Bepannah 18th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Zoya imagines dancing with Aditya

Bepannah 18th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Wasim stops Zoya so he can see her mehendi. He notices her tensed. Are you happy? She nods. He tells her to understand that her Abbu has done everything for her. No one is more important to me in this world than you. She knows it is true. I know you are doing everything for me and you mean well for me. Wasim shares that he is happy that their choices are same this time. You are marrying Arshad as per your wish. I have a surprise for you. He takes her with him.

Anjana is worried for Aditya. I don’t understand how he is behaving these days. Are you also worried about him? Harsh declines. It isn’t time to worry anymore. Now I am scared. Aditya loves Zoya madly. He can do anything in this condition. Anjana calls Zoya smart. She has kept both the options handy for herself!


and Arshad sit down together. Wasim says kids dance nowadays in sangeet but it will be completely different today. Wasim performs on Maahi Ve song. Noor, Roshnaq and Arshad’s mother join him in the dance. Zoya goes quiet seeing Noro dance. Arjun dances with Noor. Zoya thinks of her moments spent with Aditya. She closes her eyes in pain. Electricity goes. Wasim goes to check. Aditya’s words echo in Zoya’s head. Aditya shouts if they are missing him. I am here! Arjun gets tensed. Aditya dances on Bachna Ae Haseeno song. Zoya’s eyes widen in shock. Zoya and Arshad look at each other during his performance. Roshnaq tries comforting Arshad’s mother. We weren’t aware he will come here like this. Arshad suggests Wasim not to react. Aditya is only seeking attention here. Arshad himself looks upset though. Everyone claps as Aditya’s dance comes to an end. Zoya and Aditya look at each other. Aditya smiles sweetly. I don’t understand why the function was so boring before I came. Aren’t you happy Ms. Bride? Don’t you feel like dancing? I am here now, don’t worry. He walks up to her. Now the bride will also dance. Arshad is clearly miffed to see him holding Zoya’s hand. He holds Aditya’s hand. He taunts him for being too happy in someone else’s wedding (old idiom). Aditya’s hands also get mehendi as Arshad separates their hands. I am the groom and Zoya is my bride. Only I can dance with Zoya! I would like to dance with my future wife if you don’t mind? He extends his hand towards Zoya who keeps her hand in his reluctantly.

Arshad and Zoya dance on Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. Tears stream down Aditya’s cheeks as he looks at them. Zoya imagines dancing with Aditya and smiles. Her smile disappears as soon as she realises it was Arshad and not Aditya. Arshad kisses her hand at the end of the dance. Aditya glares in his direction.

Wasim claps for the couple. This is called a couple. Arshad’s mother is shocked to realise that Arshad’s name has disappeared from Zoya’s hand. Zoya says it might have happened during the dance. She tells Zoya not to blame her son. He dint do anything. It must be that Aditya’s plan. He did it intentionally. There is still henna in his hands. Aditya looks at his hand. Wasim goes to Aditya. Leave right away or I will call police! Aditya tries to explain but Arjun asks him to come. Aditya looks at Zoya before he walks out with his brother.

Zoya is in her room. She thinks of what all happened today during the mehendi function. She looks at her hands. She hears footsteps outside her room and goes downstairs to check. Someone covers her mouth and drags her to a car. She knocks at the door asking for help and is stunned to see Aditya. Aditya sits in the driver seat. She asks him what he is doing. She fails in opening the doors. He tells her he has used child lock. Do you know what would have been the consequence of your step? This would be better than this. I will die but I wont let you repeat the same mistake. Do anything but I wont let you marry.

