Belan Wali Bahu 4th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Roopa comes to her mother’s house

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Belan Wali Bahu 4th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
All family members are ready english books and newspapers. They try hard to read it but cant. Ahana is coming there, they all pretend like they are reading english novels and newspapers loudly. Ahana comes there and says hi. They all greet her, Naren gives her seat. Ahana says wow are you people preparing for some exam? Dada says yes London going exam. She says oh you mean there was some exam in London? Dada says I gave one exam in London long ago. Ahana says you mean you have went to London? Dada says no, it was early exam. Ahana says oh it was early exam, its amazing. Ahana says I forgot, she asks if he has back pain ointment. Dada says I also have back pain but Suzzi is not here. Ahana says Suzzi? Naren asks what happened? Ahana says when I was coming here in cab, roads were so broken and bad that my back took a toss. Prem whispers why she is talking about toss? Lata says roads are bad here, you can go to main city with Naren on bike. Ahana says I love bike rides, I will bring my bag, she leaves. Naren says to Lata that why did you invite her on bike, roads and streets are so bad here, Shalini says she will get ill in this dust. Lata says we want her to like you but not this city so she takes you to London with her, Jitendra says then we will come to London too. Naren says great. Ahana comes there and says I am ready. Naren and Ahana leaves. All family members are excited.

Jitendra says to Dada that once Naren and Ahana get together then I will catch all criminals of London. All laugh. Dada says you can never catch criminals. Lata says I have talked to Jhanki for Naren and she said she will talk to Ahana. Ahana and Naren comes back. Ahana says Naren was driving bike but there was so much pollution and traffic so I took helmet from him. Dada says London have no pollution, she says yes. Jitendra says yes thats why I couldnt catch criminals because of traffic. Ahana says there must be traffic for criminals too. Jitendra says criminal was running on foot but I was in jeep. Ahana says you could have ran behind him too, Jitendra says there was another thief behind my back and he took my jeep. Shalini says thats why we dont want to live her but shift somewhere else. Ahana sees Jhanki calling and leaves. All cheer. Lata says work is done.

Ahana talks to her mother and says I will call, she ends call. Jitendra and Shalini comes to her room. They do catwalk. Ahana looks on. Shalini says how you like in this house? Ahana says you guys are so lovely, you guys are always so decked up even in house, you eat all type of cuisine and you talk in english too, I am very impressed. Jitendra says what about small? Ahana says what? Jitendra says I am mean Naren. Ahana blushes and says he is such a lovely guy, mom told me about match making but I want to know more about him. Jitendra says he is a good boy, Ahana says I saw him in house, what does he do? Shalini says he is studying. ahana says whats is future plan? Shalini says he plays guitar, Jitendra says he wants to become rockstar. Ahana says thats amazing, will be able to leave you all to come to London? Jitendra says no never, we will settle in London too with him. Ahana says thats superb, this is ideal situation for me, I have no problem with this proposal, I always wanted a family like you who are not conservative but just one thing.. my uncle Harish will come here today, if he doesnt have any issue with this relation then I dont have too. Shalini says your uncle will like us too. Jitendra and Shalini dances with her and leaves. Ahana says they are a crazy family.

Dada says to family that we should prepare to go to London, all should check their passports. Prem says yes, we will not cancel going to London. Jitendra says I checked everything, all passports are upto date. Lata says we are just waiting for Ahana’s uncle Harish to come. Door opens and english instructor Haris comes in house, he says hello everyone, all look on. Dada glares at him and says you returned again? did you come to take money? Prem asks Jitendra to bring stick, we will beat him, he came here today but wont comeback ever again. Ahana comes there and says hello uncle. Haris smiles at her, all are stunned. Ahana hugs him. Jitendra says he is Haris? He says I am called Harish. Harish says Ahana you wanted to marry in this family? they are mental, they are fake, they dont know manners, english or doesnt have money, they are all animals, lets leave before they do anything. Ahana says thank you for saving me uncle, she leaves with him, Naren tries to stop her but she leaves. Naren cries. Prem says dont feel bad. Jitendra says we shouldnt have harassed Haris, they argue over who pissed Haris. Dada says its okay, we all changed because of that girl, we could have pretended infront of her for few days but she would have seen our real selves someday, Lata says our desi life is good. Naren says what about me? Jitendra says you will find another girl, Naren laughs.

Scene 2
Roopa comes to her mother’s house, Laddo’s ghost comes with her too, Mom says I will make tea for her. She leaves. Roopa asks him to sit. Mom brings cookies and tea for her. Roopa says these cookies are so good. Laddo’s ghost says to Roopa that I loved cookies, I used to go out of house telling Dada that I am going I have work but used to go to eat cookies. Roopa laughs. Her mother asks why she is laughing? have some cookies. Mom says I was missing you, Laddo’s ghost says she must want to gossip. Mom says to Roopa that our neighbor’s son Sono have affair, he has one baby because of that affair. Roopa says a kid from affair?

A kid comes in house as his ball came in house, he tries to catch it. Dada asks Naren to catch that kid. Kid throws things around to catch his ball, he is about to break pot but Jitendra stops him. Naren distracts him while Jitendra catches the kid and bring him to Dada. Dada says whose kid are you? Jitendra says look like human kid. Lata says let him go. His mother came in house and says Tunno come here. Kid Tunno says they are not giving my ball. Prem says he is your child? she nods, sorry if he disturbed you. Prem says no worries, Naren gives him ball. Mom looks around in house and says we came to meet you all, she greets them and says I am Laddo’s college friend. Dada says wow. Her child runs and breaks their pot. Naren tries to stop him. Mom says I am sorry on his behalf, she says I have come to meet Laddo, I brought cookies for him, he liked them. Prem says when did you talk to him last time? she says 6 months. Prem says he left. She says did he go to office? Dada says no Laddo is no more, he died.

PRECAP- Dada says to Laddo’s friend to stay with her kid for tonight, she says okay you are saying with love so I will stay.
Lata says to Dada that we dont know that girl and you asked her to stay. Dada says because you people cant see what I am seeing, Lata asks what? Dada says that her kid’s father is no one but Laddo, all are stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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