Bepannah 10th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Zoya gives her wedding contract to Aditya

Bepannah 10th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Roshana asks Wasim if he is in his senses. How will we make preps in a week? It’s a wedding, not some game. Wasim says both the husband and wife want it to happen that way. Roshana asks Zoya if she really wants it. Zoya hands her tea cups. Roshana wonders how Arshad’s parents agreed on the idea. Wasim is sure Arshad would have talked to them. Zoya agrees. Wasim wants this wedding to happen asap as Arshad is the best guy for her. I am proud of my daughter for she has made the best decision of her life. You will be really happy. Zoya excuses herself on the pretext for office work but Wasim smiles saying she felt shy.

Arjun is waiting for Noor at their favourite restaurant. Noor is going out for lunch when her Boss asks her to work on some other project. She asks for a lunch break but he firmly

tells her he isn’t asking her. Noor texts Arjun to wait for her. I will get a little late. Arjun reads the message.

Zoya has kept the bangles on the table. She thinks of Arshad’s wish and of Aditya’s words. Roshana looks at Zoya. This is your wedding. Why are you running away from it? Zoya insists she has thought well before coming to this decision. For the first time I can clearly see what I want in life. Roshana asks her about the bangles. Zoya tells her. They are a little tight though. Roshana tells her to keep them aside if they don’t fit. Zoya is again drawn back to Aditya’s words. She tries to forcibly wear them.

Arjun calls Noor. Boss tells her to put her phone on silent. You can take personal call after 5. She disconnects the call. Arjun hopes Noor dint change her mind. Noor’s Boss tells her what to type next. She is irked by his manner. Poor Arjun will be leaving soon. Waiter asks Arjun to order something again but he ends up scolding the waiter instead. He is irked with Noor for not coming there. Noor thinks to drop a text to Arjun when her Boss turns and tells her what to write next in the mail. Arjun keeps some money for the bill and throws the bouquet angrily in the bin as he walks out of there.

Wasim is upset as there is no venue, decorator or any vendor available. Roshana suggests postponing the date but he refuses. Why don’t we do destination wedding? We can go to Mussorie. We have our home there. Roshana and Wasim argue. Zoya receives a text from Aditya asking the bride how the preps are going on. Did you find some venue or is everything booked? She leaves citing office work.

Anjana opens the door and finds Zoya standing at the door. Why are you here again? Zoya demands to speak to Aditya. Anjana tells her to spare her son now that she is gtting married to Arshad. Zoya tells her to say the same to her son. Aditya says some things aren’t told like that and understood. If it was that easy then you wouldn’t have come here. Come inside now that you are here. Think of it to be your home only. Anjana asks him what he is saying. Aditya asks her to let them talk. We will talk here only. Anjana goes. Aditya sits on the sofa. Zoya tries talking to him but he keeps teasing her. Do you want to say I love you? Anjana looks at them from upstairs.

Zoya tells Aditya that all the vendors are booked for next week. Nothing is available. He nods. You are marrying at such a short notice. She asks him why he is doing this. He reasons that she is being stubborn. She asks him if he think he will ignite love in her for him if she delays the wedding. He knows it is already there. I will wake you up as well before the wedding. He holds her. I wont let you make the same mistake again. You have been in a marriage before too where there was no love. You deserve love, you deserve all the happiness of the world. Why are you doing this again? Your heart broke once. There will be no pieces left if it happens again. she tries pushing him away but he stops her. Love means no force. I cannot force you to think some way but I am sure you will realise you love me in the coming 7 days! Zoya declines. I don’t love you! How many times shall I tell you? He makes her look at him. Look me in the eye and say it then! She stares him right in the eye and repeats it. He asks her why there are tears in her eyes then. She avoids his gaze. He lets go of her. She again repeats that she does not love him. I will prove it. I will marry Arshad. I will marry him in Mussorie if not here! She turns to go. He remarks that she will do it by going away from him as she knows it that she cannot marry anyone else in front of him. She walks back to him. You like staying near me right? She gives him advance cheque for arranging her and Arshad’s wedding. You have rejoined Zosh event. Why don’t you start your new journey at Zosh with this? She keeps the cheque in his hand. Zoya leaves. Aditya looks at the cheque.

Zoya realises what she just did. How will Aditya organize my wedding? She is in a fix. Aditya’s words echo in her mind. If I take the cheque from him then he will think I love him. It isn’t true. I don’t love Aditya. He is my friend. I care for him. What should I do now? She gets a call from Arshad and panics as to how to tell him and Abbu what she has done.