Precap: Aditya applies haldi to Zoya. She is teary eyed. Sad version of Kal Ho Na Ho plays in the background.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Anju5u

    Thanks Pooja….,,,,😊😊

    1. Pooja

      Most, most welcome dear 🙂 The episode was happy-sad kind of today. Aditya looked so hurt when she danced with Arshad 🙁

      1. Anju5u

        @ Pooja 😊😊….
        That’s true…..but everything happening according to the spoilers….🤔🤔

      2. Yea,that’s true. We could totally feel the pain. It was sad. But in glad zo has started to realise stuff.. 😇
        Also,thank you Pooja. 😊
        You be da best. 🙆🏻

      3. Pooja

        Aww so sweet of you to say that Meera 🙂 <3 Most welcome!

      4. Pooja

        Yup that’s the best part. Very welcome Meera 🙂 Glad you guys enjoy the updates so much! 🙂

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Wasim, his wife and others were blessing zoya using song, but not realising her pain except noor.

    2. I was soo happy to see noor and arjun dance, wanted more dance from them.

    3. Aditya diagloue: Main fanna ho jaaunga, but will not let make you do any mistake: awwwww wala dialgoue.

    4. All secenes are just from srk movies. Tooo filmy shadi of zoya

    5. Slowly zoya is also realising her love for aditya.

    6. But they are dragging tooo much

    7. I wish one song should also play main yahan hun yahan from veer zara, where zoya realise her love

    1. Ooo the veer Zara song would be soooo cool! I hope this happens! ❤️❤️💫

    2. Neha1

      My Favourite Actor is SRK…. And he’s the king of Romance…so, it’s quite natural that if they wanna show Romance between AdiYa, had no option but to pick SRK’s movie scenes or Songs….❤😍
      But Yeah, Zoya’s realisation has seen today as she reminiscing Bella’s Shaadi where Adi-Zoya danced together… and the time they spent together and the Mehendi Functions, She reminisced everything that was connected to Aditya…. and that’s the positive sign….for AdiYa’s love story beginning…! After Zoya’s love confession want more AdiYa scenes before any negative twist….as we fan’s had wait long for AdiYa Union.

    3. Agree with every point, specially the last one. Finally, colors uploaded the best precap in months 🙂

    4. ShraddhaSharma392

      Yes me to waiting meera, neha1 and evelyn..
      And neha1 srk is mine fvt too.

  3. Neha1

    Adi had performed so well…👏👍👌😍 Zoya’s hesitate to dance with Habibi but imagined Aditya…. Adi-Zoya imagination dance was Superb..💃👍👌😍😍😘
    Finally, glad that Arshad’s name wiped on Zoya’s hand…..👏👏 Waseem ka dance was quite Hilarious…💃😛😜😂😂😃😃
    Adi’s last dialogue was amazing… I’ll die but I won’t let you repeat the same mistake by marrying Arshad…👍👌❤😍😘😘😘
    Precap is interesting and copy to “Kal ho na ho” movie….. but waiting for 2morrow episode.

    1. Agreed bro! Happy times… After so long!!!❤️😭💫

  4. Neha1

    But in 2day’s episode I cant took my eyes off to AdiYa Dance….😍😘😘 They look Superb…Adi-Zoya lost in each other’s and their closeness during the dance and their eye contact….Heart touching Performance by Jenshad.. It’s looking so real and Natural that Once I thought Jenshad is really a couple made in Heaven….❤😍😘😘

  5. Aditya is so damn right in fighting for what is his.

    Just imagine your suppose to be fiance ran out on you on your engagement day because of concern for her best friend and you’re still trying to fit in. Such an idiot Arshad 🤣🤣🤣

    Zoya character is so foolish these days hope she comes out of her trance soon .Seems like Aditya will wait a lifetime for her ☺

    I think he means well by kidnapping her ,he really wants what best for her.

    As of last month I think this commentary is way better than the serial 😀😀😀

    1. Anju5u

      @ Seychelle. ..true…. commentary is way better than serial ..😀

  6. Mujhe Harshad small screen ki srk Jaisa dikhta hai. Jennifer kya acting tha. Mujhe precap dekne ke baad preeti zinda ki replica ki Tara lagrahi thi.

