Bepannaah 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Zosh gets a legal notice

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Bepannaah 11th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zoya takes the task upon herself. Aditya holds out the button and thread for her. Zoya asks Mahi to eat first. She drops food on her clothes intentionally. Mahi shouts at Zoya but then decides to be good in front of Aditya. She says sorry to Zoya. Zoya asks Mahi to go home asap to change. Aditya says I dint even try pants yet. How can you go? Zoya keeps asking Mahi to leave. Mahi leaves finally. Zoya heaves a sigh of relief. She gets tensed seeing the thread and button. Aditya smiles at her. She maintains a fair distance from Aditya while sewing the button. He pretends to be hurt and then teases her. She touches him with the needle intentionally this time. He tells her that this time he really got pinched. She smiles and says this is how it feels.

Aditya and Zoya walk out of the designer’s studio. She straight away questions him as to why he is pretending before Mahi that he has some feelings towards her. You have problems with me. Why are you dragging her in between? Aditya tells her not to day dream. She is just my colleague. She does not buy it. You are so full of sarcasm that you wont be able to be nice with anyone even if you wish to. Why are you so after Mahi? Aditya asks her why she is so bothered. Zoya says I am not worried for myself but Mahi. You enjoy troubling me but now you are acting as if you really care for her which is a lie. You will break her heart this way. I wont be able to see her in pain. Aditya asks her what she really wants. Sometimes you tell me to stay away from you and you are now telling me to maintain a distance from Mahi. You just stitched my shirt’s button. Are you falling for me or feeling jealous? She declines. Zoya asks Aditya why he saves her if he has to torture her in the end. He replies that he dint save her because he was saving her. I was saving myself actually. When destinies slapped us both and have brought us together then why should I suffer alone then? Aditya gets a call and is shocked.

Aditya and Zoya reach office. Kothari puts a legal notice outside Zosh. He tells everyone that they dint pay back the loan of 1 crore on time so we are sealing your office. Yash Arora took that loan. Don’t you know? Everyone turns to Aditya and Zoya.

Zoya reads the notice but Aditya takes it. Kothari says he took it against your company which is why this legal notice. Either pay back or we will seal your office. Aditya asks Zoya what her loser husband was doing with this much money. Company hasn’t grown a bit. He was a cheater! He was cheating everyone. Did he used to beg everyone who he would meet? You don’t know anything about his loans? What was he doing with so much money? Did he take this for princess Zoya? Zoya remembers Yash telling her that he stays in a rented apartment with Mahi. I keep travelling to Mumbai every other week. The lease is also almost over. We will have to see some other option. Zoya asks him to buy the house but he reasons that the rates of flats in Mumbai are huge. He explains everything to her but Zoya tells him to buy it. You wont have to take so much trouble as well. Money isn’t everything. Will we take it to heaven with us? It only fulfils our needs. It will be good for everyone if you buy that house. Yash tries to make her understand but ends up agreeing with her. She hugs him. Flashback ends. Zoya holds the chair in shock. I was such a fool! Yash tried to warn him but I couldn’t understand. Aditya asks her if she said something. She tells him that she should have known. I dint know it though. Kothari says I don’t have all day. You should decide your plan and tell me asap. Aditya says what to tell. He realises that there would be papers of loan as well. He asks everyone to find them. Everyone starts looking. Zoya is in tears.

Kothari calls Harsh. I told you that it wont be easy to seal the office. They are looking for papers. Harsh does not care. Put some pressure on Aditya. He must leave the office! Kothari agrees.

No one is able to find the papers. Mahi tells everyone that Yash used to keep all his important papers in a particular locker. Vinod and Shawn bring the locker there. Aditya asks Zoya to put the password. She asks Mahi about it but Mahi is clueless. Aditya says people often keep their date of birth or anniversaries as passwords. Zoya tries those particular dates but it does not open. Even Mahi tries her and her mother’s birth date. Zoya says we tried my birth date, Yash’s mother’s birth date and everything but nothing worked. Aditya realises something and keys in a number. The locker opens. Zoya asks him how he knows the password. Aditya replies that it is Pooja’s birth date. Zoya goes quiet.