Arjun returns home. What has happened to Noor! She isn’t picking any of my calls. She sees Shawn and Akansha there and is confused. Akansha tells him that Aditya has called them. We have to plan Zoya Ma’am’s wedding. Aditya tells his brother he is planning Zoya’s wedding. Arjun is taken aback. Arjun takes his aside. Are you mad? Why are you torturing yourself? Aditya tells him this is the only way to make Zoya realise her love. Arjun tells him he cannot force anyone to love him. Aditya says I am trying to make her realise only. She loves me but is angry / being stubborn because of her fear. She loves me but is afraid to love again. Arjun says often the wishes of people lie in their stubbornness. Aditya asks him if he is fine. Did yu have a fight with your girlfriend? Is everything ok? Arjun reasons that not every love story has a happy ending. Aditya is sure his love story will have a positive ending. Arjun says what if it does not happen. Aditya shares that he wont budge from his spot till the time Zoya says “Qubool Hai”.

Precap: Aditya compliments Zoya in front of everyone. Wasim tells Aditya he has chosen a great designer for Zoya. He makes Aditya try Arshad some shoes. Aditya happily lifts Arshad’s feet and makes him try all the pairs. Zoya looks hurt. Aditya smiles and thinks she is crying but she wont say it matters!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Only like Adi- Zoya’s convo…. Waseem is irritating… Poor Arjun was left after waiting so long for Noor…
    But like Precap, as Zoya was hurt to see Adi make Arshad wearing the shoes…. Love Aditya’s confidence… waiting for 2mrrow episode…
    I’m in love with Harshad Chopda that I didn’t watch his last show “Humsafars”, which I started watching
    since this weekend….I just Love him….more n more…and in Bepannaah too… I wish I could be Zoya…so that get a chance to romance with him…Love you Harshad Chopda.😍😍😘😘😘😘😘

    1. Yeah,same.. I’ve decided to be happy about AdiYa moments.. ❤️
      So,I kind of liked it..
      Also.. Humsafarsss!!!! Omg.. How are you liking that show? It’s goood na? Love Harshad,man! He is just so cute🙈💕💕

      1. I cannot stand the heroine of ‘humsafars’….she doesn’t have the chemistry or class like Jenny or Aditi to with Harshad Chopra!!!

    2. Anju5u

      Hey Neha…same here…I started watching Humsafars few days back….just for harshad😉 where did u find Humsafars full episodes?? I found few missing in YouTube ..,🤔

      1. Download the Sony Liv App…can watch all episodes there…

      2. Neha1

        You can download the Sony Liv App and can watch all the episodes there..

  2. Okayyy.. Guys.. Is Arjun right?
    I mean.. Are you all really convinced that Zoya loves him? She herself admitted that she does care.. But because she’s a friend..So the whole point of farak Padna has no menacing now? Like,im not really convinced.. Am I being too sceptical about their love? I think I’m just losing my mind!😂😂
    About the ep,I have decided not to crib about the track because it hardly matters.. And while the scenes are cliche,Jenny and Harshad really put fire on screen.. Soooo love decided to beat it as long as we have AdiYa moments. And not some really high voltage drama.. Like Anjana revelation n all.. Because that on top of this wedding would be really hard for Aditya.. And like mentioned before also,too much crying .. I won’t be able to take that.. But till then.. I guess I can watch it if just put my brain on snooze for 30 minutes and not think too much..
    P.s-ik it contradicts my thinking theory that I just gave for liking her ep.. But I still need to know 😋😋what hospital scenes were you guys talking about @arch and @eri?? 😱

  3. Please somebody pelt another stone at Wasim !!! Sorry this time we must pelt SHOES!!!…precap 😣😣😣…I cried for Adi!!!

    1. Anju5u


  4. @Meera : There was one vague video on instagram with hospital in the background…Adi is present in the same blue shirt but Zoya is in a golden dress – mehendi I guess…check out on instagram …pics all over the place!!!…so I guess Wasim got a Heart attack…so another pressure point for Zoya to marry Arshad!!!!we have to wait for episode to get clarity….
    I am reading updates only n following instagram…will watch on tv the day Adiya unite n Arshad goes!!!!
    Sharing link of hospital pic

    1. Thank youu for the link❤️
      And what is this yr? Hospital drama he reh Gaya tha dekhne Ko.. 😏😏 But I won’t comment about it.. I am now just in it for jenshad so I will only bother about their scenes and there also if at any point I feel that he is really forcing her or being too stubborn,I will quit for sure. But till then I’m not gonna think anything long term at least not until they unite. It’s too much stress!
      I too will read only updates and perhaps watch the show later online cut to only AdiYa scenes..

