Bepanah payar (Tanshi) Episode 1

Gyez i want to write a ff on tanshi but please gyez tell me i write ff or not because pepole are not comment on ff and Now i write first episode if i found good respones than i continue my ff

And this is not reincarnation based ff actully tannu is alive you can see in upcoming episode
And this ff start when tanuja burn in fire after 3 month leap
(Tanuja face is not burn she is like shivani tomer and she is not reincarnation tannu as my story )

Episode 1

3 month leap

Doctor open tanuja bandage and say you got your face

Tanuja :Thankyou doctor

Nidhi : tanuja your face is fine and your mom call is come and your mom is very much angry and you mom scold Neha and bani she come back tommorrow

Tanuja : woow mom come tommorow from America i cant believe this you know what my decision is very wrong come to india for study i will go back to America with mom

Nidhi : ohh you know what rishi faimly blame you that you burn his house

Tanuja : what i have to explain them

Tanuja reach rishi house

Tanuja tell all faimly member that she did not do anything wrong but they donot believe on her

Rishi blame tanuja for everything and insult her and say you want my money you are greedy like you Nani and mom (Neha)

Rishi throw tanuja out of house

Tanuja go to bani house

Bani plan to get money from tanujA mom

Rishi house

Rano : Tommorrow malaika is coming and with her frend

All very exited for malaika come

Rano : rishi you go to airport to take malaika
Rishi : okk mom but for you not malaika

Rano ; okk

Next day


Rishi pick malaika from Airport
She go home and gift everyone and all are very exited for malaika return

Malaika phone ring very time but she did not pick

Rishi : why donot you pick your phone

Malaika : Actually my frrnd is also come but her flight miss and i come so she come to next flight

Rishi : ohh so give address to her

Malaika ; yeahh she come here for her daughter tanuja here very bad happen to with her she is very sweet girl but

Rishi : tanuja kya hua

But Ahana call malaika

Precap : malaika frend enter rishi house and her face similar to tannu .everyone is shocked she hug Aahana everyone is in shock

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  1. Siddhi

    Amazing please continue

    1. Rithik

      Thanks sidhi you always comment on my ff

  2. Jasminerahul

    this story is so different,Tanu is alive.she is malaika’s tanuja tanu’s daughter?plz continue.bcz this ff is unique

  3. I’m totally confused….
    u r saying tanuja was tanu’s daughter, ok then Y tanuja was getting shocked when she seeing her face after surgery bcoz according to ur story her face is similar to her mom face ly know ??
    so y r u creating these type of confusions ??? make it clear or finsih it

    1. Rithik

      Whrn i say tanuja is shocked after seeing her face

    2. Rithik

      When i say tanuja is shocked after seeing her face

    3. Rithik

      Her face is not silar to tanu i mentuon top of ff that she is shivani

  4. This is very nice nd its gud that tanu is alive. Plz cont.

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