Aditya reads the loan papers. Kothari tells Aditya that he will have to pay the money at any cost. Aditya points out that they still have 3 weeks’ time. I have spent my life with lawyers. I know this much that no bank can seal the company before due date. Why did you come early? Kothari says I was only doing my work. Aditya tells him to do his work nicely. Kothari reminds him of the time limit. You only have 3 weeks. Everyone knows that Yash Arora took a lot of money from market and he lost it. Aditya says that’s my problem not yours. I will get it from anywhere. You should show your face only after 3 weeks now. Leave! Kothari leaves. Everyone claps for Aditya. Zoya thanks Aditya. He says what for. Now we are friends? You are talking to me? Remember what you told me? You want to play office office now? We have only 3 weeks. Start to look for a solution and don’t start any new drama now. He leaves.

Precap: Aditya dances and poses with Mahi. Zoya intervenes saying I am the co-owner so I will get clicked. She slips while doing so and Aditya holds her. Photographer clicks their photos.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Episode was ok ok…
    But one thing i don’t get: ek tarf to aditya zoya ko irritate krne ka, taunt marne ka koi mukka nhi choda or dusri taraf help bhi krta hai…. ?????? and be aware of mahi either she will turn psycho or will backstab for sure…
    And no arjun and noor secene….

    1. Ooshi

      agreed by the way congrats for being first to comment and be here always

      1. ShraddhaSharma392

        Thank u… And same to u..
        How are u ooshi??

      2. Ooshi

        fit & fine with the grace of Almighty spending my days of life

    2. Pinku

      Exactly I too missed noor today

  2. Offo…pooja’s birth date is same as zoya and yash’s wedding date…. loved the nokh jokh between zoya and adi….I really can’t digest Mahi between them…. she’s so irritating… can’t wait for the wedding…??

    1. Ooshi

      same here
      happy u commented
      keep commenting

    2. Pinku

      Hey ya good point exactly what is was the first episode was about right it was Pooja’s birthday and Zoya and Yash wedding anniversary good catch ammu

  3. Zoyas acting is soo good

    1. Ooshi

      happy u commented
      keep commenting

      1. Pinku

        Hey ooshi did you see the way I blasted that rollins worth

  4. Aleeza

    OMG OMG OMG Precap??????????????????????????????????????????????????
    i can’t sleep peacefully ?????
    Can’t wait for Monday ??
    OMG so much excitement ???

    1. Ooshi

      decrease excitement just a little and
      be here always

      1. Same I also decrease excitement

    2. Pinku

      Me too aleeza

  5. Did anyone notice that pooja’s birthdate was also same as that of Yash and zoya’s anniversary,btw?! I really doubt if those two were having an affair.. I think Pooja fell for Yash but he remained loyal. I don’t want to believe Pooja cheated or something but ofc the diary tells otherwise. It makes sense too somehow. Anyway, bottom line still remains the same.. I love Zoya and aadi! Cutu!! Not a fan of this maahi drama going on though.
    Oh,and thanks for the quick update Pooja! Do share your views too.. I’d love to chat with fam!

    1. Pooja

      I am also not speculating who or if someone cheated someone for real or not but it will soon unveil. Let’s wait for it to unfold. And you are most welcome Aastha 🙂

    2. Ooshi

      happy u commented
      be here always

    3. Nivedita

      I too do not want any cheating. I hope actually that what we saw about Pooja fling in love during Arjun’s second reading is actually a false plant by someone. I want this diary pages to be a false story..

      The first story of Pooja yash’s meeting made it seem that both were bonding over a common interest. And I hope that’s all there was to them.

      1. Pinku

        Yes Niveditai also think that diary is manipulated and they have changed to the version but who might be that person I am also waiting for the secret to be revealed

    4. Pinku

      Hi Astha exactly I only realised after Ammu mentioned that yeah I do hate Mahi and Aditya track waiting for Monday I also don’t want to think like Pooja and Yash were having affair I want a story to take some otherturn

      1. Hiya pinku and Nivedita!
        Saaammeee!! I mean.. Although them having an affair would kind of make sense.. I still would wish this hadn’t happened.. Anyway,let’s wait and see what they’ve got in store for us.. I just hope no loopholes are left behind ..they makes me go crazy! xD and let’s also hope this maahi drama ends soon.. It’s so annoying ya!

    5. Nivedita

      @pinku..that’s cool u feel the same about the diary..??

  6. P_lata

    Thanks Pooja for the fast update, because of you only we could really read the detailed update …..

