Belan Wali Bahu 4th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Nirupa’s story with Laddo

Belan Wali Bahu 4th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Lata says to Roopa that we are lucky to have you, I remember the day when we were going to see Nirupa for Laddo and Laddo was always grumpy. Flashback shows Dada saying to Laddo that this is good proposal, please smile a little, you need to finalize this proposal, all relations break because of your grumpy face, smile a little. Prem says 18 proposals got rejected because of his grumpy face. Jitendra says I got married before him, Laddo says I cant smile, Lata says try a little, she lifts his lips and says just keep lifting them, Prem says just keep lifting lips till your proposal is finalized. Shalini takes photo. Dada says whats the name of girl we are going to see? Lata says its Nirupa, I talked to her father last night.
Nirupa is shown getting ready, doing her makeup, wearing jewelry. Her mother calls her and smiles. Mother says groom’s family will be coming soon.

Lata’s family gets ready to meet Nirupa. Dada starts to leave but all say no. Prem says Dada if you go then Suzzi will go too, what if they ask who she is? what she does? then what we will tell them? Dada gets angry and leaves with Suzzi to his room. Naren starts to leave but Lata says where are you going? what if girl’s family likes you instead of Laddo? Lata stops everyone from going, only Prem, Lata and Laddo go to girl’s house.

Lata, Prem and Laddo comes to Nirupa’s house. Her parents greet them, Parents go to bring refreshments. Lata asks Laddo why he is smiling? Laddo says you asked me to keep my lips lifted, Lata says yes remain like that. Roopa comes there jumping and says we were waiting for you people. Lata says you are the one? Roopa says yes its me. Prem and Lata looks on. Prem says how many classes did you study? Roopa says till I could understand that is till tenth standard, Lata says you know how to cook? Roopa says not at all, Lata says we should leave. Roopa says meet Nirupa first. Lata says you are not Nirupa? Roopa says no I am Roopa, her sister. Nirupa comes there with tea, she shyly gives it to Laddo. Laddo smiles at her. Mom says Nirupa knows all house work and she is very nice. Lata asks Laddo and Nirupa to go and talk. They go.

Nirupa brings Laddo to her room, both are silent, she asks if he wants to ask something? he says no, he asks if she wants to anything? she says no. They both comeback to family. Lata asks Laddo if he likes her? he nods. Mom asks Nirupa if she likes the boy? he shyly nods. Prem says lets call priest and check kundalis.
Priest checks kundali of Nirupa and Laddo and says this marriage cant happen, their guns dont match. Father says you are matching Laddo’s kundali with Roopa, Roopa laughs. Priest checks Nirupa’s kundali and says it matches with Laddo. Prem says great, you people can come to our house too. Laddo smiles at Nirupa.

Lata is working in house as Nirupa’s family is coming, she asks Shalini to work but Shalini says ghost is holding me down. Jitendra asks Suzzi to work too but Dada says she works for me only. Roopa, Nirupa and their parents come to their house. Lata sees time and is worried that train is going to come. Prem greets them. Roopa asks where is Laddo? Nirupa must want to meet him, Prem says he is getting ready. Suddenly train passesby, all things shake, they all hold things down, Laddo comes there in towel too. Nirupa and Laddo hold Lajjo’s frame and gazes at each other. Roopa says I wont marry here. Nirupa says but I will marry here. Roopa is about to go to her but bumps with Laddo and he falls down, all look on.

PRECAP- Lata says to Roopa that I still remember the day when we came to see you for Laddo’s bride. Flashback shows when Laddo came to see Roopa, Roopa mistakenly put foot in his path and he fell off from stairs. Doctor checks him and says he can go in coma.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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