Begusarai 22nd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 22nd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ananya comes home and says brother what are you doing? Mayank is pointing gun at Ramakant, all are tensed, Bindya says you have come on right time, did you like new twist in story? Garv says what is all this? Shakti tries to come forward but Mayank says dont come forward else i will shoot Ramakant, Shakti tries to take gun from him but Ananya says no, Shakti stops, Bindya says to Ananya that you have used my sons against me but now trick is in my hands and i am using your weakness against you, i am not that cruel, you can meet your father last time, Adarsh says Maa you wont get anything by killing your own people, Ananya have come in this house to join it not to break it thats why she brought Bhavna and me back, Bindya says what kind of magician she is? my own son is against me, Badi Amma says they have understood Ananya but you didnt understand Bindya, Bindya says enough, she says to Ananya that i give you one chance, you can save your life or your father’s life, decide whom you want to save, Garv tries to speak for Ananya but stops, Ananya comes near Bindya, Samar says dont come near her, bindya says let her come, maybe she was ashamed to tell her decision from far, she will whisper it in my ear, Bindya asks whom you wanna save? Ananya says i have come to save you here, Flashback shows Soni calling Ananya and telling her that i saw papers which said that Mayank is owner of all property, flashback ends. Bindya says you wanna save me from whom? Mayank points gun at Bindya and grabs her by neck, all sons point gun at Mayank, Mayank says move back, Ananya was right, i was right to butter all of you, i had to become your pet but today is time for which i married Soni, Bindya Maa begusarai’s throne is tired of you, she wants freedom so who should be new king of begusarai, Samar is under age, Shakti is very tall, Adarsh is already cancelled, Garv cant become king so only i am left, i will become king of Begusarai. Ananya says what are you doing Mayank? you wont get anything, Mayank says i will get money, wealth, power, Ananya says what about family? relations? Mayank says when i will become rich then everyone will be on my side, everyone becomes pet of powerful people thats why Maa thakurain gave guns to her sons instead of pens, Garv says put gun down else you wont be saved, Mayank says you 5brothers cant do anything against me because you all live for your mother, Ananya says if anything happens to Bindya Maa then what you think you will be saved? Mayank says nobody can do anything against king, let me show you, he asks brothers to move back, all move back, Mayank says now put your guns down, all brothers put guns down, Mayank says dont move Bindya maa, he leaves Bindya’s neck and points gun at her, he says dont move, he shows papers and says these are property, business and whole begusarai’s papers which bindya already have given under my name, dont you remember? i took your signatures, Bindya is distort seeing all this, Mayank says one more surprise for you. Mayank says i gave contract to you to kill Bhavna so Adarsh’s marriage comes out to you and you kill his wife and unborn child in anger, half family went against you and now remaining family will be finished by me today, Ramakant says what are you saying Mayank? Mayank says i am saying truth, she gave me work to kill you but you are my father so i let you live but if you speak more then i will kill you, Ramakant says you are useless, Mayank says you kept telling me this from my childhood thats why i wanted to get free from middle class house thats why i trapped Soni in my love and acted like pet of Bindya, i waited for this day when whole family is divided against each other and i cant take credit alone for this, Ananya should be given credit too, if Ananya had not come in this house after marriage then my work wouldnt have become easy, you all had attention on Ananya so i did my work, Soni says i feel ashamed to call you my husband, i never thought that you would be so cheap, i did mistake to go against my family to marry you, she cries and folds her hand, she says i am sorry Bindya Maa, forgive me, whatever is happening today is because of me, Bindya feels bad for her, Mayank says my love why you are crying? you are my golden egg, i became rich because of you, i have become king so you have become queen, and our unborn child is begusarai’s heir, all are shocked to know that Soni is pregnant, Mayank says he is going to be prince, Bindya emotionally looks at Soni, Mayank says i have given you good news, you are going to be grand mother, i feel like touching your feet but i bow down then your sons will shoot me thats why i wont take your blessing but today i am going to become king and if i want to become king then you all have to die, all are stunned, Mayank says we will start with Bindya Maa, first you, Ananya says dont do this, this is wrong, stop it, Mayank says whats wrong? you should have done this, what this woman has given you? she made your life hell and you want to save her life? Ananya says yes i want to save her life, Bindya looks at her in surprise, Ananya says if we all hate each other then world will become blind. Mayank says you have become blind, dont you remember what this Bindya did with you? i wont stop today, i will finish this thakur family today, whole Begusarai will know who is real king, Ananya holds Mayank’s gun and comes infront of Bindya, she covers her and says first shoot me then because i am part of this family too, Mayank says move away else fire will be shot, Anany tries to snatch gun from him, bullet is fired by mistake and it hits Soni in her belly, all are shocked to see Soni shot.

PRECAP- Mayank cries and says i did all this for you Soni and for my baby, soni says its good then, i wont be able to live with person who would kill my whole family for wealth, she takes deep breaths, Bothers have grabbed Mayank from neck, Soni is taking last breaths, all are in daze.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    Awwww soni dies its so sad and i want shakti and ananya complete both sided love confession!????

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