Bepannaah 11th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Aditya arranges haldi function

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Bepannaah 11th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Yash’s mother is outside the ICU when Mahi asks her what her problem is. I only asked you one thing and you cannot do that for me? Atleast don’t spoil things for me! Zoya is our ATM. I am doing this for our future only or we will be thrown on the road! Yash’s mother refuses to accept that Zoya is nowhere responsible for Yash’s fate. Mahi advises her to stay quiet then. Yash’s mother asks her if she should let her son’s killer stay in their house and act as if nothing happened. Mahi gives up on her and goes inside.

Mahi asks Doc about Zoya’s health. He advises to let Zoya rest for a while. Mahi tells Zoya to rest today. I wanted to stay with you today but I have to go to manage the haldi function. Zoya too wants to come along. She feels dizzy. Mahi tells her against it but Zoya wants to go for Yash’s sake. I will speak to everyone on phone, look after the arrangements and everything will be fine. She begins to look for her phone and panics. She finds it inside a pack of rice / grains under her pillow and is relieved. It has all my memories. Who saved my phone? Flashback shows Aditya holding Zoya’s phone.

Aditya calls his brother to find out about Zoya. Arjun tells him she is fine. She has been discharged from the hospital. I don’t understand you at times. First you give her pain then you only take care of her and then you don’t let anyone tell her that it is you who saved her! Aditya replies that some pains never heal. They remain as wound and remind us of our pain forever. Zoya is the same for me. Arjun’s mother asks Arjun where he stays all night. Do I have to worry about you too like Aditya? Arjun irritated tells her to stop taking out her frustration on him. I am not like Bhai at all. Doorbell rings. Courier guy hands over some packages to the servant. He thinks that the diary just got delivered and checks the packages but does not find the diary amongst them. Servant (Satish) takes the packages upstairs to Harsh’s study. Harsh asks Satish when he cleaned the table last. Satish starts clearing it right away. Arjun notices the package in his hand as he is cleaning. His eyes widen in shock recalling the instructions that he had given to the courier guy back in Mussorie.

Zoya reaches the venue. The staff is surprised to see her there. Mona takes her inside and shows her the preps. Mona and other interns also provide her an update. They head back to their work. Bella hugs Zoya calling her Zo. It is your nickname. I give a nickname to all my best friends. This is yours. How do you feel now? Zoya assures her she is fine now. Bella suggests having turmeric milk with her. Zoya declines. There is a lot to do. Bella informs her that Aditya did everything already. She points at Aditya who is managing all the preps. Zoya wonders why he is helping her. Bella tells Zoya there is nothing to do now. Let’s have turmeric latte now. She asks Aditya if he will have one too. He nods. Bella goes to instruct someone to make it. Zoya thinks why he is helping her quietly. Something is surely going on in his mind! Mahi smiles seeing Zoya there. Their hatred seems to be decreasing. I must do something! She overhears the conversation of policemen present there in waiter’s disguise. They speak of the insurance money. Surely they are acting nice to get that only. Mahi smiles thinking that if she messes up things big time today then police will instead find Zoya and Aditya at fault.

Zoya is telling Akansha how to set the cage. Aditya comes there questioning them as to who put red roses. Zoya and Aditya go quiet seeing each other. They begin to say the same thing at once and turn to the staff members. Mahi looks at the cage and thinks of an idea. The basket of flowers falls over Aditya and Zoya. They are covered in garlands. Title track plays in the background as they look at each other. Zoya gets pulled towards him while removing the garland. Aditya is pulled towards her as she stumbles. They fall on top of each other and get covered with a drape. Mahi looks on. Zoya is in pain. Seeing her thus, Aditya very carefully removes the garland from around her neck and stands up. He glares at her and walks away. Akansha and other intern help Zoya. She goes to check haldi preps. Mahi removes the petals from her hair. She taunts her indirectly but Zoya chooses to focus on work instead.