    1. Pooja

      Most welcome Lata 🙂

  7. P_lata

    Sewing button scenes was so nice ???and precap is awesome…????. Missed coffee nawab and Rani chocomati a lot ???

    1. Ooshi

      same here
      be here always

    2. Pinku

      Hi latha I am back yes this is very cute but they are dragging story way too much way too much I think what you think Lata

  8. does anyone remmeber that pooja’s birthdate was also yash and zoya’s anniversary date btw? honestly,i really doubt that those two were having an affair. i mean.. maybe pooja fell for him but he stayed loyal,i guess. but i also really don’t wanna believe that pooja was cheating.. ofc her diary tells otherwise. anyway,bottom line still remains the same.. i love zoya and aadi! cutu!! <3
    not a fan of this maahi drama going on though.
    oh,and thanks for the quick update,pooja! do share your views too.. i'd love to chat with fam.

    1. Ooshi

      happy u commented
      keep commenting

    2. Nivedita

      Aadi, I am just hoping that the diary which turned up in Arjun’s room is a false one. And that there wasn’t an affair..

      Best plot story wise would be to all things pointing to an affair, but then actually no affair happened..

      But only thing that convinces on the affair in the divorce notice, for that too I hope there’s a plausible explanation..

    3. Pinku

      Yes yesterday we just realised it

  9. I am surprised!!! Adi told Zoya the passcode…but isn’t it same as her marriage anniversary?..if we look at the first three episodes of the show Pooja’s birthday and zosh marriage anniversary fall on same date…it didn’t strike to Zoya or the producers???!!!!!
    N what kind of person Zoya is…she is so innocent that she didn’t even understand what her hubby was trying to say!!!
    I guess yash-pooja had affair. Yash signed divorce papers bcos he was bankrupt and pooja did not sign divorce papers bcos yash told her I can’t support u. I m penniless. So yash was leaving both zoya and pooja!!!

    1. Ooshi

      keep commenting
      be here always
      happy u commented

    2. Nivedita

      That’s a good explanation on why Yash signed the divorce papers to make sure Zoya won’t be liable for his debts.

      As for Pooja, I feel meeting Yash showed her the type of connection she wants in her spouse. ADI’s childish immaturity may have been a cause for her to consider divorce..from Adi, but she was also likely sitting on the fence about it.

      Or I felt since Pooja seems to be visiting the hospital regularly, I wonder if she was terminally sick and wanting to not burden Adi with her illness.

      1. Hey.. I like this explanation.. Yash really could’ve signed the papers because of that! And as for Pooja I think she considered getting a divorce due to all that was mentioned in the diary.. But she decided not to as maybe she thought Aaditya would change once he becomes a father..
        But I think there might be more to it as it seems a lot of people were involved: zoya’s father,aadi’s father,pooja’s mom,the weird guy who keeps calling her, Arjun too somehow(I hope not negatively though).

    3. Pinku

      Yea might be arch

    4. Nivedita

      @Astha I agree there are a lot of mysteries that are yet to be revealed.

  10. Lokesh

    Thanx Pooja, and how u guys get to know Pooja birthday and their anniversary is same, mujhe kch yaad nhi aa Raha.

    1. Ooshi

      in the initial episodes AdiYa were fighting for the the gife to give it to Pooja & Yash because it was pooja’s bithday and zosh’s anniversary respectively

      1. Lokesh

        Ooo yes ,the first episode,thanx for helping me ooshi,so sweet of u. So again mystery continue s as password have two meanings.

      2. Ooshi

        yeah right

    2. Nivedita

      It’s same date because that’s shown in the first few episodes on how Pooja would be gone on her birthday and Zoya is preparing for her Anniversary.. the day Pooja Yash died was the same day both Adi and Zoya were searching gifts for their spouses…and it was the same day of Pooja birthday and zosh anniversary.

      1. Actually no pls see the first episode clearly yang will say to zoya I’m going for meeting well our anniversary it’s tomorrow so I will comeback as soon as possible so pooka birthday and zoya anniversary is different

      2. Lokesh

        Hmm thanx for telling , plz read philoshini comment too.

      3. No Piloshini, if you remember the first episode, both Yash & Pooja ensuring their partners that they will return before 12 mid night.