    1. @Sai : Since KDMHMD days, Harshad is considered to be the romantic hero of television…he has always done romantic roles and nailed them completely!!!😊

  7. Kidnapping? 😑😏 still against that,Aditya.
    Other than that.. I’m okay with the ep.. It was fine. Waseem’s dance though😂🙈 also,I jut realised that all AdiYa needed to realise their feelings for each other is to imagine themselves dancing together! Damn. 😂😂🔥 makers,where have you been at? 😝
    And I also like the precap. Cliched but that okay,as long as I know it is another step toward AdiYa. 💕
    I guess Zoya must be imagining only Or if not it’s still going to be romantic!
    Hmm.. Less rant na today? Mood achha h aaj mera! ( I’m in a good mood today,I guess) lol.
    Waiting to hear from y’all ! ❤️🤓

    1. Yes Zoya imagining Adi in precap bcos Roshna will slap him in tonight’s episode n ask him to stay away from Zoya!!!!

  8. Anju5u

    Waseem’s dance was funny…..😀😀

  9. Anju5u

    @ Arch ….
    Happy?? U were worried about Arshad’s name on zoya’s hand….right. 😉….now that’s wiped off…,😉😊

    1. Yes I am very happy…lambu’s name wiped off!!…n nice episode…Zoya in love!!!’

  10. Anju5u

    N Adi- zoya’s dance awesome…..😍😍😍
    N…..tears rolled down from adi’s eyes….😣😣

  11. Anju5u

    Hey guys…did u realise…..3 filmi songs in a single episode…..of bepanah…. first…time in bepanah …..right……mahi ve, bachna ae haseeno n ae Dil he. Mushkil…..n tomorrow…. another awesome one…..😍😍😍……but they won’t play any of these when u watch online in voot…dunno y though…😭😭😭

  12. I can not wait to see expression of warshad
    when zoya will choose adi.
    Now only satisfied to see zoya’s pain , flashback , hallucination of aditya.
    Seriously i am now a fan of jennifer, she is too real.
    Previously was arshad fan

    1. Sorry harshad fan

  13. Anju5u

    N about the precap……though Zoya is kidnapped n teary eyes….still found her happy

  14. Anju5u

    N about the precap……though Zoya is kidnapped n teary eyed….still found her happy….🤔 If adi is not gonna let the wedding happen…….then how come haldi ??….hope it’s not any dream sequence…🤔😐

    1. Kidnapping also a dream of zoya
      Seems like that as no one hearing zoya

      1. No kidnapping not dream…he will leave her back home or something will happen…as a result Roshna will slap Adi n ask him to back off!! I guess!!!

  15. I am still waiting for some ice cream to come😘
    That car scene gave me hope😍
    And the precap was beautiful, she is more relaxed with him, not angry.
    Maybe thay had the chance to talk to each other.

