Beintehaa…Qubool Hai Episode 10

Episode 10:

Thank you for commenting and liking, before starting I would like you to read some FFs made by my friends, I will mention in the end as I don’t want to keep you waiting. I’m sorry for making it confusing ?.

The episode starts at Qureshi Mansion, all of them arrive there, the women go in a separate room, all are mourning, Nusz, Zuhaib and Shoaib make an entry, Armaan walks up to him,
Armaan: Bhaijaan… Are you okay?
Zuhaib: Yes… I’m okay…
Armaan: You take rest Bhaijaan….
Zuhaib: No… I’m fine…
Shoaib: The Dr said to take rest…
Sanju sees Nusz and signals her to come there, Nusz goes there,
Nusz: What happened…?
Sanju: I need to tell you all something…
Kriya, Aayat, Zuha and Sunehri come out,
Kriya: What do you want to tell us?
Sanjub takes them to aside and tells them everything, all get shocked and stunned,
Sanju: Alina wants this family’s bad… She is here to take revenge…
Nusz: What?! How do you know?
Sanju: She told me herself… She’s not here to make peace, she’s here to destroy them and she’s happy that Farhaan and Nikhat died.
All get shocked,
Zuha: Sanju… How can Alina do that? I… I don’t believe you… Because she loves Farhaan Bhaijaan more than the rest… I can’t believe you.
Sanju: Trust me… I’m not lying.
Armaan who was listening to this gets shocked and angry,
Nusz: If Alinas intentions are bad then we have to do something to stop her…
Sanju: She challenged me and said I can’t do anything to stop her and that its her house…
Aayat: I can’t believe this… How can she do that… Not even a stranger would do that…
Zuha: I still don’t believe it… I’m sorry.
Zuha then leaves, Nusz looks at Sanju and nods, Sanju nods back.

Then Armaan and Zuha head to Alinas room,
Armaan: I heard everything… I don’t want to believe Sanju but…
They stand outside and peak in, they see Alina sitting down holding a picture, tears fall down her eyes,
Fata: What happened??
Alina: Nothing…
Azraa: Somethings is troubling you.
Alina stands up and throws a picture of her and Farhaan. Armaan and Zuha get shocked,
Alina shouts: I hate them! I hate all of them!! They made me cry and today I have no grieve in loosing him! He deserved it!! And I will take my revenge! Enough of their happy days… Now I will come as their bad luck!!
Azraa and Fata look on, Armaan and Zuha sees the family photo off and the photo she broke.

Armaan gets angry and was about to go in when Zuha stops him,
Zuha: No Bhaijaan…
Zuha then takes him,
Armaan: How can she? We loved her and took care of her when our parents died and… And this much hatred?
Zuha: Bhaijaan… She’s had developed too much hatred… We need to handle her easily…
Armaan: Easily…? How?
Armaan and Zuha think.

Zuhaib is sitting down, Shoaib then takes his wheelchair,
Zuhaib: Where are you taking me?
Shoaib: To your room… You need rest…
Zuhaib: But…
Shoaib: Should I call Nusz?
Zuhaib: Nusz?
Shoaib: The same girl from the hospital…
Zuhaib: No… She wouldn’t even let me talk… Leave it.
Shoaib: Then let’s go…
Shoaib takes Zuhaib to his room.

Zuha walks to Sanju,
Sanju looks at Zuha,
Zuha: Sorry Sanju… I didn’t believe you but whatever you said was true….
Zuha hugs Sanju and all look at each other,
Zuha: I can’t believe Alina…
Aayat: Meaning she is here for revenge.
Sunehri, Kriya and Nusz look on.