    3. Pinku

      Hi lokesh… whom do you think has stolen that diary do you also think Pooja and Yash had an affair and why do you think Aditya and Zoya get married now and will you like it if they get married so soon Lokesh what are your thoughts on it

      1. Lokesh

        Hi Pinku di ,Nup, I don’t want thm to marry so soon, otherwise it will typical old serials where husband on sofa , and wife on bed poor storyline, and diary must be stolen by Sakshi only. As she was knowing Pooja is not happy wid Aditya as wife.abt affair I don’t think so, they must be frnd only or might she suffering from cancer or any other disease.

    4. Nivedita

      I read her comment, but Pulishini has got things confused. After the day ends and they are back from the hospital, both Zoya and Adi are shown with a cake commemorating zosh anniversary and Pooja birthday..since both died on the day of the celebration.
      Anyways I am sure Zoya will eventually mention that both dates were same to Adi and hopefully next week.

      1. Nivedita

        Sorry on the name typo.

  11. I think he bought the flat for pooja

    1. Ooshi

      happy u commented
      keep commenting

  12. sorry guys, i posted the same comment twice under different names as my first one wasn’t getting posted.. lol. so yeah, please ignore. my second name was aadi.

    1. Nivedita

      Ha ha Astha–.. I replied to them both..?

    2. Ooshi

      u told it’s enough sorry isn’t needed ok

    3. Pinku

      Exactly just like Nivedita I replied for both of them so are you actually Astha or Aadi are you a girl or a boy

      1. Hahaha.. Thanks guys! I am Aastha.. Aadi’s fangirl! ????

  13. Today’s episode was really good.The little thing that happened between adiya???.Really excited for tomorrow’s episode .Especially the photo shoot.Today’s fav seen the studio??

    1. Ooshi

      happy u commented
      keep commenting

    2. Pinku

      Hi manu r u manogna

  14. Pinku

    Main agayi main agayi bp ROCKIES main yahan hun yahan hun yahan hun yahan….. wassup bp rockies ki haal chaal hai kudiyon

    1. Nivedita

      Hi pinku..good to see u here .?

      1. Pinku

        Hi nive thank u dear

    2. Ooshi

      welcome back
      mera sohra sajan ghar aaya eid hogai meri mujhe chand nazr aa gya
      waise to ye gana perfect nahi hai but little little

      1. Pinku

        Awwwe such a nice song or she love you yaar did you see the way I replied that stupid fellow

      2. Ooshi

        yeah i saw this but next time little cool down and avoid that type of talking as i too will avoid ok Dear take care love u

  15. Firstly, thanks pooja for the update..!!ua doing a perfect work?
    I havn’t seen the episode but is clear through the update..
    Day by day Adi proves that he is Zoya’s well wisher and not a trouble maker.pooja’s bday?? But the same day is Zosh anniversary date!! So it’s pointless to say an exact reason behind the funny the scenes between Adiya?waiting for more naughty deeds of cute Adi and pretty Zoya?
    Excited for monday’s episode?

    1. Ooshi

      keep commenting nice comment

      1. Thankss..!!

      2. Ooshi

        i don’t accept thanks instead of that u can say
        happy u replied

    2. Pinku

      Raza hi pinku here can this be possible like Aditya only has killed Pooja and Yash thinking that they had an affair

  16. My question to all ?..When Adi told her the password why zoya didn’t immediately react n say it is also her anniversary date?

    1. Nivedita

      I wondered about this too..n her expressions didn’t show if she realised it and was happy to know that it was her Anniversary date.

    2. Cause their anniversary date is different see the first episode

    3. Ooshi

      because now no one from them wants to know or investigate the truth otherwise Adi also knows this but no one from them wants to think about that all deeply

      1. Pinku

        Nahi shayad tanusree sahi keh rahi hai ooshi

    4. Same thought. Either makers forgot about it. Or Zoya has stopped thinking Yash as innocent so it didn’t clicked.

      1. Pinku

        Tanusree this is d correct point

    5. Pinku

      Exactly arch y she didn’t something is fishy about Zoya from the first episode I always feel that

  17. Nivedita

    This weeks episodes were quite good. I was happy to see that last week’s TRP had Bepannah in the top 10. I wish for the show to be in the top 10 from now on ?. Adi was so funny, silly and adorable teasing Zoya in this week’s episodes??..