    1. Yeah! Its possible that Adi won’t kidnap Zoya but take her for a last ice-cream
      Awww… <3

    2. Rethinking about the precap, Adi’s face was to happy to be true. It is her dream of him.

      1. Anju5u

        True 🤔

  16. 1. I only watched a few parts from the episode. Arshad-Zoya’s dance, AdiYa’s dance, the part where Arshad’s name gets rubbed off, the kidnapping part and the promo.
    2. Adi’s expressions during Arshad-Zoya dance. My God!! They were killing <3 <3!! Fiiiiirrrrreeeee!!!!!!
    3. AdiYa's expression during their dance. Best best best best couple eveeerrrrrrrrrrr!!!!
    4. Zoya's reluctance while dancing with Arshad, she keeps on looking towards Adi during her dance with lambu, her suddenly jerking her hand back after Arshad kissed it (another form of reluctance), her expression after Adi says that he'll die but not let her make another mistake, all of this gave me immense relief and pleasure.
    5. Ok! So, if Adi kidnaps Zoya, then the haldi function ? But is it only me or did someone else feel that the haldi function was a bit weird because it looked as if they are alone, so I guess this is also Zoya's imagination, maybe, butI am not sure.
    6. Zoya is slowly approaching her realization and that is the best news.
    7. AdiYa almost kiss in their dance. When ? Look closely at the part where Zoya gives a pose where her hands touch Adi's face. That's right after the three pose photographs that is shown in between the dance. The lyrics are "Ek tarfa mera safar" While Adi says "Ek Tarfa" and Zoya takes a round, during that spin her face comes infront of Adi's face and it looks as if they are close enough for a kiss. Maybe I'm romanticizing a bit too much but it looks beautiful <3
    8. Pooja (author), I apologize because I feel I was a bit rude in my yesterday's comment when I talked about Roshnaq's name. You did not reply so I felt maybe you haven't read it 🙂
    9. Arch, I hope you are happy now. You were the one worrying most worrying about Arshad's name on Zoya's hands (Honestly, everyone was worried 🙂 )
    10. Congratulations! Bepannah lovers! Colors channel has officially posted AdiYa's union promo, as posted here yesterday.
    11. Though, many here think that promos are misleading but I think that whatever happens in the promo does appear in the episode. For ex: When Adi gets electrocuted and Zoya applies medicine, in the promo it was shown that Adi will propose Zoya with the ring and Adi did propose Zoya, without the ring though, but it doesn't matter, Zoya was asking Adi About Arshad during the riots as shown in the promo, even if for a small time. This is 'The Reunion' after all and we all were waiting for this moment like crazy people.
    12. Though I want Zoya to confess her love to Adi as shown in the promo, while the maulvi asks her the question "Do You agree to marry Arshad?". I want her to turn to Adi the way it is shown in the promo. Specially in front of everyone. I specially want to see Adi, Waseem and Arshad's face XD OMG!! It will be fun!!! XD
    Who all agree with me on the points ?
    Waiting for replies 😛
    bepannah lover <3

    1. @Evelyn : I am happy now…Adiya love story about to finally begin!!!!

      1. ♥♥♥

    2. Neha1

      @Evelyn I agree, You always speaks what I felt /think….but about the kiss…I think they didn’t kissed but very close while dancing that’s why you felt it was kiss….but anyways, hopefully we will witness AdiYa romance soon by hugging and kissing..😉😍😘
      Agree with your last point too…I too want that whatever we saw in promo was right and exactly happened the way we showed in promo but Infront of everyone…. Infront of Waseem, Arshad and his family coz we wanna see their expressions…
      And about the Precap, I too think that Zoya’s imagining Aditya while Haldi’s ceremony….coz Adi seems smiling towards her and no one’s there behind them…so it will probably Zoya’s dream or imagination.

      1. Yeah! It is probably because they are so close in the dance. It was beautiful💃💃♥♥

    3. hahaha.. i know,right?
      the dance was… <3 and i didn't expect anyone to comment on that part but you did,thank you.
      they were really close n the videos of their dance is on insta and i have replayed that video so many times just for that part. <3 they've danced before but i feel this dance was really special.
      also,aditya in tears!!! i have seen him teary eyed for zoya before but now that actual tears were falling from his eyes.. i just couldnt watch! :'(
      about the promo,i thought it gave away many important things.. like zoya will realize just before the wedding.. since that's the time moulvi ji asks.. and that aditya would indeed tend to leave and not watch but not before his final words..and that that stupid arshad is good for nothing..(if he turns negative,i swear the fandom's gonna flip) but they were still in mehendi dress although that doesn't mean anything i feel here it's because it's from this mehendi that she has started to realize..
      about the kidnapping.. well,tbh i didn't like it. the way he said that he won't let her marry no matter what she does was a little too much for me.. and zoya was thinking about aditya,about why she imagined herself dancing with him n all.. but he kidnapped her -_- .. she needs time alone with her thoughts.. so yea,a bit mad about that. this way she has no choice but to think about only what aditya says which is not fair.
      also,about waseem talking about her daughter's happiness in this ep made me cringe so hard! like he doesn't deserve to talk about her happiness.. all he cares about are his wishes.. and she agreed to marry only cause you were on her head about this all the godddamn time. ( i dont want to say this to aditya.. but he kinda is doing the same.. not as bad as waseem though.. waseem is the worst for sure. )
      the haldi precap looks soooo goood! it's really sweet. idk what's tehre about it but it just felt really good. they both were in pain yet were smiling as they were in each other's presence… idk.. it's just something very beautiful.
      baaki i agree with all your points.. except the last one.. like @eri.. she needs to really know what aditya has been through and how much she loves him. our baby boi deserves it. <3

