Beintehaa…Qubool Hai Episode 5

Episode 5:

Thank you for commenting and liking, before starting I would like you to read some FFs made by my friends, I will mention in the end as I don’t want to keep you waiting. I also added one new character in my story and the other characters are coming, I hope you all don’t mind.



The episode starts Fahad getting shocked seeing Nafisa and Shazia,
Fahad: What are you two doing here?
Shazia: Why? Aren’t you happy seeing us?
Nafisa: Why Fahad? Can’t we come?
Fahad looks on upsettingly. Zain and Rizwaan try to run,
Surraiya: Zain…
Zain stops and turns around,
Zain fake smiles: Mom… You and here?
Zain then looks at Osmaan.
Surraiya: Why can’t I come? Anyways what are you father and son hiding from me?

SRizwaan is seen hiding behind the pillar and watching, Aayat then comes down wearing a Kurti with black leggings and a stole around her neck. She then sees Rizwaan and walks there,
Aayat: Rizwaan… What are you doing here?
Rizwaan turns around,
Rizwaan: Shhh…
Aayat gets confused, Rizwaan then moves Aayat out of everyone’s sight, Aayat jerks her hand,
Rizwaan: Sorry… Zoya.
Aayat in her head: Allah… I told him my name is Zoya because I thought I was t going to meet him again, Ya Allah help me…
Aayat: Listen… My name isn’t…
Rizwaan: Shh.. Can you take me somewhere far from here?

Zain: No Mom… But all of a sudden… Anyways come sit down, I’ll freshen up and come.
Surraiya nods yes while Aayat and Rizwaan head upstairs, Zain also goes up,
Surraiya stares at Osmaan, Shabana and Ghulam talk to them, Nafisa and Shazia go to freshen up and take Fahad with them.

Rizwaan and Zain get changed, they then see Zoya heading upstairs and think to go there, they see Aayat, Ayesha, Aaliya and Zoya sitting down and talking,
Ayesha: Thank you for inviting me Aayat…
Aayat: How can I not invite my friend… We used to play here when we were younger but you moved to London… I used to call you Sunehri… Because you are unique and have a golden heart… Can I still call you that?
Ayesha smiles and nods and Zain and Rizwaan look at each other and gulp, Aayats eyes catch them,
Aayat: Zain…Rizwaan…
All look there, Zoya shakes her head. Zain and Rizwaan walk in and join them, Ayesha smiles uncomfortably,
Zain: Don’t worry Ayesha… We will leave…
Zoya: Wait… Do you know her?
Rizwaan: You know when you said she has a golden heart… She actually has a stoned heart!
Zain: Riz!
Zoya, Aayat, Ayesha/Sunehri and Aaliya get shocked,
Zain: Sorry mind him…
Aayat: How dare you say this to Sunehri…?
Rizwaan: I told the truth…!
Zoya: What?! Are you mad?!
Zain: If you’re still upset about that thing then I’m sorry… At least shut up!
Rizwaan looks away,
Aaliya: What was that about?
Zoya: Tell us…

( Now I will call her Sunehri instead of Ayesha…)

Sunehri gets teary eyed… Just then Sunehri receives a call and she attends it,
Sunehri: Haa Nusz (Nuszat), bolo? (NUSZ Played by my friend Nusz…)
Rizwaan and Zain’s eyes widen, Rizwaan falls down,
Nusz: Is everything okay?
Sunehri: Haa… Everything’s okay…
Nusz: You don’t sound okay…
Sunehri: It’s nothing, just come back soon…
Nusz: I will try to, Anyways take care and love you…
Sunehri: Love you too… Good luck…
Nusz: Thank you.
Nusz disconnects the call and Sunehri puts her phone down.