Everything is set for haldi ceremony. Few girls click a selfie. Akansha is tempted to eat Kadhi Chawal seeing the yellow decor. Zoya asks her if she can think of anything else. She sends her to bring haldi bowl. Akansha replies that there is still time for it. She still goes to bring it. Zoya remembers her haldi ceremony where no one had turned up from either of their families. She is teary eyed as she tells this to Yash. It would have been so nice if your mother had come to apply haldi on me. What’s the use of the marriage where both the families are unhappy? Yash reasons that they cannot do anything about it. We are happy with each other. Why bother for someone else then? I too feel bad to not have them around. My mother had seen so many dreams for my wedding. Mahi wanted to dance to her heart’s content in my wedding but our happiness is nowhere related to their happiness. We have only two options – we can either go separate ways for our families forgetting everything or we can marry each other and then wait for our families to accept us. I am sure they will understand one day. Zoya says Abbu cannot stay without me. I am his life. I also know that Ammi is with me since the beginning from her heart. Yash says there is nothing to worry then. The one who is really happy from inside can keep someone else happy. They both apply haldi to each other’s faces. Zoya smiles at the memory and caresses her cheek.

On the other hand, Aditya too thinks of his wedding with Pooja. He turns and his smile disappears as soon as he notices Zoya standing there. The bitter truth flashes before his eyes yet again. Akansha collides with him thereby spoiling his kurta. She panics. I am sorry. I will clean it. You get angry easily. Please don’t throw me out. Aditya tells her to go. She apologizes to him yet again. Aditya goes in another direction. The same girls are seen clicking selfies yet again.

Akansha records Bella’s entry. Bella sits down for the ritual while the same girls dance at the sound of the dhol. They speak of Rohan’s instagram story. He looks so hot. Sister-in-law is like wife only. They suddenly notice Aditya changing his kurta and find him too hot to resist. They go to apply haldi on his face. He is reluctant but they don’t give up. They also click a selfie with him. Zoya hides her smile seeing all this. Aditya covers his bare chest seeing her but she cannot resist smiling.

Vinod finds Mahi near the cage. She acts to appreciate it. Vinod agrees that Zoya’s choice is best. He goes. Mahi notices a worker doing something around the cage. She goes from there without putting her plan into action.

Bella’s friends find Aditya too handsome and shy. Bella asks Zoya if she is feeling uncomfortable seeing her friends flirt with Aditya so much. Zoya walks away. She warns her friends not to look at Rohan. I will not spare you guys then. Mahi smiles hearing it all. She calls Akansha aside and sends her to eat pastries. Before that, just tell Rohan that Bella wants to meet him in private. Akansha happily agrees. Mahi vows to ruin the marriage.

Precap: Rohan hugs Zoya (she has her back to him) and they both shout in shock realising the truth. Bella witness this and questions Rohan for cheating her. Rohan tells Aditya that people like him only keep everyone’s beliefs in love alive. Aditya calls it strange. People like me don’t believe in this rubbish called love. I only know that Zoya cannot fall this low.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Sri16

    Today adiya scenes are super. Especially that garland scene ??????.relationship is now growing between them. Precap oh my God Aditya is now have faith on zoya more than his Pooja ???? eagerly waiting

    1. hi sri i am yet to watch it. readign the precap is like awww really he trusts her

  2. wow good epi… Cant wait for tomorrow.
    You were hiding behind light,
    As dark night rises,
    I could see you shining bright,
    Because u r sky full of stars……..
    Good Night…

  3. Stop showing such a stupid serial having meaningless story ..try to teach something to viewrs not evn spoil theirs life…Soo i think this seeing should be stop..or either change story line…soo please broadcasting minister has to taken action against this kind of serials

    1. I don’t find any problem in the show’s genres, but of course everyone has different opinions and I respect that.
      And if you feel uncomfortable watching it then the common sense thing to do would be to just stop watching it.
      Sorry if I came off as rude but to be honest your argument isn’t clear either… A serial spoiling lives? I feel that thinking is a little too extreme.

      1. well said ZInnia… agree to everyword.. Shree here u go.. so pls stay away

      2. Medha

        Agree with you Zinnia…..

