Bepanaah _ Mohabbat Hai Meri (Part 11)

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hi guyzs im back with next part ofmy ff .guyzs i will bemoving a bit faster as acordig to me i think that im dragging a plot . do share ur vies so here is the next part

mahi was observing all tgese things .

mahi_(thinking) soo. a new lovestory is budding between u guyzs huh. well zoya ,adi i won’t let tgat happen . if u guyzs hate eah other then i will be benifed and oi can do any thing for that.

meanwhile inside zoyas cabin

ziya was lost in her own world .but this time thoughts were not odg yash rather it was of adi.yes she was thinking about adi she was recalling moments spend with he have coloured her life  with a bit of joy ,madness ,( ther ja song from october plays)

suddenly a knock

zoya_come in

vinod_ mam thats the file of our new event.i told u na  event that Bella’s friend could not do.

zoya_ ha. me

she was shocked as it was event of adis birthdayparty

zoya_(smilling broadly) its adis birthday party

vinod_ exactly mam its not profitable for our company.mam we should work for any other event

zoya_ no vinod we will make adis birthday special

she assigned job to her team.

zoya_ so aditya its going to be a really very happy birthday for u .be ready for only one thing is left.

she called someone


person_hi zoya

zoya_tomorrow is adis birthday na . i got it to make it a best one. its poojas wish will u help me..

person_ ofcouse.. tell me what i have to do..

zoya discussed plan with the person

next day

zoya_noor are comming with me..

noor _ yes apii im coming

zoya_make it fast we dont have enough time

noor – ready apii

zoya _ lets go

they reached adis house where prep were already started..

bell rang

arjun_ zoya thank god ucame. everythingis messed up here

zoya_hum to aur galdi aatebut somebody took hell lot of time to get ready

noir_((makingvpuppy face) sryy..sryy

zoya_ok lets begin

they startedto decorate tge hall which were partly decorated by mithelesh ji, akansha,and arjun

zoya_muthelesh jiwhere is shawan

mithelesh ji – he went to bring cake

zoya_arjun where is aditya

arjun- he went to office

zoya _ as i thought

zoya calling vinod

zoya_ vinod .. is everthing undercontrol

vinod _ yes mam but adi sir was akibg about u i said u went with your team to meet spme clients

zoya -ohk i will call u then u come here ok


he hung up thecall

noor _api ur vwry smart

everyone was preaparing then adis mother came

adis mother_ zoya beta thank u for doing all this. ur doing so much for my son beta…

zoya_(side hugging her) aunty no need to thank me if u want to thank someone u should thank pooja . she did all this im just medium

adis mother_ ignoringwhatvshe said) beta u u dont mind can i cook todays dinner becozs adi dint eat anything made by me since that day so i want to feed him today

zoya_i knew this aunty thats why i dint order any food its ur right aunty

adis mother_ god bless u beta

she left

after some time

zoya_perfect…. everything is just perfect. adi will be surrised today

harshvardhan_aayeja tab surrise hoga na

zoya_well uncle i have lan to bring him here( sje blinked to arjun

arjun called adi

arjun_ hello bhai

adi_ yes arjun… thank u

arjun_ bhai..first listento me

adi_ hmmm

arjun_ bhaii… bhaii…dad got an heart atrack

harshvardhan widended his eyes

adi_ what he is so stressed today . because i was Born today .

arjun_ stop joking im serious come home

adi_ ya..ya im coming

he hung up tge call

everyone was staring arjun withhopeful glares except garshvardhan

arjun_ he is comming .  he is on the way

everyone_ ye…ye.

zoya_she  my plan worked

aftersometime .sound of opening of the door

zoya_everyone.. shhh he is here the birthday boy is here

adi enterd

adi- why is it so sark here. he was about to fall but he manged .arjun .. mom… mil gorge… anyone here…. it seems every one is in hospital

he was about to go..suddenly

everyone _ surprise..

lights went on and a bueautyfully decorated  room was unintentional wide smile spread on his face. at some corner of his heart he was very happy but pretended to be unaffected

adi_ whatz all this

arjun_bhai u forgot (jokingly) . today is ur birthday bhai… i know ur adopted but.. still we have to celebrate your birthday na.. the day whenmom and dad got u home.

aditya_ arjunu..  …are gone

arjun ran and adi chased him

adis mom_(t eary eyed) tom and jerry if our house are back after so long.acvha its enough adi come here beta

he came near her

adis mom_ happy birthday beta( she hugged him ) goid to see u like this

adi_thank u mom( touched her feet)

she signalled him to touch harshvardhans feet

adi_went near him) ( was abut to touchhis fwet) happy birthday son.( he huged him)

poijasmother- hapy biryhday son.

adi- thank u ma in law

adis mom_u should thank zoya adi she did all this

adi_ thank u zoya

zoya_adi it was p…

she saw his mother signalling not to say a word

zoya_it was pleasure to do so

noir- come on aditya cut the xake

aditya_yes sure

he cut the cakr

adi_hello everyone mera gift kaha hai( where is my gift)  no gift no cake remember ha.

every one gave gift to adi which they bought

adi_zoya where is your gift

zoya_adi its not so speciall i will give it to u tommorow na

adi_give it to me right now or leave my party

adisother_adimm is this tge way to talk

adi(made a puppy face and saw zoya

zoya_okhere u go

adi un wrapled it

adi- zoya its limited edition play station .na. i eanted it..pooja.tried alot to buy it but she couldnt get it but u got it for me im rwally very happy its my bezt birthday gify

he hugged her ( later realising he broke it to)

adi_thank u

zoya_thank u

poojas mother was irked

-.poojas mother – lets eat

noor- aunty irs to early lets play some thing


noir_passing the parcle

everyone agred as every one was very happy especialky adi

and zoya was very hapoy seeing him like tbat

thats ir guys tried to write a longer one do tell me how was it



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    It was superb .

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    Nice . Loved adi’s birthday celebration. Loving your ff keeping posting and post a longer ff

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