    2. It is also possible that Noor gets caught in a scandal due to her boss…n Wasim gets a Heart attack n Adi helps Noor to get out of this mess !!!!😊😎🤗

      1. Neha1

        If Adi will help Noor then it’s good don’t want Arshad to help Noor…otherwise stupid Zoya will hurt more Adi by denying her love for him and Warshad gets more happy seeing Adi hurt…which I don’t want to happen.!

    3. Neha1

      Same here @Arch, I too watching bepanaah on Jio TV but due to bad network I can’t watch bepanaah without disturbance/slow loading…. So, only reading updates but will watching only AdiYa intense scenes on Instagram and Voot app….and from 17th September timings gonna change so, will watch it on Television… but eagerly waiting for Zoya’s love confession❤💓 and AdiYa Union💑….hope that it will happen soon…
      Hope on 20th September we get some AdiYa scenes and if it happens then I’ll be glad and will be a treat for me on My Birthday…!😃

      1. @neha,heyy.. birthday soon broo?!! well,i hope you get a goood surprise from our adiya! <3
        and after today's ep,one thing's for sure.. guys,groom swapping is not gonna happen.. he just said it.. he's gonna see zo marry arshad if she is happy doing it. besides he comes from a family of lawyers.. i don't think arjun will let him do it.
        as for the hospital scenes.. noor thing is way more likely.. and if that is so,i just hope that either she saves herself or arjun's there or aditya.. but NOT arshad!
        it could also be that sakshi's body is found? and if that's gonna be the case,i won't watch. it'd be too painful. Till then,let's just make the most of what we get as our moments…

  5. Bepanaah to shift to 10: 30pm slot since 17th.

  6. Bored bored bored. This track is so boring.

  7. Anju5u

    Felt sorry for adi seeing the precap…😣

  8. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Poor Arjun and Noor, they both are suffering very badly due to all this.

    2. I am hating wasim and anjana as they both are getting mad for their children, though protecting them is good but they are becoming over protective and even anjana killed pooja and sakshi and yash.

    3. Yeh duriyan will become aditya and zoya nadikiyan ..

    4. I am 90% sure either bride will change or groom in marriage or may be Aditya and Zoya will marry as might be arshad will be villian or not reach at marriage venue.

  9. These episodes are very much heart breaking.

    It is very much evident that zoya loves adi
    But makers made her so naive/dumb that everyone saw aditya feeling for her, now her’s but only zoya is blind and brainless

    I don’t think there will be zoya-arshad marriage/as there will be no meaning of the show if that happen
    Either zoya adi marriage or zoya will be running away from marriage

    But marriage day will come on next week
    So only sad episode

  10. Reading only updates, or short episode
    Not want that much sad episode for whole week

  11. Anju5u

    Hey Zoya came in Silsila badhalte episode….

  12. Anju5u

    N adi doesn’t know about Arjun n Noor…i guess.he was asking Arjun today right…. whether he had a fight with his gf …….

  13. When Aditya is not around Zoya looks confused ,maybe he should back off n let her realise how much she loves and misses having him around

  14. If mehendi function is going to happen will she remember she had already written Aditya on her palm???

  15. And after precap Wassim really deserves a heart attack. I understand he doesn’t like Aditya, he is a father, wants the best for his doughter and bla bla bla, but he is obsessed. And not less than Anjana to her son, actually i didn’t comment on the scene where he was gifting Zoya dresses and necklaces but it felt very akward to me. These are the type of things a mother does, not a father. I felt like he was emotionally blackmailing her to accept at any cost. It gave me an anxiety i can’t explain, it was supposed to be a heart touching scene between father and doughter. I will not be surprised if at the end he will have something to do with Poosh death.

    1. yeah,same. he’s been in our suspicion list for a long time now,for the poosh case and i too still think he has something to with it.
      he is a horrible father,for sure. how can he not see tears in her daughter’s eyes.. she legit has has them 24/7. how can he possibly think she’s blushing?!
      although,i think he too is rushing the wedding cause somewhere,he too knows that zoya loves aditya. and she’s going to confess it pretty soon and since he hates the hooda family(which is understandable) and aditya(which is not) he feels it’s better tp get this over with before zo comes to her senses..

  16. Guys Finally Zoya is getting into shoes

    Guys if you have precap promo of 11th July
    Please share it
    Aditya and Zoya reconcile with their fathers
    Emotional precap I searched everywhere but I didn’t get it

    1. You will get on instagram!!!!

      1. I have checked on insta also do you have link then share it

  17. Anju5u

    @neha1 …. thankyou ,🙂

    1. Neha1

      Mention not @Anju5u

  18. Why is the song been blocked and some other muzic in its place. They look stupid song is one and lips moving to something else.

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