Aaliya sees Sulaimaan stressed and sitting, she walks up to him,
Aaliya: Are you okay?
Sulaimaan faintly nods,
Aaliya: I know you’re sad about your brothers death but what happens was meant to happen. Sulaimaan gets teary eyed,
Sulaimaan: He was my everything, whenever I needed a father… He always used to be there… To shout at me and tell me to stop… When I needed a mother, he was there… But then Bhabhi came and she also gave me love… They took care of us like their children… They never had one of their own but they had Alina… When Ammi and Abbu left… Alina was 12 and I was 15 while Armaan was 16 and Imraan was 18 and Bhaijaan was 20… Zuhaib Bhaijaan was 18 and he also took care of us, Aarav was 14 and Zuha was 11… Bhaijaan loved all of us equally… Even Zuhaib Bhaijaan… Farhaan Bhaijaan then got married at the age of 22… It’s been 3 years since he married Nikhat Bhabhi…And now he left us….
Tears roll down Sulaimaans eyes, Jo bejhi thi dua… Starts playing in the BG… Aaliya touches his shoulder and consoles him, Zain sees this and looks on, he gets angry when Sulaimaan touches Aaliya back.
Aaliya: Whatever happened was destined… Nothing is in our hands…
Jo bejhi thi dua…continues playing…

Shireen starts crying and shouts “My daughter…! Nikhat!” Rashid consoles her. All get sad, Ayaan also consoles her.
Sad tune plays in the BG…

Nusz is then seen walking, she hears something drop and stops, she sees Zuhaib trying to reach for something, she goes there and helps pick the glass up, then she looks at him,
Nusz: You need to rest… You could’ve called us…
Nusz pours the water in and gives it to him, he looks at her and they share an eye-lock, (Barsat bana do…tune plays in the BG…) Nusz forwards it and he takes it, he starts drinking while Nusz looks away and he starts drinking while looking at her.

Scene shifts to Shoaib, he is walking and sees Sunehri, she also sees him but looks away, Shoaib then walks up to her,
Shoaib: I haven’t spoke to your Abbu yet… Give me his number…
Sunehri: You can take it later…
Shoaib: Okay…
Shoaib looks down and sees everyone sad,
Shoaib: They don’t look good, they’re all sad…
Sunehri: I know…
Sunehri then looks at Shoaib,
Sunehri: Can I ask one thing…?
Shoaib nods yes,
Sunehri: Why did you change your identity…?
Shoaib: I changed and my identity changed as well… Bhai gave this name and I appreciate it…
Sunehri: If you have to choose between me and your Bhaijaan then who would you choose?
Shoaib looks at her,
Shoaib: Bhaijaan… He’s always been there…
Sunehri smiles and nods.
Sunehri: You have my Abbus number…
Shoaib gets confused,
Sunehri: When you asked for my number, I gave you my Abbu’s….
Sunehri leaves while saying that and Shoaib looks on.

Asad is sitting down while Tanveer looks at him and thinks, Zoya walks up to him,
Zoya: Everyone’s worried… It doesn’t look good seeing everyone sad….
Asad: They lost their brother, that’s why they’re sad…
Tanveer comes there,
Tanu: Asad… Don’t worry, everything will be okay…
Asad: And I lost my sister… Even tho she was my half sister but she still was my sister…

Zain walks up to Sulaimaan, Aaliya stands up and looks at Zain,
Zain: Sulay… Don’t cry… It was destined, I know it must be hard for you…
Zain sits next to him and consoles him, Aaliya starts walking but also feels sad for Sulaimaan.

Armaan is in his room, he is sitting down and is very angry and teary eyed,
Armaan: Is this what you returned as your love? How can you do that Alina?!Sanju comes in, she sees his state and was about to go when he stops her,
Armaan: Sanju… I found out Alina’s intentions…
Sanju turns around,
Armaan: Are you ready to help me?
Sanju: I am…always…
Armaan: Then come with me…
Sanju gets confused while he holds her hand and takes her, he calls Zarine and Musa and they head out leaving Kriya.

Scene shifts to Zuhaib and Nusz, Zuhaib finishes drinking,
Nusz: So… Be honest, how did you like the story?
Zuhaib: Wasn’t that good…
Nusz: Hmm… Let me hear yours…
Zuhaib: Mine…?
Nusz nods,
Nusz: I want to hear an awesome story in your opinion…
Zuhaib: But before that… I want to ask you something…
Nusz: What…?
Zuhaib: I have noticed Shoaib likes your cousin, Ayesha…
Nusz gets shocked,
Zuhaib: Can you please tell me the whole truth…
Nusz: Uh…
Zuhaib: Please…
Nusz nods okay and starts telling him. Shoaib looks on.
Shoaib: Okay…thank you…
Nusz looks at Zuhaib and thinks: How shall I tell you that you’re own are your enemies…?
(A sad tune plays….)