Zoya: I want to know what happened?
Zain sits down,
Zain: Then hold back cause it’s a long story but I will try to finish early…
Rizwaan: Actually let me narrate it… So it started off with when Ayesha… Sorry your Sunehri was 16 years old, we finished school and it was the last day, we joined a college and she happened to be in the same college and that’s where it all started…

Sunehri was a shy girl that never used to talk to anyone except to her friends, she also used to support them, Nusz, who is also her cousin went to the same college, they were in the same class, then a new guy entered the college, he was popular on the first day… Everyone seemed to like him and enjoy with him but he seemed distracted, that guys name was Namish Taneja…. (Played by Namish Taneja ?) he was in the same class as Zain and Rizwaan, after the second lesson was finished, Sunehri and Namish collided, she nervously said sorry and walked away leaving Namish disturbed… Zain and Rizwaan never used to talk to Sunehri or Nusz, Namish enquired about her and found out she is a Muslim and her name is Ayesha Khalid Khan… He thought everything was impossible but then decided to talk to her.

After college, Sunehri was waiting outside for Nusz, who is shown doing her paper, then Namish walks past and notices her, he thinks “What is pulling me towards her?” He then goes near her,
Namish: Hi, I’m Namish Taneja and you…?
Sunehri looks down and doesn’t say anything,
Namish: Don’t be shy…
Sunehri still doesn’t speak or look up.
Namish: Okay, you know what… I know your name… Ayesha right?
Sunehri nods,
Namish: At least say something…
Ayesha: Could you please leave…
Namish gets shocked along with happy, a smile appears on his face listening to her angelic voice, he then walks and smiles while her voice is echoing in his ears, she lets out a sigh, then Nusz comes,
Nusz: Sorry, I got late… Come let’s go…
Sunehri nods,
Nusz: Why is your face pale? Or were you blushing?
Nusz nudges her,
Sunehri: Nusz…
Nusz laughs.

The next day, Namish comes to college early in the morning and decides to talk to her, he sees her coming with Nusz and goes there.
Namish: Hi…
Sunehri puts her head back down and thinks “Why won’t he leave me alone…?” Nusz looks at him confusingly,
Nusz: Do we know each other?
Namish: Hi I’m Namish Taneja…
Nusz: Okay? Bye…
Sunehri and Nusz leave and Laksh looks on.
End of flashback and Rizwaan stops telling and all look on.

Then Zain starts telling…..
3 years later:
They are still studying in the same college but Namish and Sunehri do talk but not much and he annoys her a lot and loves annoying her, he always calls her ‘Chand’ she always used to get annoyed, Namish then after a few days hears her saying that she’s going back after this… Namish then think about it and realises that he likes Sunehri… But she doesn’t feel that same way…

Break time, Sunehri is seen sitting down at the cafeteria with Nusz and two other friends, he walks there,
Namish: Chand…
Sunehri gets annoyed and looks there,
Nusz: Just leave her alone…!
Namish: I need to talk to her… Nunu…
Nusz gets annoyed, Sunehri then stands up and walks with him,
Namish: Chand… I need to tell you something…
Sunehri: What? And stop calling me Chand!
Namish: I think I love you…
Sunehri gets shocked while Namish looks at her,
Namish: I know it’s alittle late but…I thought about it and I can’t live without you…
Zain and Rizwaan happen to hear as they were right behind them.
Sunehri: Namish…I… I don’t feel the same way you feel about me… And this… This can’t happen!
Namish gets shocked: Why…?
Sunehri: We…us… It can only remain a dream, it’s not possible, I’m different and you’re different and I don’t love you…!
Namish is dumbstruck. Sunehri runs from there. Zain and Rizwaan come near him, Rizwaan glares at Zain…
Namish: She… She rejected me yar…
Rizwaan: It’s not her fault you’re not a Muslim! Plus she’s not that type of girl…
Namish: Help me Zain… Do something, I can’t live without her…
Zain: What can I do man? I don’t know…
Namish thinks,
Namish: I have decided that I will become a Muslim…
Zain and Rizwaan get shocked.
Rizwaan: I have heard people go deaf, blind and bodiless in love but you’re ready to revert?
Zain: I can’t do anything about that… Just let her go, you can do better.
Namish looks on.
End of flashback…