      1. Yes! I agree Zoya should feel the same amount of fear and pain, she should not have it easy. And yes, even Ifeel Adi should not kidnap Zoya but probably he isn’t kidnapping her, maybe just talking to her taking her out for an ice cream♥♥💏💏
        Let’s wait and watch😄😘

  17. Atharav Singh

    Ohh God, I am waiting since so long that makers will play “me yaha hoon ” song from veer zara but they didnt play till now….But its the most perfect song for the situation right now (even more perfect in this situation of realization than actual film itself). I wish someone will hear my request and makers will take notice of it. If that song got played then i can watch that episode at least 100 times.

  18. Agreed on every point Evelyn, exept the last one. I don’t want things to be this easy for Zoya. Noo madam, you decide you love him at the last moment and he should be there waiting for you??? I want her to feel the fear of losing him, of been rejected back, just for some time I want her to panic. She has made my boy suffer so much.
    But yes i want to see Warshad face when she rejects the wedding. Can we invite Anjana too?? It will become Warshana.
    Throughout the dance I was comparing the two couples. Zoya and Arshad dance was lame, something choreographed by someone and not felt from the one’s dancing, obviously a lambu can’t dance with a gazelle😅 but Zoya and Adi dance was flowing smoothly , natural, even their bodies fit perfectly to each other like pieces of the same puzzle.
    And yes they were so close to each other, if you would stop the video at the right moment they look like kissing.
    I want to see where this kidnapping will bring us. I am sure he will bring her home before morning comes.

    1. Eri I agree with your first paragraph,
      Aditya have been through so much it won’t be fair for her to get through to him so easily.
      Who vex loss lol

    2. Neha1

      [email protected], but before he drops Zoya to her house…I guess everyone knows about Zoya’s missing so, Waseem might think that Zoya’s kidnap and will blame Adi for obvious reason…I think that’s when, Roshna will slap Adi…as per the spoiler…I may be wrong but let’s see 2day’s episode…

      1. I don’t want another slap for Adi 😓😓😓😓😓
        And especially not from Roshnaq, she should be on his side.
        Anyway our Adi is brave, will handle this too.

    3. You just added OIL TO FIRE!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥 Yes even I want Zoya to experience that fear and that pain. The game should be fair after all😉😉😉 It will be beautiful♥♥♥

  19. Arshad.
    You are a doctor.
    So take help of a fellow eye specialist friend and get your DAMN EYE CHECKED!!!
    I am gonna murder if anyone dares to come between AdiYa. (Of course I am not gonna murder someone but I’m so angry with Arshad.)
    Arshad, don’t you eat carrots? Explains why you had specs. And you made a greater fool out of yourself by removing the specs because YOU CAN’T SEE ANYTHING NOW!!
    I was asking Adi to get his self-respect back but he is doing everything ’cause he is in love with Zoya!!! And love is blind. But Arshad, he isn’t even properly in love with Zoya. He has just met her, a few weeks ago, must not be more that a month. He just likes her and he is sensing something’s going on between Zoya and Adi then why? Go get a some other wife ‘coz your present fiance is in love with someone else. UNDERSTAND ??!!!
    My eyes were bleeding while Zoya and Arshad were dancing together, but thankfully the medicine (AdiYa’s Dance) arrived soon.