Osmaan then looks around and sees Armaan and Zuhaib missing,
Shoaib comes down, Zoya sits next to Asad and consoles him, Tanveer fumes, just then Armaan and Sanju enter and everyone get shocked. Zarine and Musa come in too, Kriya comes out and is stunned, Azraa happens to see and drops her lolly,
Azraa: What?!
Azraa then rushes to Alina’s room and tells her something which made Alina stand up in shock and Fata dropped her glass, Fata and Alina Rush there and look down, Alina is shell shocked.
Fata: Armaan got married…?
Then Armaan and Sanju are shown in wedding attire.
Alina: How is this possible…they must be lying!
Fata, Alina and Azraa go down. Sulaimaan stands up,
Sulaimaan: What is this Bhai…?
Armaan: I got married…meet your Bhabhi…
Sulaimaan: But all of a sudden…?
All come out and get shocked,
Armaan: Our family was breaking so… So we needed someone to take care of this family and us…
Alina goes in front of him,
Alina: What drama is this?!
Armaan: It’s reality…!
Alina: I don’t believe you…where’s the proof?!
Armaan: You want proof? I’ll show you…
Armaan gives Alina the document and calls the Qazi inside, the Qazi tells them.
Alina: I can’t believe you married her! I mean…It hasn’t been a day since Bhaijaan died and you already started enjoying your life?! How selfish are you! You should’ve done your drama somewhere else!
Just then Armaan slaps her across the face and everyone heard the sound, Alina, Fata and Azraa get shocked. While all look on. Alina touches her cheeks and looks up with anger. Fata goes to aside and calls someone.

Alina: How dare you!
Fata comes back,
Armaan doesn’t say anything, Alina glares at him and Sanju,
Alina: You’re selfish! You only care about yourself!
She pushes him,
Alina: How dare you slap me?!
Alina pushes him again,
Alina: You are not a brother! You shoulder done your drama somewhere else’s!
She pushes him again. All look on, he then pushes her and police enter and see him pushing her, she falls on the floor and hurts her self, her bangle breaks and cuts her, she was about to say something when she sees the police and starts crying and acts,
Alina: I’m sorry Bhai…
Alina then squeezes her bangle more so more blood comes out without anyone noticing and slips her bangles off, Azraa notices and goes up to her,
Azraa: Are you okay…?
Azraa then secretly takes her bangles and stands up,
Alina: I’m sorry Bhai… Please forgive me… Don’t hit me again…
Alina folds her ands and tries to show the blood to the police and they see it.
Azraa: How dare you hit her?! Enough of abusing her!
Armaan gets shocked and confused,
Police: Mr Qureshi!
Armaan and all look there,
Police: Arrest him!
The constables goes to Armaan and puts the handcuff on him, he then looks at Alina and shakes his head in disgust, Alina continues fake crying.
Police: You’re under arrest for abusing your sister!
Armaan: Sir… I didn’t do anything…
Police: We saw you push her and make her bleed…
Armaan: You can asked everyone, she’s lying!
Osmaan: Haa, he didn’t do anything.
Imraan: Yes Inspector… He didn’t do anything…
Police: Did he push her?
All get silence,
Police: Did he slap her?
Osmaan nods yes and so do everyone,
Police: Then that’s all we need.
Azraa makes Alina stand but the bangles accidentally drop and all see, Azraa and Alina get shocked,
Fata comes forward: Azraa, my bangles, where did you find them? How did they break? Throw them in the bin…
Azraa: Haa…I was going to give it to you but Armaan slapped Alina, so I got angry and squeezed it and it broke… Sorry…
Fata: No, it’s okay…
Police: Miss Alina Qureshi… Did he slap you?
Alina nods yes,
Police: Did he push you?
Alina nods yes again,
Sanju: Why don’t you tell the whole truth?
Sulaimaan: She’s lying… He didn’t do that… I can’t believe he will get arrested for marrying…!
Azraa turns around and says: Did he slap her?
Sulaimaan: Yes! Because she…
Azraa: Did he push her?!
Sulaimaan: Yes, but she win…
Azraa: See, you heard it…
Police nod and start taking,
Alina: Stop…