    I am glad Zoya realised that the pin was her Anniversary and Pooja birthday, hope she will reveal that to Adi. Atleast I hope she has realised it..her expressions after hearing the date was a bit tending towards neutral..though I think she realised it was her Anniversary..

    Based on new promo, I guess the wedding may happen in order for Adi and Zoya to get the money for the loan. Whatever the reasoning, but I hope it turns out to be a solid one.

    Felt sad to see how Zoya realised her cluelessness in her marriage,? but it is good that Zoya is slowly growing up and realising her naivete.?

    Missed not seeing Arnoor today, I guess we will see the DJ competition on Mon then..I hope we see a fake DJ contest between Arnoor….Coffee Nawaz Vs Rani Chocomati..??

    I mentioned this in the past, but are there any Bepannah fans from Mumbai/ Navi Mumbai?
    I live here and was thinking of planning a birthday thing for Harshad, Shehzad and Jennifer since their birthdays are this month. Anyone interested in connecting for this message me please by Tuesday. Would love to connect with fellow fans. ?

    Loving the plot, but CVs please keep the mystery element ongoing weekly.

    Have a fabulous weekend fellow fans! ?

    1. Pinku

      Hi Nivedita I am from Hyderabad but virtual if I can join the party I will join? do you really think they will get married and I don’t want them to get married so soon yaar I think that marriage will be interrupted correct… there are many loose ends and loopholes in the mystery there so many questions over the head let’s see how it gets revealed

      1. Nivedita

        ?? no party re..coz if I don’t have company from Mumbai, I am feeling too shy to meet them. I love almost every actor in the show n my excitement would be too much.. koi aur fans hotel Saath toh, I might have visited with a cake or chocolates..

        Anyways being alone, I will likely just mail something there to their set.

        Hmm u think marriage will be interrupted? Idk I feel it’s going to b a fake marriage or a very reluctant marriage. Let’s see what turns up.

        As for the mystery, it’s not going to be solved so soon. Abhi toh I feel whatever we are getting is hopefully misdirection..

        Ideally I want the Pooja yash mystery to continue for 3-4 months..kind of like ishq mein marjawan..where there’s always some new mystery going on..

  18. epi was too entertaining speciall zoya and adi scene.. today i was waiting for arjun and noor scene but they did not show precap seems interesting ?

  19. Actually pooja birth date and zoya anniversary date is different. If u see the first episode it’s clear there. Zoya anniversary after one day pooja birthday . In first episode zoya tell yash don’t go anywhere as it’s our anniversary but yash say don’t worry I’ll come ASAP as our anniversary on tomorrow. So don’t confuse that’s y zoya also shocked as yash put pooja birth date as password.
    About today episode it’s very nice and felt move fast. And excited to see their wedding. Precious was fabulous have to wait 2 more days for this . Adi and zoya always do their role fantastic. Love their acting style. Shirt stitching scene was so cute. I don’t know for what reason they going to married but feel so excited. And miss arjun and noor scene today

    1. No it’s on same date. The day after their accident. That’s why at 12 o clock they were both cutting cakes. (Though for Adi it was cupcake)

    2. Pinku

      No piloshini they r same

    3. Nivedita

      Piloshini it’s same date. In the night scene, after hospital visit we see both Adi and Zoya celebrating alone Pooja’s birthday with cupcake and zosh anniversary with a cake respectively.

      Please rewatch first week.

  20. Kya pagal bnaya
    Pooja birthday date and yash zoya anniversary dates are same

    1. If poojas bdy n zoya anniversary is same day then why didnt locker open when zoya put her anvrsy date ?

      1. Zoya put her birthday and not anniversary date.

      2. Nivedita

        Zoya only tried her and Yash’s birthdate, then Mahi tried her n her mom’s birthdate, they hadn’t gone to thinking about anniversary date yet, before Adi tried Pooja birthdate which is same as zosh basically if Zoya had thought of anniversary first, she would have opened the safe

  21. This is my favourite hindi serial right now. #Zoyaan slowly they are falling inlove. Mahi is truly just annoying. I’m sure zoya knows that the numbers are her anniversary date. . .but didn’t want to remember it because of the whole accident and assume affair. #ThanksPooja for the English Written Updates.

    1. Pinku

      Exactly kimzy… am pinku hiii

    2. Nivedita

      Same here. I love every element of it.