Zain: After that I don’t know where he went, it’s been a year since he has been missing.
Sunehri: There’s one part you don’t know… He came up to me the next day…
It’s goes into a flashback when Sunehri is angry, upset and is not eating. Nusz knocks on the door but she doesn’t eat, the Namish comes there and breaks the door, he has food plate I’m his hand, Nusz goes in her room for a while, Sunejri gets shocked to see him, he makes her sit down and forwards his hand near her mouth to feed her but she nods no…
Sunehri: Now what do you want?!
Namish: I’m here to tell you that I converted… I done my Shahada…
Sunehri gets shocked,
Namish: Now there won’t be any difference between us… Or nothing to stop us…
Sunehri: But I don’t love you…
Namish: Why? I converted and now what’s left?
Sunehri takes the food plate and puts it down,
Sunehri slaps Namish and Namish gets shocked,
Sunehri: You done your Shahada just to marry me? Then I can never marry you! You need to behave like a Muslim now and you shouldn’t be here… You do your shahada for Allah and you accept there is no one expect from Allah… But you done it for me? You should’ve done it for Allah and truly embrace Islam… But you… You done it for your own selfish needs! That doesn’t make you a Muslim and for me you will never be one… Get lost!
Sunehri turns around, she then realises she said too much and turns around but to find him gone… Tears escape her eyes.
End of flashback.

Sunehri stands up, picks her phone up and leaves, Zoya, Aaliya, Aayat, Zain and Rizwaan look on.

Sunehri is seen talking on the phone with Nusz,
Sunehri: When are you coming?
Nusz: Tomorrow… Promise.
Sunehri: You better come…
Sunehri and Nusz finish talking, then Sunehri sees Asad walking past and thinks about him and Zoya and smirks…
Sunehri: So Mr Asad Ahmed Khan… Get ready for a journey…
Sunehri then thinks of a plan…
Ayaan knocks on her room,
Ayaan: Khalid Uncle is calling you for Lunch….
Sunehri: Okay I’m coming in a bit…
Ayaan: Okay.
Ayaan turns around to go.
Sunehri thinks: Will Ayaan help me?
Sunehri: Ayaan…
Ayaan turns to her,
Sunehri: Will you help me…?
Ayaan: In what?
Sunehri: You see, I don’t like seeing Asad Bhaijaan fight with Zoya Api, so…
Ayaan: So you want them to be cool as well?
Sunehri: As well?
Ayaan: I do as well, and maybe Bhaijaan will have some setting with her…
Sunehri thinks: He read my mind.
Sunehri: Lets just get them cool with each other and no fighting…
Ayaan nods and Sunehri tells her plan to him and he nods and smiles.

Scene shifts to Zain telling them why Rizwaan was upset with him,
Zain: He liked her, I told him she doesn’t like him and likes Namish then he found out I lied and that’s why he’s holding a grudge.
Zoya: Good Rizwaan, you should’ve slapped him…
Zain looks at Zoya, just then Shabana shouts Aaliya, Zoya and Aayat, they hear and stand up, Zain and Rizwaan follow them, they come down and Surraiya sees them,
Shabana: This is Aaliya… (Pointing at Aaliya)
Aaliya: Asalamualaykum, Maamu, Mami…
Surraiya doesn’t say anything and Osmaan says “Walykumaslaam” and hugs Aaliya.
Shabana: This is Zoya and that is Aayat…
Surraiya forces a smile out, Zoya smiles and so does Aayat, Osmaan greets them.
Shabana: We need to tell you all something…
Aaliya: What happened Ammi?
Ghulam: Me, Khalid Bhaijaan and your Ammi are going for…
Khalid comes with Asad, Ayaan and Sunehri…
Khalid: For Hajj…
Aaliya, Aayat and Zoya get shocked,
Aayat: Ammi, you said it after packing your luggage…?
All see their luggage.
Ghulam: Beta…
Zoya: Chotte Abbu… Not fair huh, you could’ve booked my tickets too…
Sunehri: Abbu… What about me and Nusz?
Khalid: Osmaan Bhaijaan doesn’t mind taking care of you and Nusz…
Osmaan smiles nods and Surraiya glares at him,
Khalid: I will be grateful, I will never forget this favour…
Osmaan: Khalid… Don’t worry… Now go, you’re getting late…
They nod, Shabana kisses Aaliya, Aayat and Zoyas forehead and leaves with Ghulam and Khalid. Asad rolls his eyes and looks away, Ossman gets surprised seeing Asad.

