Beintehaa 21st November 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 21st November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rocket says Aaliya he did all this as he loves her. She says she loves only Zain. He takes out gun and hostages her saying he will keep her happy. Zain comes and punches Rocket and he falls down. He says his wife and mother resced him from police. Rocket tries to punch him, but Zain overpowers him and snatches his gun. He then hands him over to police who arrest him and drags him with them. He hugs Surayya first and then Aaliya. Beinteha…..title track plays in the background.

Zarina apologizes Surayya and requests to forgive her. Surayya asks how can she try to kill Zain and says she always thought Bilal as her son. Aaliya says she forgives Zarina and asks Surayya also to forgive her. Rehman says though they have forgiven Zarina, he will not and says he is living for Hyderbad right now. He hugs Zain and asks him to take care of Aaliya and prays god to keep Zain and Aaliya happy. Bilal says Rehman that he wants to go with him and does not want to be help his mom in her sins. Rehman walks out, but Aaliya stops him and requests him to forgive Zarina. Rehman asks him not to request him. Zain says many years ago, Zarina left you with Bilal, he does not think she should leave Zarina like this at this time. Zarina apologizes and requests him to forgive her. Rehman says he was waiting for this day since many years and forgives her.

Bilal sadly tries to walk out with his bag. Shaziya stops him and says if she was not married, she would have married him, says she is happy with her marriage and prays he also gets a good wife. He asks her to take care of herself and leaves.

Surayya asks Zarina to take care of herself and says she know how it is to be without husband. Rehman says she is completely different than he tought, he changed his opinion after staying with her family. She asks him to take care of Zarina. Rehman says they will leave now as they are getting late for flight.

Zain and Aaliya are together sleeping in each other’s arms. He says when he was not remembering anything, he was remembering her. She says his duplicate was standing in front of her, but she was not ready to accept that he is her Zain. Beinteha….title track plays in the background. They both hug each other and go to sleep. Aaliya wakes up in the morning, but Zain is still asleep. She wakes him up by holding his hand. He pushes he towards him , and she kisses him. They both continue their romance day and night.

A kid comes running calling mom and dad. Surayya who is old now comes and asks what happened Zaid. He says biggest enemy is coming. She asks if Kashish is coming. He says he saw from terrace. She says she prepared special dish for them and they will become friends after sharing food. Zaid thinks he and Kashish can never be friends. Kashish comes. Zaid asks why did she come in his house, it is Zaid Zain Abdullah’s house. Zain and Aaliya come down, and Zain calls Kashish baby doll. Aayath and Rizwan come and Rizwan says confusion is because Aayath believes Zain as brother. Aaliya says she does not mind if Aayath calls her bhabhi. Zaid runs behind Kashish. Zain and Aaliya reminisces events from their childhood, to their marriage, till the present day. Whole family gathers and hugs each other. Surayya brings Usmnan’s pic and says Usman needed this kind of united family and hugshis pic.

Serial ends with a happy note.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Its late cmon weite fast plz

  2. Then they have luch and zain and aliya have a baby boy after 8 years and ayat have a baby girl

  3. Will tgeshow end today

    1. The show***

    2. Yes it will..

  4. I hopw not

  5. Is beintehaa going to end

    1. Yes.. Today is last epi.

    2. So sad to say that yes

  6. Last episode. … gonna miss zaya

  7. Yeh its last episode

  8. i am very happy today
    beintehaa also finished
    very boring stupid show

  9. i miss u very much zaya…

  10. Gonna miss my beintehaa n zaya.. Hope harshika make a comeback soon.. Bad time starts now…… Bye BI

    1. Don’t worry beintehaa 2will come n
      Harshad n Preetika will be there in it.

  11. harshad lover

    Can’t believe beintehaa finished anyways beintehaa 2 will come on on zee TV I think after harshad finishes kkk6

  12. Omg i.feel ike kill8ng my se$f honestly this is my best drama whhy did you have to end for honestly

  13. Love this show but it’s end is unbearable

  14. I miss very much beintehaa show

  15. Im sooo sad beintheaa has ended it was my life im acc crying miss it already pls ehy did u turn off it was really good one less program now and I was inlove with this show ehyyyyy????? I will mmiss u zaya forever u will be in my heart annoying thibg didnt even last a year arggg miss u zaya love beintheaa and I love u giys and fans wjo wrote on here will see u soon good bye! !!!!!! Xxxxx :))))

  16. Currently watching the ending cryinh my eyes out soooooooooo much I cant belive it soo sadddd

  17. Omg that son is arnav from iss pyar k kya naam doom

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  19. I dont actually know what to do. I wiill zaaya their chemistry and all the cast of beintehaa but loved zaayas son

  20. Not fair to end Beintehaa still tears in my eyes

  21. Love beintheaa and all but fomd it weord how a brother and sisters kids marry each othee aka zain and aliya altho I love there chemiatry and wpuldnr want it to be any other way! But now aliya son and her sis daughter wpuld get married in future but weird but oh well gutted really wanted to see nafasias son

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  27. I’ll really miss u zaya

  28. Will miss all the characters of this show

  29. Nice ending of beintehaa.

  30. So sad it was the last episode of beintehaa but at least it was happy ending

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