Begusarai 6th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 6th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Poonam comes to Birla and says will you cut ties with me like Manjeeta? Rekha comes forward and says we are not asking dowry, gives her blessing else if Lakhan gets miffed then you wont be able to see Poonam’s face ever, Poonam ask Birla to look at her once, Birla doesnt and cries, Poonam says i have become bride, i am going to my in-laws house forever, Birla looks at her, hugs her and cries. Poonam and Lakhan starts leaving mandir, Priyom and Poonam looks at each other, Hamesha tumko chaha aur chaha song plays, Poonam throws away rice behind her as per ritual, Poonam hugs Birla, sit in jeep with Lakhan, she sees Priyom in mirror, jeep leaves.
Poonam and Lakhan reaches house, his men are doing fireworks, Rekha ask Poonam why did you close your eyes? Poonam opens her eyes, Rekha says smile please this is celebration of my son’s marriage, Lakhan gets down from jeep and extend his hand to Poonam, Poonam looks at him, he ask her to come in her house, Poonam gives her hand in his hand, Lakhan holds it and smile, he brings her down from jeep, he covers her head with ghunghat and says Badi amma called you pearl and i promised her to make you shine as pearl so be careful, i have to protect you, come, Rekha comes with Aarti plate and does their aarti, she ask Poonam to kick kalaash, Poonam does that, Rekha ask her to dip feet in aalta plate and move in house, Poonam does it and goes in house, Rekha thinks that people say that women brings prosperity in house but i am not seeing prosperity(money) with her, Rekha ask her to imprint her fingerprints on wall, Poonam does it, Rekha thinks she isnt even wearing a single gold piece in hand, Rekha takes her in room which is decorated with rose petals, she makes her sit on bed and says when Lakhan comes, make him drink milk and you can remove your ghunghat here, you can get shameful here, and miff Lakhan else you know his anger, he made you stand under cold water for 6 hours in your house only, Poonam recalls it and gets afraid, Rekha says think you are now in his house, be careful, she leaves, Poonam closes her ears due to excessive fireworks.

Scene 2
In haveli, Badi Amma says fate is decided and we cant change it, Phulan says but in my rule, wrong cannot win but it happened, Badi Amma says what happened, we cant change it, Phulan says but we cant forget it too, Mitlaish says your Poonam said earlier that Lakhan beats her and all and when Phulan announced her marriage with Priyom so she decided to go with Lakhan, i have never seen confuse personality like her, these days i keep my gun ready, dont know when we have to go to rescue Poonam, today Lakhan spit infront of us and left and our guns were down because of you Badi Amma, all are laughing on us that these thakurs are running behind a girl, made fun of us, he leaves, Guddi says to Najma why did Poonam do this? Najma says you and me know her well, she isnt betrayer, Guddi says then why did she go to Lakhan? Najma says i dont know that but i trust her, Guddi says you know Priyom started to love her but dont know what will happen to him, Najma says Poonam use to love him from before, Guddi says then why did she leave? she has played with my brother and my family’s respect, i cant forgive her.
Rekha says to women that my son brought his bride infront of Phulan and he couldnt do anything, Dolt ask him to dance with him, Lakhan dance a little and sit again, Dolt says you fought with whole begusarai, with Phulan thakur but you cant dance, Lakhan says i could fight with God for her, Rekha says to Lakhan that will you celebrate your nupital night a year after? go to Poonam now, leave these men, Lakhan says you say anything infront of people, she ask him to come inside, Dolt comes to Lakhan and says can i say something? Lakhan says today everyone is giving me lesson, Dolt says you are new in this field thats why, dont give up inside, its nupital night only where it is decided who will rule in life ahead, Lakhan says all are going mad, Dolt sprays perfume on him and says Poonam will like it, Lakhan ask my body odor is bad that i have to use this perfume to win my Poonam? he breaks bottle. Poonam is crying in room, someone comes in her room, she is shocked to find Priyom there, he says Poonam..


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