  22. Ros...

    In first episode of bepanah, it was poojas b’day and zoyash wedding anniversary and dat day they died……but may be zoya doesn’t know that poojas b’day is on same date bcuz they were celebrating it in different places. when adi tried password and told that its poojas birth date, she doesnt knw that it is the same date……she might be thinking dat it is some other date… in future episode when she hear it again,she wil get it….hope so…

    1. Aleeza

      No yaar adi said 19 March also

    2. Pinku

      Yes ros correct

  23. Angelk1

    Adit should not involve mahi in his plans because mahi will turn into a Maya lol. But honestly , how is it that Zoya could trust mahi so easily . She’s so gullible, I really hope she sees the truth.

    Now with Yash story, I think some of the loan was for the ring he bought for Pooja. I also think that Yash and Pooja fell in love like the movie with sharu and Rani. They both probably agree to file a divorce papers, but I think when Pooja was about to sign, she realize how wrong it was and unfair to Adit. Do that could explain theno signature.

    Also I think Adit dad did have something to do with yash death. But here’s another idea, what if Pooja decided she couldn’t leave Adit while in the car with Yash, and he got angry and start yelling , even speeding while not paying attention to the road. By the time they realize they grab each other’s hand and died. So many outcomes that could have happened, but what they did was wrong, they should have told their partner the truth regardless.

    1. Pinku

      Hi angelk yes maybe you are right but I think you know that Pooja and Yash where murdered that separately and put together in a car so that you know Zoya and Aditya think that they are an affair and the just leave that like that I mean thinking that you know that heart is broken so they will not think any more about Pooja and yes this is what I think

      1. Nivedita

        I think the same way pinku..that their affair is a misdirection.

      2. Angelk1

        Separately? It was confirm that they were murdered apart? If that was the case, how did they both end up in the same car? Especially if one was in a different city from the other.

  24. Pooja birthday and zoya anniversary are same….in first ep yash and pooja promise to their respective partners to meet on evening……and yesterday ep zoya tried only her and yash birth date….eventhough adi said mar 19,after divorce signed papers zoya believing that yash was cheating on her,so even date were same she might think its pooja birth date….if she old zoya who believed yash loved her she would thought of anniversary date…other than that business problem also going on full of tension…

  25. Please read the following synopsis from the first written episode.

    Aditya does not let Pooja speak. I will lie in office and you should cancel your trip. We will go to Dubai for 2 days. She tells him that her birthday is tomorrow. He says sorry again. Let’s go to Paris instead. She declines. I have to go to Chennai for my exhibition. You cannot cancel your flight last minute. Come back from Kathmandu. I will be back from Chennai and we will celebrate together before 0000 hours. He smiles.

    Yash tells Zoya she has to leave urgently. It is something important. She is unhappy that he spends half of the week here in Mussorie and the rest in Mumbai. It is our anniversary. He agrees to celebrate their anniversary together. It is tomorrow. She heads inside.

    1. Pinku

      Good. Pradeep well said and correctly said Dekho Dekho Jara Dekho Pooja’s birthday and Yash anniversary date are the same Dekho Yahan proof bhi aa gaya

  26. Actually Adi hints that locker passwords are generally birthdays or anniversary dates. But Zoya and cohert kept trying birth dates only. Moreover, on her first day in office zoya tells everyone that ZOSH was inaugurated on their wedding day. So the obvious password will be anniversary day.
    The leads in all shows will behave like NUTCASES under the pretext of seeming innocent and pure-hearted!!!… Zoya’s character is too naive..It had to become stronger…Not grey like Maya though!!

    1. Nivedita

      Yeah I like that Zoya is naive and Adi is cynical..that’s their journey together to teach each other the opposite traits ..
      Adi will hopefully end up teaching Zoya to be smarter in understanding people and not have blind faith just coz of a family relationship ( cough Mahi) and Zoya will teach Adi to have faith in people and his relationships ( especially pooja, his parents, etc.)
      That’s the only way the story makes sense as a parallel journey of Adya if Pooja and Yash were not really having an affair.

  27. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Nice Episode! Waiting for Monday’s episode! Actually, waiting for Aditya and zoya’s photoshoot!

  28. Ooshi

    frnds we has scored century cograts

    1. Nivedita

      Congo Ooshi! That’s a cute name u have! ?