    1. Neha1

      Hehehe 😋🤣😂😉…lovely dear..but could understand your concern for AdiYa…me too felt the same… Arshad became blind after Zoya suggested him that he looks good without specs…. that’s when he thought that Zoya liked him….but it’s not true…So, yeah, let him be blind…😉😂coz anyway Zoya will go to my Adi…😍😘😘

      1. Right! Besides I don’t want a blind man in Zoya’s life. Adi is da best😘😘😄♥♥👍👍👍♥♥♥

  20. Aditya acting was so intense and natural…when tears rolled over his eyes its so painful….i think he didnt kidnapped her but taking to suprise haldi function planned by him..,i dont know abt muslim marriage does they have haldi fn?if they dont thats wy adi doing i think so…

  21. Neha1

    This song perfectly suits on Waseem…. after watching it can’t stop my laughter..😜😛😂😃

    1. O God! I am in fits😂😂😂
      Song is perfect for Waseem and the dance is like the cherry on the cake😂😂 Hum pagal nahi hai bhaiya, humara dimaag kharab hai (I am not mad, my brain is just not working) 😂😂

  22. Neha1

    AdiYa dance….❤👍👌😍😘😘😘💑 Ae dil hai Mushkil….

    1. Neha1

      Part2 AdiYa dance…❤💃💑😍😘 but last mein lambu aa gaya..😞😈

  23. I think decreasing trps with trp reaching its lowest point last week coupled with intense bashing of Zoya & Arshad track on social media finally woke up the makers!!!!
    There was only a week’s gap between Adi’s return from Paris and Hooda marriage anniversary but that track was dragged for more than a month!!!…Similarly only 1 week was there for Zoya Arshad marriage but track is very fast and on Friday wedding day would arrive!!!
    Precap is purely Zoya’s imagination!!! New promo was good but short !!! N I don’t know I didn’t feel the intense passion in Adiya hug…but Adiya union will play out differently in the episodes n not the way it is shown in promo!!!
    Plus they releases promo this week but union will happen next week only!!! It is another marketing gimmick to raise trps…but good they released promo else ppl would not be interested in watching this week’s episodes!!!

    1. Don’t worry if the passion is absent, it is just a promo. Wait for the actual episodes. Jenshad’s acting is gonna put your heart on fire🔥♥🔥♥🔥♥🔥♥

    2. even i didn’t like the promo.. passion wise.. it felt low budget,weird,desperate sa promo..
      but i guess that’s just done by the makers to calm the flipping audience. i think the real deal’s gonna be different. let’s wait. 🙂 <3

      1. Exactly it was low budget promo…actually when Sangeet shooting was done with they might have requested Jenshad to spare a few minutes for short promo shoot…they complied with..both r in Sangeet costumes…It looked ad hoc n not a planned promo!!!!

  24. zoya-Adi too good…..i love to see their reunite and romance

  25. Hi,i watch Bepannah from 1st episode..i love this serial…love the chemistry between Zoya n Adi

  26. Neha1

    Earlier Bepannaah Trp was 2.7 on 29th march 2018…and now last week Trp was 1.2 Hope that from next week or next month onwards Trp will increase.

  27. Riana

    Zoya agreed for wedding… Zoya agreed for wedding… Watch this new promo guyzzzz ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩😘😘😘

  28. I just watched the episode on voot. They have changed Waseem, Roshnaq and Noor song with some shaadi barat (marriage band) like tune. It looking fine except for places where those three have done lip syncing. And they have changed Arshad-Zoya and AdiYa’s ADHM song with the orignal bepannah orignal title track (Abhi abhi bhoole bhi na the tumhe). Arshad-Zoya dance is looking very bad with it and completely out of sync with the song. The only place where the song suits in Arshad-Zoua dance is when Adi is giving those sad expressions. The song is only suiting Adi’s hurt expressions. AdiYa’s dance is not syncing with the song at those places where Adi is visibly lip syncing the orignal song (ADHM). Rest everywhere the song perfectly fits AdiYa’s dance. Specially the last and the second last pose. Watch the episode on voot and then you’ll understand what I am trying to say.

