Bepannaah 12th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Zoya wins best entrepreneur award

Bepannaah 12th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

It was morning, Roshan comes to the room and wakes Zoya and Noor up. She was restless as it’s a big they long awaited. Noor sits up and wish good morning to Zoya and ammi. She assures Zoya everything will be best today. Zoya says her Koh e Noor is here with her, everything is best for her. Noor vows to turn Zoya into a precious gem today.
Sakshi was tied to the chair again and physically hurt by the kidnapper while her mouth tied with a cloth piece. The kidnapper connects the phone to her laptop, Sakshi thinks this isn’t good. She talks to Arjun from laptop as Sakshi. Arjun gets a call from Sakshi, the kidnapper assures Arjun she is fine, she missed Adi and cooked kheer today. Arjun says he will make her speak to mom now and finds Anjana but she was nowhere around. The kidnapper leaves the godown where Sakshi was kept.
Zoya was ready in a red attire. Her parents come to complement her looking much beautiful.
Anjana asks her manager how he can’t trace even a single card, visa or any ticket records from Aditya? The manager says Aditya is working very clever, he doesn’t leave any clue and his visa was already for 10 years. Once they thought when Aditya was in a hotel in Paris he wasn’t there. Anjana looks towards Harsh out of doubt and asks if he is even trying? Harsh calms her down and sends the manager to bring some results.
Zoya arrives at the stage. Aditya followed the news on his laptop while he drank. Zoya was presented the young entrepreneur award as her company Zosh crossed a 150% profit. Siddiqui family was there and boastful of their daughter. Zoya was given a chance to speak, she says ‘Hum akeli chalay thay rah per – Loag miltay gaye, Karwan banta gaya (We left home alone on a path, people came across and a karvan was made)’. She thanks her family for being her strength and always standing behind her, then her Zosh events family for their support. He then mentions a friend who taught her everything in life by sometimes fighting and sometimes sweetly to her, and that person is Aditya Hooda. She learnt the confidence and self-trust through that person.
Aditya smiles hearing Zoya. Zoya says she is sure wherever Aditya is, her prayers would surely reach him. Zoya was given a standing ovation. A reporter asks Zoya who is her business inspiration as she changed the fate of Zosh events. Zoya says it’s Aditya Hooda, her old business partner. She used to be shy and fearful and is now confident enough to speak loudly.
Aditya remembers how afraid she always used to be.
Zoya tells the reporters that every time she gets into a problem she wonders what Aditya must have done in such a situation. She really miss him around. A reporter questions if he isn’t here in the function? Zoya says Aditya can better reply about this, he might be trying to run and stay away from them but her thinking will bring him here. Noor comes to take Zoya away from the press and says she spoke a lot about Aditya, she wonders if Aditya would ever hear this. Zoya was sure he will surely hear this. Zoya thinks this is enough Aditya Hooda, you must now return.

PRECAP: Zoya and Aditya separately light candles in front of a church. Aditya was thankful as he always get a reason to smile whenever he feels there none. Zoya thanks God for always giving her a path whenever she feels astray.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Neha1

    Wow Gr8 episode….
    My yesterday spoiler comes true….Zoya Thanked Aditya for her Success… She missed him….and Adi tooo…
    Loved the lines Adi said that Zoya ki Urdu wali Daant…????
    Looking for upcoming episode…
    But I’d noticed that Bepanaah started at 9:30 p.m and Break starts at 9:35 and starts episode on 9:45-10:00p.m. it irritates me 10mins.break…Oh God…

    1. Neha1

      In Precap, both Adi-Zoya light candles in different places….that also comes true….!
      But there’s another spoiler…. let’s see if this will be tre or not…

    2. Dear reg the break… even I noticed the same and it irritates me too . bt atleast they show only the duration is really large

    3. Hey Neha1 I probably dint get your reply. I had asked u earlier that are you that Neha1 only who used to comment in the krpkab comment section…

    4. Neha1

      I had replied Shruti…but Yes I’m the same Neha1 who commented on KRPKAB telly update page…

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    Episode was ok ok….
    1. Sakshi is kidnapped by anjana… She is becoming mad, can’t see her other son expect aditya, actually she has become obsessed for him…

    2. Zoya dress and make up was tooo loud, truely i did not liked it…

    3. Where is Mahi and her mom, after all zosh????

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      4. And what happened to noor and arjun love story???

  3. Wow…what an episode…Adiya can feel the connection between them…they look so cute together…both miss each other n the background song is perfect…’mere Dil Ko tere Dil ki zaroorat hai’…wow wow wow:)
    I appreciate the secularism of this serial…
    Adi is Hindu
    Zoya is Muslim
    But they pray in church:)

  4. Fabulous episode pls adi come back soon pls pls pls

    Hlo guys

    1. Ooshi

      Welcome here Alina

    2. Ooshi

      Welcome here Alina
      Ur name is sooo good and reminds me my cousin

  5. my guess was right….Zoya wasnt marrying
    Maybe the kidnapper is Mahi or Anjana

  6. soon Pls

  7. Nice epi.. I heard Zoya nd Arjun will fake Hooda’s kidnapping news to bring Adi back.. lets see what comes for us.. Sakshi kidnapped bt it that is Anjana then send this women to asylum..she irritates me… Want some ArNoor scenes too along wid Adiya

  8. Wow really love it this episode so much. The expression od aditya and zoya was awesome. No word to describe. And still wondering who is the kidnapper

  9. So sweet how they show Adi in France following Zoya’s achievement so even from afar been keeping an eye on her. They need more Arjun and Noor scenes usually I’m not that interested in the supporting characters but these two are so cute and funny

  10. Neha1

    Wanna see this again n again….Janaab Aditya Hooda…and Adi expressions..????

  11. Soooo cuteeeeeee ?????

  12. Seriously what an episode… Acting was on point. They have so much respect for each other. And the bg song is perfect. I started liking Zoya’s character…

  13. the episode was soo nice , loving the show so much , i honestly did not like the pooja-yash truth part of the show , i had stopped watching the show , but now the show is even more wonderful . aditya and zoya remembering and thinking of each other till now , thats really sweet . cant wait for their meet

  14. Have you guys seen the new promo?Adiya reunion .Zoya running and hugging Aditya.It is just awesome.

    1. Yes I saw….very beautiful…Zoya has completely fallen for Adi…but Adi seems confused still!!!!

    2. Neha1

      Yes, Even I too saw the New Promo….Zoya runs and hugged Adi….but Adi looking confused…?? Promo was nice…looking forward to AdiYa’s Bepanaah Love..❤?

  15. Let’s see what are going to be trp of this week’s episodes.These are all master pieces,so let’s hope that they receive their due.

  16. Neha1

    Here’s the New Promo of Bepanaah… Watch it…!
    “Jab jud chuki hai kismat, toh hoke rahegi Bepanaah mohabbat”… Wow.?????

  17. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Nice Episode! Both zoya and Aditya miss each other. But,when Aditya will be back from Paris.

  18. vijayalakshmi

    1 doubt can anyone tell dey showed only 6 mnths leap den how can she get entrepreneur award the award will gv 1 yr once na plz clear my doubt

    1. Neha1

      Vijayalakshmi, This is a show…so plz don’t use any logic here….
      Serial bina kisi logic ke dekho…Yeh TV ki duniya hai….Yahan sab kuch ho sakta hai…!

  19. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Sona

  20. Ooshi

    Superb epi
    Love AdiYa

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