreciating ).KZK 2 is online topper though it will again show 4 marriage of lead male and female lead running behind 2 men alternatively.Colors top show shakti where eternal love and seperation for multiple times
        Colors released promo of 3 shows( all about fantasy and black magic)
        I am happy now bepanah is a time pass on you tube
        I would appreciated if they ended the show on logical and good track ; inspite of running for trp.
        I watched jenshad previous shows untill they turned into eternal love and seperation ,repeated track, one after another villain entry. But not watched any show like bepanah
        Really waste of jenshad talent. How much they improved as an actor specially Harshad .
        By the way i didn’t want to hurt viewers of trp toppers and ektas fan

  15. Considering my age i should not behave this way but 😍😘😍😘😍
    How cute are this two?
    Why they are winking to each other?
    Who they are trying to fool??
    Were are they?
    Is that a basement somewhere?
    They are hiding??
    My weak stupid romantic incorrigible ❤

  16. Well checked Instagram pages…more good news…Adiya are not going to be together anymore…that karwachauth wink was just a dream it seems n it is part of upcoming promo shoot…On karwachauth Adi will get divorce papers n both Adi n Zoya will separate !!in and segment Jenny herself confirmed they are gonna separate!!!…I have never seen such a beautiful unshakable bond…🤣🤣🤣

  17. Neha1

    I saw Bepannaah segment on SBS ABP News….
    Actually Rajveer’s Nani had kidnapped Wasim and tied him under the Ravan Statute and on the other side Zoya keep Karvachauth fast for Aditya but before she break her fast she came to know that her Abbu was Kidnapped by Rajveer and his Nani… Rajveer’s Nani put a condition before Zoya that if she wants her Abbu back then she must sign the Divorce Papers which they sent for her…. In order to save her Abbu she signed on the papers…
    And They’re shooting the Promo where Harsh breaking Anjana’s fast (both looked happy). and Zoya- Adi was watching them and they looked at each other, coz Adi gets Shocked when he get the Divorce Papers with Zoya’s Signature..Adi gets hurt and angry and walk away and Zoya too walked away sadly.
    In an interview Zoya aka Jennifer said that there’s a seperation of Adi-Zoya but this is the journey of love….you can’t get everything so easily specially in TV’s world but not to worry…..coz Zoya will not give up and eventually she will get his love Aditya back by hook or by crook …. She’ll do anything or everything to her love and family…
    Zoya will apply “Chanakya Rules” to win over the evils by Saam, Daam, Dand, Bhed.
    Saam :- To advice and ask
    Daam :- To offer and buy
    Dand :- To punish
    Bhed :- Exploiting the secrets.
    After watching the segment I still hope that things will get soon better… And I guess Bepannaah is showcasing about AdiYa’s life after marriage, their love, the hurdles that came in their life, how they come over it…
    I may be sound like an idiot….but Jenshad/AdiYa’s love can’t make me to quit watching the show… So, fingers crossed and hopefully Everything Will back on track…

  18. Well as per the latest interview, Jenny says ‘SEPARATION IS AN INTEGRAL PART OF THE JOURNEY OF LOVE’…well thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful thought…well all Indian serials pass this message only to viewers so we are well aware of it!!!
    @Eri, Neha : Good luck to both of you!!!…it is not a test of Adiya’s love but the little ray of hope alive in both of you w.r.t makers!!!🤗

    1. Let us dream Arch, reality is bitter 😀

    2. Arch say ‘good news 😂😂😂

      You made my day Arch love the sacarsm 😁
      Wonder if this series will ever get back on track 🤔

      Writers keep straying from the plot .

      1. Yes the best news ( not sarcastic here) would be ‘Bepannah to go off air n slated to have a happy ending’!!! We will come up with ‘Bepannah 2 ‘ with Jenshad n a completely different story and characters 😊

  19. Guy hang in there

    I’m no expert and I’m probably wrong but this is what maybe could happen.

    I just watched a cute promo on an Indian tv channel thing online and they show Zoya and Aditya doing Karva chauth and after they wink at each other!

    So I think Zoya tells Aditya (they don’t show us this all tho) about BM nani. They make a plan. Nani says divorce Aditya. Zoya signs fake papers. He supports Anjana. And after they celebrate K C (Karva chauth) and they wink wink at each other !!

    It could happen?I’m not good at posting links. But it’s saas Bahu Aur saazish. Can google wink wink. Bepanah and find it maybe.

    Let’s see 🙂
    Fingers crossed

    1. Neha1

      Rads, Even I too heard it somewhere but you know there were many wrong Twists revolving around that one can’t understand which one is true and which not…
      But I too hoping that this will true otherwise definitely we don’t have any hope for better story in future, from the makers. Let’s hope for the best.

  20. Sorry for typos. My phone freezes up 🙁

  21. Neha1

    Check out the interview of Jenshad about the upcoming twists in the show.

