Belan Wali Bahu 19th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Laddo had written love letter for Roopa

Belan Wali Bahu 19th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Lata says to agent that we will find Laddo’s policy and call you, he leaves. Lata recalls how in past, Laddo came to her and said he did his life insurance, he said that if anything happens to me then it will help you, keep this insurance, flashback ends. Dada asks where is policy?

Lata brings antique briefcase and asks Prem to put code in, he says I dont remember and tries to set different numbers. Lata says he must have put my birthday. Prem tries to recall her birthday month, Lata says you dont even remember my birthday. Dada asks Jitendra to break the lock. Jitendra says my hands are enough to break it. Shalini takes selfie with him. Jitendra is about to punch the briefcase but Prem says I remember code, he opens briefcase of Dada. There is his shorts in it and some other useless stuff. Lata says I remember Laddo took papers, Roopa must to know it.

Family come to Roopa and asks if Laddo ever told her about his insurance policy. Roopa says he never told me. Shalini says now how we will know? Roopa says he must be coming back, I will ask him.. I mean idea must be coming in mind. Lata says lets search the room. Lata finds Laddo’s photo under bed, she says what kind of habits Laddo had? Roopa sees his photo, he is sniffing gajra in his hands. Roopa gets emotional and says he was testing smell for candles for company. Prem finds letter and reads it. Letter says ‘you are pretty, I never said but your eyes are pretty, I dont understand you but your talks are nice, you came in my life like a storm and filled my life like scent’. Jitendra says he must have not written it for Roopa, he always scolded her. Roopa is in tears. Lata says dont worry Roopa, he never gave it to anyone, they leave.

Family searches for policy papers. Jitendra finds Laddo’s marksheet, he failed in all subjects. Lata recalls flashback how once Lata asked about his result and he said he came first, she asked for marksheet but he gave her sweets, flashback ends. Lata says he kept his marksheets hidden. Dada says Laddo failed in college and his parents never knew. Prem says I failed too but you never knew. Lata says lets do what we have to. Dada says I cant start studying again. Lata says I am asking about policy. Naren brings Laddo’s office bag. Dada opens bag, mouse runs out, Dada sees useless papers inside. Shalini says where are papers?

Roopa is in her room. Laddo’s ghost comes there and asks what she is looking for? Roopa says to Laddo’s ghost that what I was finding, I didnt find it but I found your love letter. She shows it to him. Roopa says for whom did you write it for? LAddo’s ghost for you, she says such romantic stuff? he says I cant say it so I wrote it. Roopa smiles and says really? I didnt like it first but now I like it a lot, its very nice. She asks where is insurance police papers? Laddo’s ghost says its in Dada’s medical file, I never thought they would need it so soon so I kept it there.

Roopa comes to family and says I got to know that policy papers are in Dada’s medical files. LAta says how you know? Roopa says I just remember Laddo told me, Laddo’s ghost tells her its in blue file. Roopa tells it to Suzzi. Suzzi says it was old file so I gave it to scrap seller 2 months back. Shalini says we should ask him. Dada says if we all go then he will know these are important papers and wont give it. Jitendra says I can go and ask him. Prem and Jitendra goes.

Roopa gets marriage invitation of Harman and Jaslin, she says but Harman is married to Soumya (from Shakti show).

PRECAP- Jitendra calls agent and says I want to claim my brother’s policy. Dada says when we dont have certificate then how we will claim it? Jitendra says if we dont have certificate then we will show deadbody. Roopa says we dont need that kind of money, no one will become deadbody.
Agent comes to house, Roopa says we dont have Laddo’s death certificate, he says no problem, show me his deadbody. Roopa says that.. Suzzi brings Dada on wheelchair and says this is Laddo’s deadbody. Lata brings Prem on wheelchair and says its Laddo’s deadbody. Shalini brings Jitendra on wheelchair and says this is Laddo’s deadbody. Roopa rolls her eyes as agent asks which one is real deadbody?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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