Beintehaa 19th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 19th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zubair pleads Surayya’s family to believe him that he did not try to kill Usman. Surayya says he wants to kill Usman as she caught him sleeping with Aaliya and kicked him out. Zubair says he himself went out of house. Surayya asks inspector to take Zubair from there. Badi phuphi pleads Surayya not to send her son to jail as her son cannot kill anyone. Surayya does not listen to her and asks inspector to take Zubair. She says she will not spare her enemies and who help them. Badi phupi cries vigorously while Shabana and Ghulam try to console her.

Shabana and Ghulam sadly remember Surayya slapping Zubair and asking inspector to put him behind bars. Aayath says Surayya is very tensed about Usman, so she did all this. Shabana asks Ghulam if he got train tickets. He says he did not get but will try in tatkal quota. Shabana says she wants to meet Zain once before going. Aaliya comes there and asks what she wants to ask Zain and tells them the incidents where Zain took her side and said he believes her more than himself now. Ghulam and Shabana get happy hearing that. Badi phupi comes and cries saying her son’s life is destroyed now.

Inspector informs Zubair that it is his court hearing today and advocate Rehan is handling his case. Rehan is shown preparing breakfast while dancing with his kids on song Mera Naam chinchinchoo….. Rehan’s phone rings and his daughter asks him to pick phone. Rehan picks it and speaks to someone about Zubair.

Zubair sees Aaliya coming to meet him and asks why did she come here and asks if she informed Zain. Aaliya says no. He asks her to go back before things get out of control.

Rehan and his kids get ready. Rehan asks kids to say goodbye to their mother. Kids say goodbye to their mother’s pic. Rehan also says goodbye and they leave in scooter.

Zubair informs Aaliya that he has got a govt lawyer to handle his case and his name is……. Rehan comes there and says Rehan Khan. Aaliya and Zubair just watch him silently. Rehan says he wants to speak to his client alone. Aaliya says even she has some work and says she will leave now. Zubair asks even if she believes that he can kill Usman and says she knows he admires Usman a lot and says if she does not believe him, he will shatter. Rehan says if we miss the hearing today, dunno when we will get next date. Aaliya asks Zubair to take care of himself and goes from there.

Zain informs Usman that yesterday night police arrested Zubair on charges of trying to murder him. He does not believe Zubair can do it, but if he is a culprit, then he will not let him eascape easily. He says Aaliya must be waiting him and will go and meet her.

Shaziya sees Aaliya coming from outside and asks where is she coming from. Zain comes and says he sent her out and says it was their personal issue. He asks malika-e-zain why did she take so much time and takes her from there. Shaziya says Zain rescues Aaliya always when she tries to trap Aaliya. Nafisa says she must be telling truth. Shaziya says she can identify when people say lie.

Rehan studies Zubair’s papers and says he hates lies and asks Zubair to repeat it. Zubair repeats it. Rehan asks him tell the truth now. Zubair describes him the whole incident.

Zain and Aaliya reach their room. Yahi doobe din mere..yahi hote hain sawere….. song plays in the background. They both look at each other smilingly. Aaliya asks if he does not want to know where she went. Zain says she must have gone to meet Ghulam and Shabana, even he wanted to meet them. Aaliya says she went to meet Zubair while Zain gets sad hearing that.

Precap: Shaziya informs Surayya that Aaliya met Zubair who tried to kill Usman.

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  1. Omfg. Guys I just realised I think. ….. zubair is baddie cuz he hurt. His hand right…. maybe it from the elavator??? Tell me what u think xxx

  2. Guys I am confused sometimes I feel zubair is guilty then sometimes I feel his not but you can tell aliya and Zain are gonna drift apart and that shabana she’s a troublemaker

  3. areebah hafsa

    So dumb surraya is a foolish…It is true aliya was so disgusting her eyes were red

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