    1. Voot is not available in my country, I can watch the episodes on on the same day they are telecasted or the next one on YouTube channel of Colors where they everytime mute the audio due to copyright issues. But i can’t understand this changing of music, they have done it before as well.

      1. Yeah! Changing the music completely snatches the essence of the dance

      2. Anju5u

        In voot they won’t play the film songs ….it wasn’t so intially.,…but since few days they don’t play the film songs…..n here is blocked n all others sites of that sort….blocked….from letting us view bepanah n other can’t view that also….. wonder y they do that….. other sites….ok…we can understand…..but what about voot …that’s their official website right…..why they don’t play film songs in the serials.,..I don’t understand….it really….makes it lose the charm…..of the original version…..when u play some music instead of those film songs ….. Can we fans msg colors tv requesting for the original version in voot at least ( Being their official one)?????? Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ,,,😭😭😭😭😭😭

    2. Anju5u

      Wonder y they do that….. initially it wasn’t so…in voot….they used to play the film songs … either they put bepanah se mohabet/ bepanah title/ some music……we really wanna watch the original versions….😭

  29. It’s confirmed adiya will reunite
    Zoya will choose adi at last moment
    Their union may not like that shown in promo
    I think wasim will disown zoya for the repeat of same thing again
    Hooda’s will accept only to keep adi home ,anjana may(90%) be plotting aganist zoya
    Arshad character should end on happy note as there is already many grey shade charecter on the show ( i think rajveer and yash family will be back)
    I still think anjana is being compelled by someone else to do all these.A psycho mother is too much .

  30. I don’t understand why people are mean to Arshard, he has been led on by Zoya, he didn’t come in between Adi and Zoya he was welcomed, every time he gave Zoya a way out she accepted him. I like Zoya but she is solely responsible for the pain she has caused not only to herself but to Adi and also when she inevitably changes her mind to Arshard and his family. Wasim he’s bought it upon himself so I don’t really feel sorry for him. If Adi wasn’t the lead to this show and he behaved the way he has people would condemn his behaviour. Adi had no right to behave this way and Zoya has no right to play with another family’s life as well. Sort out your own head and feelings before hurting so many people. I have no sympathy for Zoya or Adi they bought it upon themselves and just because they are the lead pair I won’t make excuses for them and justify them. I can’t stand people that use others, but also even in real life people make mistakes but as soon as you realise own up to it don’t lead others on.

    1. @Lucy : No point in comparing serials to reality n ‘bepanah’ is no different…mentioned that before too that many tracks are cliched but highlight of the show is Adiya!!!..

      N why do u feel only Arshad is bashed?..More than Arshad Zoya was bashed for her stupidity…N when Mahi n Rajveer came between Adiya they were also bashed..I don’t think you posted on this forum while those tracks were going on !!! Anybody who comes between Adiya no matter who it is will be bashed bcos leads are Adiya!!!…even Wasim n Anjana are trolled!!!…what Adi is doing is not right but Adi has no other option due to Zoya’s stubbornness!!!

      N Dr.Habibi is doctor n he is unable to understand Adiya’s love!!! It is so obvious…in real life anyone will understand easily…so if Adiya are wrong Arshad is also living in illusion…but it is not the character but the cliched plots…so that’s y I said no point in comparing to reality!!! N since Arshad track got longer than Mahi or Rajvir track he ended up getting more bashing!!! Plus Tahir is a very plain actor…he looks boring n his face lacks the necessary expressions…Vatsal Seth would have been a better choice!!!