    2. Riana

      @Shree.. Just shutup and get the hell out of here !!!…No one wants you here to be present !!…People like you are useless and foolish to always busy in ruining an actor’s career !!! Firstly ipk and now came here !!! Outttt!!!

      1. super punch riana loved it.. nonsense people god knows y they come her

      2. Medha

        Riana I am laughing here madly… seems you know very well such type people’s mentality!! ?
        Hope she will come and again entertain us… ?

    3. Riana

      @Shree… And learn english first ???…disgusting creatures !!

      1. exactly

      2. Medha

        Hahaha superb Riana….
        Superb punch

    4. Shree…. relax.. first of al its just a serial nothing else.. n i doubt if someone ever learns anything from serials.. if u do.. u need to grow up… arey bachey mahabharat aur ramayan se nahi sikhtey yaar aur tumhey serial ki padi hai?? really??? kuch bhi kehtey ho yaar… pls as zahra n riana said if u r not interested please QUIT

      1. Medha

        Hahahahaha I am laughing like hell after seeing your comment Pinku Darling….
        It’s better Shree ki tum yha se go went gone ho jaao…. ?

      2. Riana

        @pinks…exactly yaar, i mean everywhere they will visit…okay you are coming fine then share your opinion…whats all this “stop the show, bad story, minister needs to stop it” i mean who the f*ck is minister to decide which show to end which not !!

      3. Riana

        @Pinks & medha… Ab dekhna next episode meh aayengi aur bolengi “i knows english dnt teach me” ????

    5. Medha

      Hey Shree….
      I think you should start petition and also you can send mails to Minister of Broadcasting.. it will helpful…
      And plz don’t come here with your ridiculous nonsense… we never want to see such type bokwas on our lovable show Bepannaah ❤…

      1. Riana

        @Medha.. hahah true said medha…this weird people always entertain us ??

    6. P_lata

      Shree…There is nothing wrong in the show as per our concern…… If some persons are not enjoying the story etc. they must stop watching it…but the trp our show seems on higher side..people are watching and our show is in top ten…It means it has nothing wrong and it is worth watching…

      1. Pinku


    7. Anee

      Arrey yaar why are you spreading negativity here…bacha if you not like this show then it’s okk nobody force you to watch this show….by coming here don’t badmouthing about our fav show I think you don’t know the power of fans they can’t bear any word against their favorites and dear this is entertaining show makers are making serials for two purpose first for earn money secondly to entertain the audience with their content….if you wanna learn something then go my dear read some religious books…okk bye ta ta don’t want to c u here again.

      1. Pinku

        acha bola anee. love u yaar

      2. Anee

        Love u too Pinkuu

  4. Zahra

    Best episode…

    Happiest part is aditya didnt tease or angry with zoya
    Sad part is aditya even speak a word to zoya…

    Whatever superrrr episode…
    That flower falling…haldi…oh…aditya rocked…how cute he is with that girls…and zoya smiles seeing it..he cover himself when zoya smiles..oh…iam speechless…

    And finally…bella teasing zoya…!!!!

    Guys even they didnt speak to each other, we got so many AdiYa scenes..much happy

    1. hi zahra.. wassup.. haan yaar seems to be cute…

  5. Today’s episode was so cute!!! ?
    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode!

  6. The Adiya scenes were so cute!!! ?
    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode!

    1. hi tia, yea cnt wait till tomoorow

    2. Medha

      Just few minutes are left then our lovable couple will on tv screen… ?

  7. Riana

    Mahi is really disgusting !!!…
    Anyway, AdiYa were beautiful today…❤️❤️
    Waiting for the haldi ??

    1. y is mahi so irritating riana.. i dont understand.. i thought only i hate her role tho tumbhi saath ho.. hifive

      1. Riana

        @Pinks… Mahi is an idiot with smart brain !…But still i have no sympathy for her…bcoz i know soon she will become a vamp…thats why i hate her a lot lot since episode-1

    2. Medha

      Areh wo Vamp to hain hi aur kitna vamp bnaoge usko?? Btw itna hate mat kro yaar Riana Pinku I lover her ?

