Being with my so called kidnapper # episode 53 # mission unsuccessful

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Let’s start

Scene 1

Next day morning

Vansh’s pov

I was sleeping peacefully until my sleep broke due to some tinkle sound..

I opened my eyes lazily and my heart beat stopped for a sec..

My love my jaan was getting ready in a red color saree with wet hairs and water dripping from her bare back..

I gulped seeing her.. without any efforts she looks so tempting what if she started putting efforts

You will be doomed my subconscious mind mocked..

“Good morning love” i said hugging her from back..

Keeping my chin on her shoulder i licked the water from her shoulder..

“Can’t u think anything else than romance” she scoffed narrowing her eyes

“I can but only in my sane mind..and u made me go insane in your love my love” i said digging my head in the crook of her neck..

“Vanshu let me go na..plz..i have to go at maanyata’s place..” she said wriggling in my arms

“Give me a morning kiss and go” i said huskily in her ears..

Pov ends

Riddhima’s pov

Day by day this majnu raisinghania is becoming more pervert..

I turned and traced his face sensually by my fingers..

Pulling him by his hairs i leaned towards his lips..

More and..more …and “ufff..ridddhhuuu😫” he whinned as soon as my lips touched his cheek..

“Good morning jaan” i said and ran before he could even react..

” You will be severely punished for this Mrs.raisinghania..” he said stomping his foot on ground but I wasn’t there to laugh on his grumpy face .

Pov ends

Scene 2


Maanyata’s pov

“How was your first night bhabhi..oh sorry i forgot that was not your first night with bhai” i said teasing my sweet bhabhi..

“Is this even u Maanyata ..since when u started behaving like this..oh got it..kisi ki sangat ka asar hai” bhabhi  said smiling sheeply

Why i am feeling it was double meaning talk..

“It’s just i am more comfortable with u and bhai now” i said trying to divert the topic

But seems like she is upto something

“And what about angre.. aren’t u comfortable with him”  bhabhi asked not so casually

“Ab..ab wo.. it’s not like that..he is nice” i said trying to sound normal but failed miserably

” C’mon sweety.. accept you like him” she said and my eyes popped out in shock

Pov ends

Riddhima’s pov

I can see the  glint in her eyes after i mentioned about angre.

Although she hided that but it was like same glint which i used to find in my own eyes after just thinking about my teddy bear raisinghania..

“Who bhabhi..he is good frnd of mine” she said stammering..

Vanshu ki behen hai kese maanegi itni jldi..😏

“Oh then it’s ok..i was thinking about getting him engaged with one of my frnd..” i said controlling my laughter

“What..nooooooo” she shouted and i laughed..hard

” Don’t supress your feelings..confess before u loose him” i said being serious holding her hand

” He is just good friend.. moreover i know he doesn’t have any feelings for me” she said and i huffed giving up..

It’s useless to give any preach to this bro sis duo😞..

“Think again before he vanishes from your sight” i said and left the house not before hugging her ..

Pulling out my cell phone from purse i pinged vanshu with a sad emoji

” Mission unsuccessful😞”

Pov ends

Vansh’s pov

My phone pinged and i know what’s in it

“Mission unsuccessful” her message popped up

“You are look VR ka jaadu😎”i replied smirking

” If angre won’t confess his feelings today then you are not allow to enter in our room for whole week” she replied back and i gulped

Biwi se panga never changa mind mocked me  and i walked towards study as fast as i could

“Hii dude.. whatsup” i asked keeping my hand on Angre’s shoulder

And he looked at me as if i am a ghost..

I tried to behave normal but his skeptical gaze was scaring the shit out of me..

I imagined my riddhu kicking me out of the room..this sole thought was enough to boost my morale..

“Boss you ok right.. should i call the doctor” angre asked and i rolled my eyes on his question..

Pov ends

Angre’s pov

” I don’t need doctor but u should send him to maanyata’s place she is quite ill today” boss said and several bad thoughts occupied my mind

“ ..when but she didn’t tell me ..we talked today morning” i said spilling the beans myself

Shit!you are trapped angre..

“U know I don’t appreciate beating around the bush.. let’s come to the point ..i know u like her” boss said and my heart popped out from my ribcage

“Ab..ab it’s nothing like that she is just my friend” i said trying to state the not so truthful fact

“The angre who used to run away from girls is now talking to a girl everyday.. taking care of her..and saying she is just frnd.. amazing bro..” boss said i bow down my head gazing at floor as if it was the most fascinating thing that time

“I am not supposed to add a person in my life is full of danger and I can’t risk anyone else” i said stating the fact and this time a real one..

“Nobody’s life is more dangerous than mine..but still i have my sweetheart with me.. because she is not my weakness she is my strength..

She keeps me motivated to come home safe and sound.. because i know she won’t sleep without my embrace” boss said triggering the hidden emotions in my heart..

” Nah.. it’s nothing like that..” i said and left the study to calm my racing heart

Pov ends

Scene 2 ( night)

Riddhima’s pov

“Weren’t u supposed to stay out of room for a week” i said crossing my arms over my chest..

“Ab..ab know na i can’t stay away from u” vanshu said smiling sheeply

“But i am a useless dumbo right..

And where was that VR ka jaadu..🙄” i said shooting daggers at him..

“Ab..ab wo..i tried hard.. very hard..but angre is your brother afterall.. a stubborn jerk” he said throwing his hands in air

“I am jerk…🙄 know..i was thinking to take u inside but seems like u don’t love your room much” i said pushing him outside the room..

“ listen to me na..where will this abla aadmi go..i can’t even sleep without you..plz baby” he said pleading like a kid..

I know i also can’t sleep without u..but u should get punished for messing with Mrs.VR..

We were literally arguing standing outside our room suddenly…

“Bachaooooooo!!!” A voice boomed in whole mansion making both of us rooted at our spot..

Pov ends

Done done dana done

Hope u all like it

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