Bepanah Pyaar 18th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Everything is fair in love and war!

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Bepanah Pyaar 18th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raghbir and Pragati share an eye lock. He steps back. She says I wasn’t interfering. I was suggesting as the MD of the company. She asks him why she dint approve it knowing it well that it was better than his. She repeats that she was in charge. You dint like it as a woman was giving ideas over yours. He asks her if the world is mad to clap for him. She speaks of male dominance. He ask sher who explain what she means. She points out that he dint experiment with anything new. You focused on data and the kinds of people who come to that hotel. Foreigners can get the same things in their hotels too. I can give a personal touch. We will lose our client if we go by your approach. He challenges her to make a presentation and he will also make one. She accepts the challenge. Let me know if you are unable to get hold of any data. I am your wife. It is my duty to help you procure the information which you cannot find on your own. Raghbir steps out of the room. Harshit tells him that he has heard everything. She will ruin the company. Raghbir asks him if he doesn’t trust him. I will win over everyone. There is something special as well which everyone except Pragati will understand.

Priya is looking at her pics. Nakul says they wont become better by looking at them again and again. She says the office girl is better. She tells him about Nidhi. She gave me a complex. Nakul says Dev is a simple guy. Changes are important in our life. You are great but you have to change your dressing sense a little. Create mystery. It will fascinate him. Has he ever told you if he likes Nidhi? She says I haven’t asked him directly. What if he feels bad? Nakul says he wont. He is a sensible guy. He will understand.

Raghbir and Pragati are making their presentations. He thinks to change MD to ghamandi (arrogant). I will break it anyhow. Pragati thinks she will also show him that a woman can handle business better than a man! They both argue as they come face to face in the printing area. He gets hold of her prints while she tells him to give them to her. She jumps and snatches them out of his hands. She begins to go but slips. Raghbir holds her. Ve Maahi plays. Pragati tells him to let go of her. He takes it literally because of which she falls on the floor. Why did you leave me? Raghbir replies that she only asked him to. The images spill on the floor. He questions her on the photos. She tells him not to cheat if he has started a challenge. He reminds her that they aren’t in school. She limps on her way back. He tells her to let him know she needs balm. Did you get badly hurt? She ignores his taunts.

Raghbir and Pragati are still working. Raghbir calls her on her extension. I have ordered bed. Sleep well. It is okay. It happens sometimes. She glares at him from the glass window. She calls him back just when he is about to doze off. It is against office culture but I can send someone to give you massage. Let me know if you want a boy or a girl. He invites her instead but she tells him she has better things to do.

Priya is thinking of her conversation with Nakul. Dev covers her with his jacket. Are you still upset with me? You dint receive any of my calls. It isn’t good to get so angry. He smiles weirdly because of which she ends up smiling. She tries to ask him about Nidhi but he has understood it already. She is my best buddy in office. I share good bonding with her but my chemistry is only with you. You don’t have to be insecure about her or anyone else. You are best just the way you are. Priya doesn’t look so convinced though.

Pragati is headed home but Raghbir blocks her path. Your dark circles can go away with some medicine. She tells him not to worry about it. I will manage it. You take care of your presentation. He points out that over confidence can make take one down real bad. She ignores him. I am done with my presentation. I am going home. Bye! He stealthily deletes her presentation. He hides under the table by the time Pragati returns to her cabin. She takes the USB and closes her laptop. She hears some sound but ignores it, picks her purse and leaves. Raghbir dances happily. The presentation is missing which means there wont be one! Time is indeed changing!

Pragati reaches home. Raghbir asks her to have food. Are you wondering how I am home earlier than you? I drive just as fast as I work. Eat something. You may not be able to eat anything tomorrow. She says the same thing to him and bids him goodnight.

Pragati decides to review her presentation. I will add up if I have to something. She is relieved to find biscuits in her bag. She is surprised to see the folder empty. I did save them. My laptop was open when I went back inside the cabin! She stomps inside Raghbir’s room. How could you delete my project file? Work if you want to prove yourself better than me. Why are you acting like a kid? I thought you will take a challenge as a challenge but you proved out to be weak! Don’t you know how to play a fair game? He asks her if she played a fair game. I was just playing like a kid but you broke me completely. Do whatever you want to but now I will do exactly what you have done to me as everything is fair in love and war!

Precap: Pragati changes Raghbir’s alarms. Raghbir wakes up late. Later, a board member compliments Raghbir for having a smart wife like Pragati. Raghbir asks Pragati why she changed his alarm. She replies that everything is fair in love and war.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Yvonne Codner

    Pragbir’s childlike behavior astounds me. I do hope that this track will end soon. Thanks as usual Pooja for your update!!

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