Beintehaan 15th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaan 15th January 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaan 15th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with, Usmaan and suraiya talking about zain going to bangkok and suraiya is making him agree, zain is saying to aliya’s mom that he enjoyed here very much but he have to go as his all friends have reached bangkok.she hugs him and zain says that I am getting late fufs rizwan is waiting for me and goes rom there. Aliya and her friends are praising aliya’s wedding attire which is indeed very beautiful. Zain comes there and her sister sees him and tells him see how beautiful appi is looking.zain is speechless seeing aliya and just watching her aliya turns*New BG song in background*. Zain is coming forward and stands infront of aliya, zain says she is not looking soo special and aliya says you are mad, he sees in this combination your nose looks very long.. Badi fufi calls all the girls and they goes. Zain and aliya is alone and aliya says that I know this color combination is loking good on me. He says when your hubby will see u in this and will shout chudail then you will remember me. Zain says I am going bangkok and aliya goes to him and says have fun, vacation in bagkok is perfect. You are not in my marriage its just perfect, zain says how it can be perfect afterall I was your first choice, aliya says zain Abdullah and my choice never. Zain congratulates hr and wish her luck for further life while aliya says have a safe journey. Zain is going but aliya’s dupatta gets stuck in his jacket and they shares an eyelock, zain removes it and goes. He turns and see her she also sees him and says to him khuda afis and he reverts back. Aliya sits infront of mirror and remembers zain’s word about her nose. Zain is in jeep going towards airport. Aliya with her friends is seeing the sangeet pictures. Badi fufi is grinding the haldi for the ritual and aliya’s friends bring her there she is wearing a yellow outfit and is looking stunning. Shabana puts haldi on aliya’s arms and face makes her wear the flower ornaments. Suraiya is saying that here ubtan rasam is over and zain must have reached mumbai, she calls him but aliya picks his phone and tells her that zain has forgot his phone when he came to say her bye.. Aliya gets call on zains phone of girla with name cutiee, kissi, huggie and aliya gets irrited and repkies them. Aliya again remembers zains word and aliya’s sister comes there with the dress and tells them that she didnt like the color so it needed to be changed, her sister says that I believe that all these things are for zains bhaijan you seriously think that your nose will look bad in this, aliya says have you gone mad.. Aliya gets zeeshan’s call and he asks her she likes blue or red she says red, he also asks her she likes ponds or gardens she says gardens when she asks him why is asking her this he cuts the call.
Zeeshan tells his mother that aliya likes gardens and red, his mother says its gud, finalize it. Aliya asks shabana ammi are you tensed, she says a little bit but allah will make everything right and zeeshan will be a good husband. Aliya gets zeeshan’s call and he ask how is looking my bride, she says you tell yourself when you see me and zeeshan says I will always keep you happy. Aliya’s sister and friends are on the gate and stops zeeshan and and ask for tax, and his father gives him money.and they allows him. Ghulam is saying to zeeshan’s father that we have done almost everything we can do and we gave you 10 lacs and now you are asing for more, he says that when your daughter said ahe likes red my son bought a red car and when she said she liked gardens he bought a bunglow for her, both the things are of 50 lacs you arrange 40 lacs soon. Ghulam is shocked.

Zeeshan’s father is saying that we saw zain and aliya toghether many times and if the daughter is like this, her deal is necessary,.

Update Credit to: WingsOfHeart

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