  8. Medha

    Wow Captain you even saved Zoya’s iphone very impressive… but chawal ka packet kha se aaya? ? Arjun ab bhai isko Dairy samne dikh gya fir bhi nhi gya lene…. chal kya rha hain ye… & attire of servants are so weird!! now Ms Girgit is becoming Ms Gadbad… ab kya raita failayegi yaar ye!! ? Yummy Jalebi and Rabadi… muh mein pani aa gya ?… our cute little bride Bella greets Zoya and then give cute nick name Zo lovely!! AdiYa scenes were awesome..
    Hahahahaha Aakanksha ko Kadhi Chawal khana hain yellow theme dekh kar… flashback of Haldi ceremony of Zoya was so bad yaar… but the way Yash pacifies her was too lovely… such a caring Husband he was ?… achcha hota agar Captain ka bhi Haldi ceremony ka Flashback dikhate… ?
    Peela Rang Hain Basant Ka,
    Peela Rang Hain Bahaar Ka,
    Peela Rang Hain Suraj Ki Roshani Ka,
    Aur Peela Rang Hain Haldi Ka.. aaj sab kuch basanti k rang mein dhal chuka hain kyuki aaj hmari Dulhaniya Surajmukhi k Rango mein Khil rhi hain…. these lovely lines of Aakanksha and afterwards our Cute Little si Bride Bella comes there… wow so she was looking daam pretty ?….
    Hahahaha girls gang k funny hastags… and Captain how he covers himself when girls and Zoya were taading him… hehehe ?
    Noor iski flight ko kha rah gyi… Mr Siddiqui to minutes mein Mumbai mein the… ?
    Hello Hii to all BP Rockies here… ❤

    1. hi medha darling… we put the comments on the same time yaar, check your hangout.. i have put a msg.. medha ji serial se bhi mast tho aapkey comments hai janab.. super comments.. and woow u actually byhearted tht haldi song.. how can u just listen and type it medha great talent yaar main tho kabhi na kar paun kasam se.. hahah siddiqui minutes me aagye they correct.. hahahah… super medha comments just loved it.. just ilike how i love u.. BP rockies yeah….hifive

      1. Medha

        Pinku Darling aaj ka episode hmne 2 baar dekha tha so wo line thoda dimag mein fit ho gya tha ? so chipka diye yha…..
        yaa tumhare hangout msg ko dekh kar hi hmne apna ye comment fatafat se yha copy paste mara ?
        Yeah hifive ✋ Dearie lots of love to you!!

    2. Aleeza

      I really love ur comments ??

      1. Medha

        Thank a ton for your love Darling….. ?

    3. P_lata

      Ha ha ha….Nice review Medhu….. Lovely…

      1. Medha

        Thank you Didu…

    4. Fenil

      Mr,Hooda ko courier khol ne ka time nahi…tum free fokti ho chali jao !!

      1. Medha

        Na na ham nhi chahte ki wo Diary Mr Hooda k hath lge… isliye ham khi nhi jaa rhe smjhe aap ?

    5. You are right medha.aditya pooja ka haldi function ka FB accept kiya main bhi

      1. Medha

        Yeah Uff…

      2. Pinku

        hi uf3355 i didnt see u yesterday yaar

    6. Lokesh

      Awesome di, i was wating for a hindi review.

      1. Medha

        Hope tumhara intezaar khatam ho gya ho.. after reading my comment ?

      2. Lokesh

        Ofcourse,waise ye janew Dhari Kaun hai ?

      3. P_lata

        Lokesh , Janeodhari hai Siddhant….”Yeh pyar nahi to aur kya hai “…iss serial ka hero aur Medha ka side by side crush…

    7. Wow medha ek dam block buster comment dala yarr….BP Rockies ki tog shaan ban gayi tu…lage raho boss.?????????

      1. Medha

        Hahahaha Thanks Anee
        Lots of love to you dear!! ?

