Begusarai 10th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 10th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Lakhan points gun at Priyom, Priyom points gun at him too and sys put your gun down, you have lost, Lakhan says i lost? you are alone here, Poonam is here too, i am more powerful than you here, i am taking Poonam from here, come tomorrow on my marriage with Poonam and dont try to be oversmart, Priyom says you have gone mad, who said i am alone here? see around, Lakhan looks around to find Priyom’ men standing on every building and pointing gun at Lakhan, Rekha and Bhushan comes there too, Bhushan points gun at Lakhan and says i have raise gun not on my son but against injustice, i have thakur first than Father and thakur cant let injustice happen even if his son is involved in it, Rekha says what are you saying? Bhushan shouts be silent, if you come inbetween today then you will be

shot first, he ask Lakhan to surrender, Lakhan says i wish i studied in english medium school,i dont know meaning of surrender neither i want to know it, i only know one word and that is win and it will be mine, Dolt throws gas bomb there, it becomes all smokey, Priyom cannot see, Priyom orders to not shoot, Lakhan and Dolt runs away, Priyom comes to Poonam and ask are you fine, she nods, he says we should go back home.

Scene 2
At haveli, Guddi and Maya are sad about marriage breaking, Guddi says dont know what is happening in this house, Maya says sometime back all were happy and see now, they leave. Pinto and Soni find find toffees on stairs, Pinto says dont know from where it came here, they to eat it, they eat it, Bindya sees them and says eat it, i have brought it, Soni and Pinto feels dizzy, they fall unconscious, Bindya says our first plan but i had backup plan too, i will use these kids, she ask Ghungroo to put them in bag.
Poonam is tensed in her room, Birla comes to her and ask her to drink to water, Poonam drinks, Birla says thank God you are fine, what about Priyom? Poonam says he is fine too, Birla leaves, Poonam looks at her mehndi.
Phulan says to Badi amma that dont Poonam and Priyom are fine, Priyom comes and says everything is fine, Lakhan couldnt do anything but ran away, Phulan blesses him and says to Bhushan that i know you are in tension, its difficult to point gun at son so i want you to be away from this fight, dont take my side or Lakhan’s side, Bhushan says i will take side of right, wrong cannot become right if i get silent, they find someone beating, they come in hall to find Mitlaish beating some men, Phulan stops him and ask what are you doing? Mitliash says they are jewelers, they made Lakhan enter here, i will kill them, Priyom ask him to not beat them, jewelers ask Priyom to save them, Priyom says its not their fault, Lakhan had kidnapped their families and blackmailed them, its not their mistake, Priyom says sorry to jewelers and ask them to go, jewelers says you are great, we promise you that if need arise then we will give our life for you, they leave, Mitlaish says wow Priyom thakur is going great, if this is what you all want then Lakhan can come and can say Priyom is great then all will forgive him? we should make poster of Priyom that come and take his blessing, Phulan says what Priyom has done is right, jewelers were forced to do all that, our family matter is now on roads of begusarai and as king i have to make sure that our house fire’s should not burn any other house, Mitlaish says when royal family is suffering then people will suffer too, Phulan says its king’s work to protect his people, Mitlaish says let me be, i am fine to be away from all this and i am leaving without saying that Priyom is great so sorry, he leaves, Phulan says to Priyom that you did right, how is Poonam? Priyom says she is fine, Phulan says take care of her, she needs you right now.

Scene 3
Gudi says to Poonam that your mehndi is color is great, Najma says this means Priyom loves you alot, Poonam says i am afraid if anything happens to Priyom, i am afraid of Lakhan’s anger and madness, this all is happening because of me, Guddi says its not your fault, Priyom comes and says guddi is right, he says to Poonam that you take blame of everything on you, its your childhood problem, he curtly looks at Guddi, he sit infront of Poonam, he holds her hands and says we are in this situation but not because of you, its not your fault, Lakhan didnt take care of you and then Phulan announced our marriage, you are in this problem because of me, even if anything happens to me then dont blame yourself, promise me, she glares at him, her tear falls on his hands, he says my hand got burned because of you tears, she laughs, Priyom ask her to keep smiling, he is about to leave, Poonam stops him, she ask him if you are pressurized for this marriage? Priyom looks on.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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