The police stop and turn around, so does Armaan,
Alina: Just leave him Inspector, don’t arrest him please…
Alina worriedly looks at Sulaimaan and Imraan, the police notice,
Alina: Just let him go please… Anyways he’s going to get bailed and… It was my fault….
Police: Sorry… We have to take him.
The police take him, Alina, Azraa and Fata smile while the rest look on,
Sanju: I can’t believe you Alina… What did you do…?
Alina: I didn’t do anything!
Shoaib and Imraan go after the police while the rest leave, Aaliya says bye to Sulaimaan and leaves, Zarine, Musa and Kriya leave too. Asad ignores Rashid and goes, Dilshad, Tanveer and Najma leave, Aayat, Sunheri and Zoya wait for Nusz, Zuha walks up to Alina,
Zuha: What did you do?
Alina: I didn’t do anything okay! God!
Alina huffs and goes,
Razia: Azraa! Let’s go!
Azraa, Humeira, Ayaan, Razia, Shireen and Rashid leave, both Shireen and Rashid are very sad.

Sanju waits for Armaan to come back, Zuha consoles her.
Nusz: You take rest…
Zuhaib nods okay,
Then a servant comes in,
Servant: Bade Malik… Bade Malik… The police arrested Armaan Baba…
Zuhaib and Nusz get shocked,
Servant: Shoaib Baba and Imraan Baba went there…
Zuhaib: What! Why?!
The servant tells him what happens.
Zuhaib tries to get up but Nusz stops him,
Nusz: You need to rest…
Zuhaib: But Armaan…
Nusz: Stop being stubborn… You’re resting!
Zuhaib looks on, Nusz then stands up and goes out.
Zuhaib: I’m being stubborn? She’s ordering me…

Barkat villa:
The family reach there, all go to their perspective rooms,
Zain stops Aaliya,
Zain: I need to tell you something Aaliya…
Aaliya looks at him.
(Beintehaa fast tune plays…)

Precap: Armaan comes home straight away, Zuha asks Nusz to stay with her to take care of Zuhaib, the Dr also asks Nusz to take care of him, Nusz agrees and stays until he feels better….she stays with Sunehri… Armaan and Sanju make plans… Kriya and Rahul meet… Alina to hide and go somewhere… Ghulam agrees for Zoya and Asads marriage… Zuhaib to talk to Sunehris Abbu…
Guys, there’s a change in the casting, Ravi Dubey will be replaced by Shravan Reddy, so Zuhaib is Sharavn Reddy…

Asad: Karan Singh Grover
Zoya: Surbhi Jyoti

Aaliya: Preetika Rao
Zain: Harshad Arora

Ayaan: Vikrant Massey
Humeira: Ketki Kadam

Rizwaan: Vikas Grover
Aayat: Shivangi Joshi

Najma: Niti Taylor
Imraan: Vikram Singh Chauhan

Ayesha AKA Sunehri: Sunehri?
Shoaib: Namish Taneja

Nuszat / Nusz: Nusz ?
Zuhaib: Sharavn Reddy

Zuha: Zuha?
Musa: Karan Kundra

Kriya: Kriya?
Rahul: Parth Samthaan

Zara/ Sanju: Sanjana?
Armaan: Sidhant Gupta

Alina: Alina ?(one of my friend)
Siddharth: Siddharth Malhotra

Sulaimaan: Siddharth Gupta
Azraa: H.N (My Sister, she doesn’t want her real name revealed so her initials…)

Fatima (Fata): Fatarajo ?
Rehan: Arjun Bijlani

Shamsa: Shamsa ? (one of my friends.)
Aarav: Vatsal Sheth

Thank you so much for commenting, I really appreciated and I hope you continue liking this FF,

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  4. Zuha Fatima

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