Bepanah Pyaar 12th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Pragati’s first day in office

Bepanah Pyaar 12th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pragati picks a water bottle. Raghbir asks her if she couldn’t stay somewhere else. You stayed with Sahas! What lie did you tell to Sahas that he is still after you even after knowing your truth? What did you tell him? I don’t care what you said about me. What surprises me is that you cheated yet you are looking for sympathy. She says I don’t need sympathy but he refuses to hear it. She refuses to answer his question saying his question does not deserve an answer. He breaks a glass as she turns. She gets hurt. Raghbir feels bad but Sahas rushes to Pragati. He takes out the glass from her feet. Pragati looks at Raghbir who looks away. Sahas tells Pragati not to worry when doctor is there. Sad song plays in the background as Raghbir eyes her sadly. Pragati winces in pain. Sahas tells her he has fixed it. He keeps a towel on her feet. Sahas tells Raghbir to learn to control his anger or better see a therapist. Raghbir walks away.

Badi Ma stops Raghbir. Look at Pragati once. She does know black magic. She got you in her control earlier and now it is Sahas. I hope he wont fall in the same trap like you.

Sahas tells Pragati to smile as the glass is out of her feet. She smiles for his sake. Raghbir heads upstairs.

Next morning, everyone is concerned about Raghbir. He refuses to eat anything. Get my car. Driver tells him that a new car is parked right in front of your car. Sahas says it isn’t mine. Pragati says it is mine. It just came from showroom. I like going to office in my own car. Aditi asks her which office she is referring to. Pragati says the same office of which I hold 51% share. Director must go to office. Till when will I stay at home? Sahas compliments her move. She leaves for office. Aditi says she will throw us out of office and home if we don’t stop her now.

Pragati sits in her car. Raghbir tells the driver to step out of the car and takes the wheel. Pragati smiles and takes her own time in starting her car. He suggests her to keep a car as people overtake often. Hope you wont be left behind. Raghbir reaches office thinking Pragati will be nowhere close but she reaches there just then. who got left behind now? You need brain to move ahead. People don’t use it these days. Why take long route when there is a shortcut? She smiles at him. Raghbir thinks she came till here but she wont be able to go inside. he heads inside without a word. Pragati is sure he must be thinking something big.

Guard stops Pragati from going inside. She tells him that she is Baani but guard says I have worked with her for years. Wont I recognize her? She died in an accident. Pragati shows her plastic surgery report and legal papers to the guard. Raghbir looks at her from his cabin. Guard smiles at Pragati. You are Baani Madam! Pragati says only my face has changed, not me. Can I go inside now Mr. Sinha? He folds her hands to greet her as he lets her inside. Pragati goes to her cabin. Raghbir remarks that she has come well prepared. She is used to playing games after all. He throws the cup angrily. Pragati thinks Raghbir made this cabin for me with love. I dint feel like coming here as I was very happy at home but I will be here now so as to sort things out.

Shefali and her friends are discussing about prom. Shefali thinks of proposing Raghav. He is the old school type and is very impressed with me. They see Raghav holding a girl’s hand. Shefali excuses herself. She thinks how caring he had been towards her since Day 1. She eats chocolate sadly.

Pragati reaches home. Sahas asks her how her first day was. She says there was so much work. He asks about Raghbir. She replies that he broke 4 coffee mugs, fired a few people and stared at me the entire day. I was working in office in front of him and he dint even react. They both call it strange. Inspector tells Pragati he has come to arrest her. Pragati asks for reason. Raghbir calls her fraud. You came in this house as my fake wife who died long ago. You acted so you could get hold of my property. She says I am Baani and I have proof. She shows the medical report to Inspector who says anyone can pay to make such fake reports. Do you have some other proof to prove your identity? She calls her lawyer but his phone is switched off. Inspector calls it the usual excuse. She calls her doctor next and requests him to come over asap. He agrees.

Pragati tells Inspector he is the same doctor who did her surgery. He did the surgery in Manali but he has shifted here now. He will tell you the truth once he is here. shalu wonders why Raghbir is doing this when he knows the truth. Gopi says it is revenge. Doc enters. Pragati asks him to tell the truth to everyone. He says she is Baani. She only told me to tell this lie to everyone. Everyone is taken aback. Pragati shows the reports to him. He says you paid me to make it. I did whatever you told me to write her. Raghbir asks him why he is confessing the truth suddenly. Doc says I dint want to do it with a decent family but I needed money to stabilise my clinic. This isn’t Baani but Pragati! She is a fraud. Inspector asks Pragati if she still wants to say something.

Precap: Pragati asks Raghbir why he seems so happy. He calls it victory. She says you win not by lying but on your own. He smiles at her. Look who’s talking! You are an emblem of lies and cheating!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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