  9. Hi BP rockies kahan gaye sab yaaron koi nahi dekh raha hai Fenil lokesh aqsa anee anjana anjali sangita latha papia manu arfa kahn ho sab… i feel like singing this song for u all.. arey rey ekkada ekkada ekkada ekkada ekka da na pranam.. ee prashanaki nuveley samadhanam.. this is a telugu song.. for the benefit of othere ,meaning is.. where is my jaan this questions answers are with u only.. come on guys lets rock on

    1. Medha

      Lovely song… ?

    2. Lokesh

      Thida bsy tha di, bt i have watched it in evening, it was amazing. Loved costumes of everyone, even i liked mahi too in yellow.its like ipkknd 3 again and we r loving it, and trp are also high, looks like colours want this show to be no. One so grt promition.

    3. Riana

      @Pinks & Medha… I didnt understood anything but the song sounds good ?

    4. Pinkuuuuuu ki kitaaa tuney ek vari vich Sanu jan bana Diya…and ki song gaya tuney dil baag baag hogaya ?????luv u my Meri jaana.

  10. Aleeza

    Adiya scenes were so beautiful ??
    And the garland scene ??
    But mahi is so irritating yaar ??
    Waiting for nxt episode ❤

    1. Medha

      Yaa Mahi is irritating… but her acting is superb so I love her ?

  11. Fenil

    “Pehle Khud Jhakham dete ho , phir khud marham lagate ho ..aur toh aur usse pata bhi nahi chalne dete Marham aaya kaha se” Superb !!

    1. Medha

      Yeah… dialouge of the episode ?

    2. Fenil bhaiya you are the best!!! Bhayia har ek chezz ko analys karke yahan pe daalke na show se aur bepanahh mohbat Karne par majboor kr detey ho app… lots of respect for you…apnii nayi sis ka Salam qubool Karo bhayia

      1. Fenil

        Qubool Hain !!
        Good to hear u !!

  12. Fenil

    #Ayurveda Bella is so cute…man karta hain cheeks pull karu !!

    1. Fenil

      Zoya was so Hakkabakka seeing Adi doing all works.

      Once again Baby Voice of Adi ” Ha Piyunga”

    2. Medha

      Cute little bride k cheeks latak jayege pull krne se… aage se sochna bhi mat aisa krne ka ?
      And yeah Zoya was hakkabakka
      Baby voice dhyaan hi nhi gya hmara ?

  13. Fenil

    Awww Swadist Fav Jalebis and Rabdi !!

    1. Medha

      Yeah…. hmare muh mein to pani aa gya tha Bhaiya…. hahahahaha ?

      1. P_lata

        Tumhari to laar jahan tahan tapakti rahti hai… You laalchi chokri…. Koi aisi jagah bhi hai jahan nhi tapakti ?????

  14. P_lata

    Lovely Episode….Haldi sa Peela Peela…Sab kuch haldimay ho gaya…shubh shubh..
    Shagun to dekho hua bhi to AdiYa ki maala wali setting se …They were looking so cute together…
    Aditya was mesmerized to see our lovely Zoya in her decent outfits with her awesome hairstyle… Lage raho Aditya…
    Caring side of Aditya is so cool….
    Mahi is busy in her wasteful tantrums… but will not going to succeed any how….
    Mast Precap….Aditya taking side of Zoya and his belief on her…..

    1. Medha

      Mahi k tantrums ko waste mat bolo uske karan hi to gine chune AdiYa scenes milte hain…. my Darling Didu

      1. P_lata

        Hmm…. Got your point

    2. Medha

      Glad that you get my point Buddhu Didu… ?
      Is tarah bezzati mat kro hmari… Jalebies are my fav after Rosgulla that why it happened ?
      Smjhi aap ?

      1. Lokesh

        Then eat about besan ka laddoo

      2. P_lata

        Haan Samajh gaye hain…ab jalebiyon ko bhi bachana padega tumse…by God ..hum log kya khayenge nahi toh….