Asad: Ayaan, let’s leave.
Ossmaan: You can’t leave, Khalid gave me your responsibility…
Asad: I’m well enough to be independent and do whatever I want, now Khalid Mama is gone, so there’s no point of us staying…!
Ossman: You were Khalid’s responsibility when you came here and now you’re mine!
Asad: I wasn’t…! Ayaan was, but now the Nikah is over and done, we can go…!
Ayaan: But Abbu said to stay with you and come back with you…
Asad: Okay, then let’s leave…
Sunehri: Asad Bhaijaan, I’m also coming with you…
Asad gets surprised,
Ayaan: What?
Sunehri looks at Ayaan, he then understands,
Asad: Why…?
Sunehri: Because I want to, what’s the point of me staying here with them when you’re here?
Ossman: But your Abbu gave me you’re responsibility…
Sunehri: Haa, but Asad Bhaijaan’s there na, he will take care of us, Abbu also gave his responsibility to you too, so if he can take care of him self them I’m sure he will take care of me… And I’ll ask Abbu to give my responsibility to Asad Bhaijaan…
Asad looks on,
Asad: You can stay here…
Sunehri: But Abbu asked you to take care of me and you promised and he gave my responsibilities to Osmaan Mamu, so then you have to stay here with me… Or let me come with you…?
Ayaan: We will stay with you…
Asad: Ayaan..!
Ayaan: I’m sorry Bhaijaan, you shouldn’t disobey your elders… And Khalid Mamu said to give yours, mine and Ayeshas responsibility to Osmaan Mamu…
Aaliya comes there,
Aaliya: Haa, please stay, for Ayesha…
Asad thinks, he then glares at Osmaan, Zain, Zoya, Aayat and Rizwaan see this and think why is this.

Zain goes there,
Zain: Asad, dude stay with us…
Ayaan looks on,
Asad: I have a meeting in two days and I have to concentrate on that…
Osmaan: Anyways, after that we will also go back to Mumbai… Then you can go your way and we will go our way…
Asad: Okay…
Ayaan: Where will we stay?
Asad looks at Ayaan,
Zoya: I will show you… Come.
Asad and Ayaan go while Sunehri smiles, Aayat walks up to her,
Sunehri gets a call,
Sunehri: Hello, Nusz…?
Nusz: Where are you?
Sunehri: I’m in Ghulam Uncles house…
Nusz: Okay… Bye.
Nusz disconnects the call and Sunehri gets confused, just then someone enters.
Sunehri turns around and gets shocked.

Zoya shows Asad the room he is going to stay in, Asad and Ayaan go in,
Ayaan: Thank you…
Zoya: Do you want a separate room?
Ayaan: Well, I don’t mind, do you have any spare?
Zoya: Yeah, there’s one next to this one but on the right…
Ayaan: Okay, I’ll go in to that one.
Ayaan goes out, Zoya was about to go when Asad stops her,
Asad: Suniye…
Zoya stops,
Asad: Where are the…
Zoya: Don’t worry… I will come back and I’ll tell you…
Zoya leaves and Asad looks on.