      1. Ooshi

        happy u liked it but it’s my nick name not real one

    2. Nivedita

      Haan I figured it’s a nickname, and it’s totally adorable as a nickname! ??

  29. ImRagela

    Hey guys … r u all ???..Sorry guys i was busy in tution can’t comment properly …But i was trying to watch it ..actually i saw some pics where Mahi is getting near to Adi ….WOOOOOOfff i think i like breaking my lappyyyyy (laptop) ????…..AND waiting for Adiya’s photoshoot ………..??????????……And Lata aunty Medha di told that today is ur birthday ……..??? sorry Aunty ….I wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY #Happy_Birthday_Lata_Aunty..Lots of love to you ??????????????…Stay Happy always …..Thank you Medha di for informing ………….??Love you all guys..??..
    Love Adiya forever ❤❤

  30. Nivedita

    Idk you Lata Aunty, but Happy Birthday to you! ???

  31. guys I have one doubt whether noor knws that arjun is adi’s brother??? and even I guess arjun doesn’t knw that noor is zoya’s sister, anyone clear my doubt

    1. Yes both of them don’t know each other’s real identity. Noor misunderstands arjun as the guy with whom her dad wants to get her forcefully married. N for arjun she is a cute girl who misguided him when he was in Masoorie.

      1. Mellu

        ohh thank you arch for clearing my doubt

  32. n congrats guys for crossing century???????

  33. Aqsa.M

    Good Morning Everyone !!!
    How are you all ??
    Hi Medha,Pinku,Fenil,Lata and others I am so happy to be back on this page it was like my routine after watching Bepanah and then rush to check this page and read the comments but due to exams I missed your reviews but now I will be here as before.
    Coming to the episode it was good but this Mahi spoils my mood whenever I see her with Adi ?? she is such a fool ??she changed her dressing style for Adi and always try to come close to him????
    And yeah Noor and Arjun also makes a good pair and now it’s going to be much interesting
    and again this diary drama btw it’s good that we finally came to know about the affair and now it’s clear that Yash and Pooja were literally having affair..Poor Adi and Zoya??
    Ohh I forgot about the marriage ….Adi and Zoya are going to get married ????I am very curious to see how their families will react ???
    Precap is interesting ..waiting for Monday

    1. Pinku

      aqsaaaaaaaaaaaaaa where have u been i missed u yaaar………… thank god ur back… chalo monday se nayi shuruvat

      1. Aqsa.M

        Hi Pinku !!
        Well I was having exams that’s why I was not able to comment but now I will try my best to comment on every episode…

  34. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    I think Pooja didn’t signed divorce papers because she is pregnant!

  35. Ooshi

    Aqsa.M,Nivedita,Pinku,Reji,Xxx,Angelk1,Ros,KIMZY194,Khushi,Nsb,Tanusree,Nandini,Pradeep & Aastha
    from these & those whom i forgot to mention
    the people who commented 1st time on this forum Welcome to all of them we r happy/lucky to have u all keep commenting
    & the people who were missing in previous days Welcome Back to u all keep commenting
    U All r allowed to be missing but before going missing must tell ur cause of going missing just like application u gives in school before holidays and if u get missing without informing then do ur best to come back asap understood? remember it always this order is specially for the regular commenters and RaZa u&many non mentioned r also included in it
    and for the people who r missing these days COME BACK ASAP

    1. Nivedita

      ?? I will try to comment on the days I looooove the episodes to pieces. Or at least on the Friday one.? Thanks for keeping us sorted..?

  36. Pinku

    hi lokesh, thanks yaar u replied.. haan it will be routine.. kash hamari baat makers sun letey… mujhe bhi nahi chahiye vo sab…

  37. Zahra

    Hey BEPANNAAH ROCKIES … anyone remember me …I know no one has been so many days…but I didn’t forget you…i have my exams still one is pending so that’s why I take a leave…
    But anyways what about you guys hope you all are good…

    Pinku..hey you are know what when I just scroll comments I only see Anika !!!
    Ooshi Lata dii Aleeza Lokesh Aqsa….and all miss you alot Love youuu
    bepannaah love to everyone


  38. Guys anyone noticed that pooja’s birthday ,zoya and yash wedding day is same day

    1. Ooshi

      Yeah happy u commented keep commenting

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