  15. Fenil

    Har Ko Jeet Banaaakar Badi Sachchai Se Premane Dil Pe Woh Chaahat Kaa Asar Daalaa Hai
    Aaj Inkaar Ki Surat Hi Nahi Hai Koi Haar Hi Rokaa Nahi Phoolon Ki Jaymaalaa Hai

    Kuch Baate Ho Chuki Kuch Baate Abhi Hai Baaki
    Bauchhar Ek Padi Hai Barasaate Abhi Hai Baaki
    Khulake Naachane Ko Bekal Manakaa Mayuraa Hai
    Khulake Naachane Ko Bekal Manakaa Mayuraa Hai
    Milan Abhi Aadhaa Adhuraa Hai
    Milan Abhi Aadhaa Adhuraa Hai
    Milan Abhi Aadhaa Adhuraa Hai
    Milan Abhi Aadhaa Adhuraa Hai

    haye kitna beautiful scene tha…Yellow yello dirty fellow type…Pile clothe ke nich Tom & Jerry …Ulje aise ki suljh hi nahi paye …Aflatoon !!

    1. P_lata

      Aww.. nice Fenu..Kya song pesh kiya hai .. Bella ki haldi me….ya kahoon. AdiYa ki Jaimala me….

      1. Fenil

        AdiYa ki jaimala !!

    2. Medha

      Vivah song… lovely ❤
      Hope ye milan jald hi pura ho jaye ?

      1. Fenil

        yaa AdiYa Rocks JaiMala !!

    3. Lokesh

      Omg bhai u rock luv this song very much.

      1. Fenil

        me too love song and suit when AdiYa wraps up in flowers !!

  16. Fenil

    Awww Jenny in Yellow Lovely Magical !!

    1. P_lata


    2. Medha

      Yeah!! Aur aapka dil aa gya ek baar phir…

  17. Fenil

    Kadhi Chawal mere bhi fav hain !!

    1. P_lata

      Jee hamare bhi….Hi five Fenu….

      1. Medha

        Kitni baar bole aapko wo Janeudhari hain… bye the way I asked to Bhaiya aap kha se aa gyi ?

    2. Medha

      Kuch aisa hain jo aapka fav na ho??

      1. P_lata

        Haan hai na…. Wo Jaane udhari….

  18. Fenil

    Mr.Chopra in Yellow Fire Laga Dii !!

    1. Medha

      Kha dilo mein???

      1. Fenil

        yaa Dil feels garden garden !!

  19. Fenil

    Again Shirtless Aditya Hooda ..Girls drools over him ….lolz

    1. Riana

      @Fenu bhaiyoo.. that was really funny ??…zoya face was ??

      1. Fenil

        hahah Riana !! Aapke dil e haal jaisa

    2. Medha

      Not only girls aapne bhi to taada wo bhi thai thai feeling k sath…. hain na!!

      1. Riana

        @Medha.. ????

      2. Fenil

        chup kar besharam !!

  20. Fenil

    Adi was so cute !!

    1. Medha

      As usual ?

  21. Hi Bepannaah rocks family
    Yellow colour mujhe bilkul pasand nahi.jab yeh un dinon ki baat hai main sameer ko yellow main handsome look pe dekhne ki baath pasand.aur yesterday bepannaah episode main AdiYa ko yellow main dekh kar yellow Kithna beautiful colour hai samajh aaya.but I think ye AdiYa ka magic hoga.
    Tomorrow episode main aditya zoya ko uss cage uski upar girne se save Karthe hua dekhenge.
    I really want zoya ko ye patha chale ki uski phone aditya ne safe rakha hai?
    Take care and stay safe ?

    1. Medha

      Phone hi nhi Zoya ko bhi bachaya hain Captain ne… fikar not uff dear sab pta chalega Zoya ko… just wait & watch ?

  22. Pinku

    i will also watch today will comment real time. i am so excited

    1. Medha

      Haye haye congo Pinku Darling… jhappi le lo jakar Sasu Maa ki ?

  23. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Awesome Episode! Really well crafted!

    1. Fenil

      Yaa Episode was awesome with AdiYa !!

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