Aaliya: Who is that?
They see a girl wearing black chinos with orange and black thigh length top and has a scarf around her head, she takes her sunglasses off and puts it in her hand bag, Zain sees her and gets shocked,
Zain: Nusz…?
Nusz sees him and also gets surprised, Sunehri rushes to her and hugs her,
Sunehri: Nusz… You’re finally here… I can’t believe it…
Nusz: Well believe it, anyways I was heading home but saw it was locked… Where is Chachu?
Sunehri breaks the hug,
Sunehri: Abbu’s gone for Hajj with Ghulam Mamu and Shabana Khala…
Nusz: What? Where will we stay and…
Sunehri: Calm down Nusz… Abbu gave our responsibility to Osmaan Mamu… Anyways we’ve got Aayat, Aaliya and Zoya…
Nusz sees Aaliya, Aaliya smiles and her and she smiles back.
Aaliya: Come in…
Nusz comes in while carrying her luggage, Zoya comes down and gets confused seeing Nusz,
Zoya: Who is she?
Zain: Nusz…
Zoya: Oh… Let me also find out your secrets…
Zain is shocked, he then thinks: I flirted with Nusz once and if she tells Mom, Dad and everyone, they will kill me and especially Zoya, if she finds out then she will blackmail me for life…
Zain: W..what se…secrets?
Zoya: Oh… So there are secrets, no wonder you’re stammering…

Sunehri: Come…
Surraiya: I’m going in the room and if anyone needs me I’ll be there…
Aaliya: Mami, I’ll take you…
Surraiya puts her hand forward to stop her and walks off, Aaliya looks on sad.
Nusz and Sunehri are taken to the rooms they will be staying in. Sunehri walks past and sees Asad sitting down, she stops and thinks,
Asad is thinking about Osmaan and gets angry… Zoya goes in with a glass of water and some snacks, Sunehri smiles and quickly locks the door and smirks, she then goes.
Zoya: I gave Ayaan his food, here’s yours and you were about to say something…?
Asad looks up,
Asad: I don’t want it…
Zoya: Oh come on, don’t be stubborn and you should never say no to food.
She puts the plate down and gives him a glass of water, he takes it and drinks a sip,
Zoya: You shouldn’t leave you’re drunk or food incomplete too… It’s nearly dinner time… And if you need anything call me, Aaliya or Aayat…
Asad looks at her,
Zoya: You must be thinking why I’m being nice, well you’re our guest now and we shouldn’t misbehave with them, we get a sin… Anyways, I’m like this to the people I like and who are not rude…
Zoya turns around and gets surprised seeing the door shut, Asad drinks the water, he then puts it down, Zoya pulls the handle and tried to open the door but it wouldn’t open,
Zoya: Allah… What’s wrong with this door?
Asad: What happened?
Zoya: This door won’t open.
Zoya tried pulling and pulls hard this time, she continued pulling, Asad walks forward, Zoya pulls and the handle breaks, she is moves back and falls but Asad catches her, her hair is in Asads face, the handle drops out of her hand, Asad moves her hair out if the way,
Zoya: Sorry…
Zoya then stands up,
Asad: You broke the handle…
Zoya: It was a cheap one anyways, it broke easily…
Asad knocks on the door,
Zoya: Ya Allah, help us…
Asad continues knocking,
Zoya: You’re knocking as if someone’s going to come and open it, this is Bhopal… No ones going to come, you have to shout…
Zoya (shouts): Aaliya!!! Aayat!! Koi hai?!!!!
Asad closes his ears,
Asad: Chup!
Zoya continues shouting, Asad blocks her mouth with his hand, she stops.

Precap: 2 days later… Aaliya and Zain become friends… Meeting… Fahad and Asad compete… Humaira comes back… Sunehri gets shocked to see someone… Nusz clashes with someone… New entries… Mahaepisode….

Asad: Karan Singh Grover
Zoya: Surbhi Jyoti
Aaliya: Preetika Rao
Zain: Harshad Arora
Ayaan: Vikrant Massey
Rizwaan: Vikas Grover
Aayat: Shivangi Joshi
Najma: Niti Taylor
Ayesha: Sunehri Mehta ?
Nuszat / Nusz: Nusz ?

Thank you so much for commenting, I really appreciated and I hope you continue liking this FF,

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I will also read more and if you have any then do mention in the comments so that I can read them, thank you.

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