  31. Also I find the promo disgusting and it makes me so angry, plenty of chances to back out of a wedding (that Zoya chose to) well before the day, you don’t humiliate another person or family especially as they have been nothing but nice to you. If they were evil and the evil side was exposed fair enough but it’s not justified in this case.

    1. Last minute run from weddings has been shown in Indian films n serials since ages…N always the third angle is negative…but good thing so far Arshad is not negative…but some reports surfaced he will turn grey …hope they are untrue!!!!

    2. well,i agree on that with you. the plot’s been haywire lately and we all have expressed our disappointments with the track quite clearly.. clearly,the makers have made their mind to continue with this cliched plot. and the excitement on seeing the promo was for adiya’s union and not the way it’s being done. the audience is fed up already. we were just being desperate for adiya now. cause we.. well,at least i had lost all hope for the show to get creative or unconventional now.. and clearly,it’s not going to be. this midway running is supposed to get our heartbeat racing.. little do they know it’s quite cringey now.
      but i don’t think we have an option now. The only way it could still feel better is if arshad himself asks zoya one final time and she says what’s in her heart.
      but otherwise,yes. it is not right. but do we have an option?
      let’s not whine. the show has lost its charm we know it but let’s just get this over with and hope adiya’s romance brings a fresh start.
      about arshad.. we have so many times called zoya stupid for that and at least i have even tried to express my disappointments with aditya lately. the only reason i feel like bashing arshad is because he is poorly developed character. he has no charm,it doesn’t work for me when he’s on screen and while he’s being wronged.. i just cannot seem to sympathize with the guy! he has not made an impact. Also, has added nothing to the story and like i’ve mentioned before.. this arshad track has ruined a lot of other characters too. but yeah,in the story.. arshad is not wrong and i don’t blame him either.
      what the fandom’s mad about is that the story is being dragged too much and we’re just frustrated.. and arshad has become our scapegoat. it’s just timing.. we needed to let out our anger and sadly the bait’s arshad.
      again,we have no option. if the plot’s too cringey for you.. don’t watch. but don’t stress yourself,love.
      if after this also,nothing will excite .. or the track continues to be boring/cliche like now.. i too will quit. i’m not excited about zoya running to adi on her wedding day.. i’m excited about what next? and till then,i tend to justify these little things so that i can enjoy jenshad. i know it’s wrong of me do that.. but idk.. i had high hopes from the show and they still seem lie in me somewhere. otherwise,i would have quit by now.
      hence.. give it time. and see where it goes.. i am driven by content.. and if that doesn’t develop in the coming days.. bbye,bepanah. but until then..
      fingers crossed.

  32. I certainly don’t feel promo is disgusting…but it is a rushed up effort to get back lost trp!!!…N plot started losing its uniqueness from 2nd week itself n post leap story is a time-tested formula!!!! So totally predictable n nothing enchanting!!!
    But best part Adiya are gonna unite n we are waiting for their intense love n romantic scenes!!!…
    Arshad track was extremely boring bcos:-
    1. Tahir not a great actor. So unable to infuse life into his character.
    2. His character too lives in the illusionary world n is unable to see Adiya love.
    3. Zoya’s accusations of cheating by Adi baseless. N to Add to our irritation she agreed to marry Arshad…how dumb!!!!
    4. Mahi n Rajvir’s antics brought Adiya closer but Arshad neither kept them close nor far!!! I still didn’t understand what he exactly did in the serial so far!!!
    5. Track extended beyond a month – biggest blunder of makers
    6. Now if Yash makes Zoya realise then what did Arshad do?Why makers made us bored to hell with his Track? Trps reached lowest point…
    Hence Arshad n Zoya got bashed!!!

    1. Arshad had no influence on show
      Damage done by zoya’s character
      Dragging old indian drama ticks will not work for bepanah, it has only urban and young viewer
      They can present it better way rather than showing arshad illusion/ zoya ‘s baseless cheating

  33. Why is the sound track of the muzic where they dance dubbed over with somthing else.

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