Begusarai 16th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 16th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Bindya says she has ran twice. i don’t know if she is lucky or you all are useless. Adarsh says its not like that. Bindya says then what? You all can’t do a girl. Return her the money we have gotten in her name and tell them that Bindya lost. Garv says we won’t let you lose.
Adarsh says he is right we will find her. Bindya says that ananiya is trying to help her.
Ananiya is on call. Shakti comes in and asks whom are you talking to?She cuts the call and deletes history. Ananiya says baba. I was asking how he is. Do I need permission for that? Shakti says you have fasted then you should pay attention to praying. I can keep the phone. Ananiya says don’t you feel ashamed of your sins? you are going to kill a girl for money? Doesn’t your conscience wake up? Don’t have an answer. He says I didn’t promise and answer. She says this is your heart’s question. Shakti takes her downstairs. There are coals on the ground. Bindya says she has fasted so she will walk on them. Bindya says I know its tough but pandit ji says for my life you have to do it. Anaiya says I will do it.

Ananiya stands near the coal. She starts walking on the coal. Shakti says she won’t walk on coal if she is wrong. Ananiya falls, Shakti holds her. bindya says shakti says she decided this herself. she will do this on her own. Pandit ji says she is right no one can help her or she will have to do it alone. Shakti steps back. bindya says in heart if you don’t tell truth you will have to do through these punishments everyday. Ananiya says in heart one day all your sons will be with me, and you will be alone. Bindya says in heart they are my sons. They wont forget their mom’s favor. Bindya says what are you five doing here? Go find that girl. Shakti get the car ready.

Bhanvna is trying to run. Some people are following her. She sits with beggars. they say who are you? She says some thugs are after me please let me sit here. The women says we take favor not give them. Give us your bangles. Bhavna gives her the bangles.
A man calls Adarsh and says we have seen a new girl in beggars. Adarsh says we are reaching there as your men to keep an eye on her.
Shakti and Garv are looking for bhavna by showing her picture.
The beggar says to Bhavna you can get us more when we give you to maa thakurain.
Adarsh reaches there. The woman says that girl ran. Adarsh says you shouldn’t have ran from here. What if my brothers see you.

Precap-Bhavna is running on road. Garv and shakti are in the car coming in that direction. Maya tells Ananiya about her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I like the show specially the courage of ananya

  2. Intresting episode.but i dont know why shakti dosnt supporting anayya if he loves her.

  3. why is this going off air so soon ? we need to see more

  4. I read somewhere that Ananya will be asked to choose one of the guy from these five, but she will choose to go back to her home and Bindya will allow her to do so. That’s how it will end.

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