Beintehaa 11th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 11th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zain and Aaliya dance romantically on song Isqh wala love….. Rizwan dances with Aaayath while Zubair dances with someone else. Zain says he would have changed the dress if she would have informed him about the party beforehand. Aaliya goes to bring Zain drinks and sees Zubair without a partner. She asks him where is his dance partner and asks her name. Zubair says she has gone to bring drinks and her name is Natasha. Surayya comes there and sees Zubair and Aaliya together laughing and gets angry.

Usman and his whole family are having breakfast in the morning. Aaliya looks at Zain and smiles, but Zubair looks at her instead and they both start talking in signals. Surayya sees that and remembers bobby/Barkath’s words that Aaliya and Zubair are having an affair. Zain stamps Aaliya’s feet and smiles. Aaliya stamps Zubair’s feet instead. Surayya sees Zubair smiling, bends down the table and sees Aaliya stamping his feet. Surayya angrily goes from there while Usman asks him to have breakfast and go.

Zain and Aaliya come back to their room. Aaliya scolds him for being naugthy in front of everyone. Zain says she is so hot that he could not control. They both hug each other. Zain says he is married and can do anything to her and says he is not coward. Aaliya challenges him that he has to dance in front of everyone They both challenge each other. Zain says whenever he dances, she has to kiss him.

Surayya and Aaliya prepare breakfast in the kitchen. Zain comes there and asks Surraya what is she preparing. Surayya says she is preparing breakfast for Barkath, but then changes her words and says she is trying new dish. Aaliya thinks of trying her challenge and switches on music. Zain starts dancing on the song. Aayath and Aaliya laughs. Surayya asks what is he doing. Zain says it is his favourite step. Aaliya apologizes Surayya for switching on music. Zain then signals Aaliya to kiss him. Aayath sees them signalling and engages Surayya in her talks. Aaliya hesistantly goes towards Zain and kisses him.

Usman meets Surayya and asks what she wants to talk about. Surayya says she feels Aaliya and Zubair being too close. Barkath informed her about it, but she did not believe her. Usman says she is Bobby Mir Khan and not Barkath. He says Aaliya is this house’s daughter-in-law. He takes her to Barkath’s grave and says he is coming there since 2 days and apologizing his daughter for letting a fake girl in her place. He asks Surayya to touch the grave and feel her emotions. Surayya touches it and starts crying vigorously. She sees Barkath’s image in the grave. Usman consoles her, and they both hug and cry remembering their daughter.

Bobby informs Mir Khan that real Barkath is under the grave, but she is alive as Barkath in Surayya’s life and until Surayya believes her, till then…. She sees Surayya and Usman listening her conversation and gets tensed. Usman says they had 1 day to escape until he consoled his children. He says Mir is his daughter’s murderer. Barkath asks Surayya to listen to her, but Surayya slaps her and says she did not believe even her husband and children, she would have done DNA test, but her motherhood came in between. Usman calls police and gets Mir and Bobby arrested. Bobby thinks though she is being arrested, she has created a doubt in Surayya’s mind for Aaliya.

Usman and Surayya reach home. Surayya thanks Usman for clearing her doubt. Usman jokes that she has gone old now. She smiles and says I will treat you with a new dish. Usman asks her not to doubt Aaliya as she only loves Zain. Surayya remembers Aaliy and Zubair laughing together.

Usman gets stuck in a lift while Zain, Aaliya and other are partying.

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  1. Nice episode.. Let surayya also change her attitude towards aliya………..

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  3. I wish suraya accepts aliya . Zain and aliya are one good looking couple

  4. Partying, with whom? Plz someone tell me.

  5. Yes thanx so much beintehaa this is the best serial now and I applaud surayya too finally:-)

  6. Please update fast..

  7. Wow challenging each other. But zain’s challenge is bit hard.

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