  22. Neha1

    Oh God I really wish this will turn out to be true…. Let’s see…


    Well guys…I think God heard really hard my prayers…’bepannah n silsila’may be off air soon…see above link…so that means show reached climax!!!

    1. Sorry for typo errors guys!!!

      1. I also happy
        End it on happy note before distorting and repeated track
        I prefer finite series. I always stopped watching a show when they lost their original plot in 1.5, 1 or 2 years . But some of them run for 5 yrs or more lol

    2. Neha1

      So soon…. Bepannaah should run atleast a year….well it’s not confirmed by the makers….but anyways, we knew that makers had no interesting twist n turns to be top 20 or top 10 in Trp list….so it’s better that show will end with good end…
      Anyway, I’m still waiting for confirmation that really Bepannaah is going off-air or not.

  24. Seriously guys if really happens that I am right and all this this a plan of Adiya, would you be happy with it?
    Would that make you regain interest in the show?
    And that wink was definitely not a Jenshad thing. Usually they laugh hard during off screens, not that wicked smile.

    1. @Eri : I have completely lost interest in the series now…whether Adiya together or separate I dont care bcos this series too believes eternal love is separation…!!! So this series is totally unrealistic bcos in real life u r either together or separated with very bleak chances of reunion…there is no ‘hanging bridge’…!!!!
      N suddenly timid Zoya becoming mother India or Jhansi ki Rani n very next moment under immense pressure to sign divorce papers all these are very bugging tracks!!!
      N if like leads of all other serials if these two will take months to consummate why the rushed up marriage with unwanted celebrity dances n ‘snake’in the Garland!!!
      Actually many top serials show lots of fun moments between leads irrespective of nonsense surrounding them n this serial is not even showing that!!!!
      Since Adiya union I dont feel sorry for either of them…that’s when I realised my heart has withdrawn…n TRP numbers reflect the general boredom among viewers!!!
      I m neutral if serial continues n happy if serial ends on a happy note!!!😊

    2. Eri, not really. I agree with arch here.
      At this point I have no interest left.. For me adiya ended the moment zoya thought to herself that she has no one to talk to about all this. So not a fan of adiya anymore.. Also, this family drama was not what I signed up for.. I wanted to see the journey of two people as individuals with flaws to the time when they complete each other and complete their own self exploration journey. Which was also the gyst of the show. But now, this old vamp ofc a female with years of pending hatred for a family, Zoya the female lead saving them all is just bullshit. And something we’ve been seeing for years.. And if at this point, even if adiya come together then also I don’t see any interesting point there.. Why can’t they all behave normally and file a complaint.. They come from a family of lawyers for god’s sake! And why even this family drama?! Why can’t they be normal? Neither of them is working…Zo has stopped attending to her office but that’s still okay since she’s the owner.. But what about Aditya? He either has to surprise zoya or pacify his mother.. And what’s with the promo where he is consoling mother n all?!
      Besides, This has become unrealistic like all other shows. Like where does this crap happen?
      Who in today’s date has the time for this!?!?
      If they really wanted to show the strength of the pair.. Make them face some real world problems… Make them having a life of their own.
      So yeah, I too am neutral. Don’t really care who stays, who goes, who comes, what happens.. Just wish that they at least end with a good note.. Something bepanaaah like.

  25. Neha1

    Some people are saying that Adi-Zoya are going to pretend to be separate but they’re United to fight against Rajveer and his Nani…

    1. Neha1

      So Bepannaah on Aaj tak Segment….Reporter said that AdiYa was pretending to be angry with each other…

  26. Neha1

    OMG…. Zoya choose Adi’s arms to sleep….Wow…. I’m dying to watch these cosy moment of AdiYa.👍👌🤗😍😘😘😘😘 Today’s episode…

  27. Neha1

    Don’t wanna miss this scene….
    Zoya kissed on Adi’s forehead.🤗😍😘😘

  28. There are a few scenarios playing in my mind –

    1) This mysterious lady is Pooja’s mom, who survived the fall at the hands of Anjana. While in hiding, she might have found evidence of Yash and Pooja’s death, and she is indirectly trying to help Zoya.

    2) Aditya is actually a gray character – he is the one who killed Yash and Pooja after coming to know of their affair. The flight delay and stopover in Mussorie gave him the perfect window of opportunity to exact revenge. He might have caused the accident. He left thinking he has got revenge but they might have been alive still, and Anjana completed the mission. The obsession of Anjana towards protecting Aditya calls for further contemplation – she doesn’t have the same attitude towards the younger son. Somehow, I feel, Waseem is also connected in this. His hatred for Aditya is diabolical.

    Not saying that Aditya has hoodwinked Zoya – falling in love with her was not part of the plan but something that happened gradually but it doesn’t mean he can’t have a gray past.

    3) Anjana is the actual villain, and she is trying to separate Aditya and Zoya with these gimmicks.

    Personally, #2 and #3 is more probable.

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