Beginning of our love life OS

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Hi guys..its os presented by henny..after reading it..plz comments it..I’ll be wait for ur valuable comments…

Marriage venue
A girl is crying..all r worrying.. About marriage..
around the people..One of the boy felling sad for
Girl father : don’t child..
Girl mom : then what she will do..shekar..who
will marry her..whose marriage stops on her
marriage day..
Shekar : but what can we do..I did not think..that
he can do like this..mishti..

Sharmishta : I’m also should not think..but he did
it..he always..makes us happy..if he loves
someone..then y he agreed for this marriage..

Shekar : don’t talk about u get
that..swara stop will became ill…
Swara : cryingly.. What was my fault dad..y its
happened to me..
Her parants r get tears on their eyes seeing their
daughter.. Who r broken completely..

One man : who will marry her..she will stay with u both
her lifelong..
Another man : ya he said right..who knows may
be she has any problem..

All r started to taunts her..hearing all this she
cries badly..that boy gets angry on them..her
parents also crying..
That boy : don’t u all have any humanity on
her..what she did to u all.. Y r u taunting her like
Man : y r u supporting u know her…
Boy : nods no..I’m first time seeing her..
Another : then move from here…
Boy : got even more angry…so u all r know her
All : nods s…
Boy : k..tell me one thing..did she does anything
wrong..till now..r hurts u all..
All : nods no…
Boy : then how can u all taunts her.. Like this..
Small boy : bhaiya…di is so good.. She always
help us..whenever we needs a help..s na
guys..looks at his friends..

All children’s : r nods s..she is our sweet sis…
Swara and her parents r looks at all this..but
they didn’t stop cry..she did not saw the boy
who r supporting her.. Because he is facing his back on
her..childrens r runs to her..wipes her tears by
there small..hands.. She saw them..and cries
hugging them..
Boy : sees it..and looks at others.. Who r bows
down their head..
Man : but who r u..y r u concern for her..
Boy : what will u do if I says my name…
Another man : if she does not have any problem r did anything then y that boy leaves her on marriage day…

Boy : gets angry.. Y u all r blaming girls
always..who don’t done anything and a boy done
anything to them…then also..why u all think that
girls can do any mistake..they r also
humans..they have same feelings,angry,
Lady : if u say like this..then can u marry a girl
like her..whoes marriage it..
All r shocked to here this..especially swara and
the boy..they both looks at each other..first time
their boy feels some connection
with her..and can’t see her like this..
Boy : s..I’ll marry her..
All : what…
Sharmishta,shekar and swara looks at him
Boy : moves to them..sorry I didn’t have the
rights to take any decision.. But due to
Shekar : holds his beta..u saved
us..from their taunting..thank u..
Boy : no..uncle don’t say like this..
Sharmishta : u don’t know we r also
don’t know u..then also u stand for us..thank u
beta..folds her hand..

Boy : aunty..plz..looks at swara..
Shekar : beta whatever u did its enough for
us..don’t take decision angrily..
Boy : uncle..its my decision.. And i never
backedoff from my decision..
Sharmishta : r u sure..
Boy : nods s…
Swara : hearing all this by cryingly.. She don’t know what is happening around her..
Sharmishta: makes swara stand and leads that boy and swara towards mandap..
Marriage started.. But swara didn’t looked at him..cries continuously.. Thinking about her destiny..marriage get finished..
Swara and that boy takes blessing from shekar and sharmishta..
Shekar : take care of my daughter.. Beta..what is ur name..who r u…and …how u came here..
Boy : smiles…my self..sanskar maheswari…son
of durgaprashad maheswari…running in
All : r looks at him..shockingly… They did not
expect it..
Sanskar : smirks looking at all..who r staring at
him shockingly… Continued.. I’m came here for
my friend..because he unable attend this he send me behalf of him..
Sharmishta : what’s his name..???
Sanskar : abhishek…
Shekar : ya..he is like our son also..and like
elder brother to swara..they both r not real
brother and sister..but they both r more than
that…I’m happy……ahhhhhhh

Swara : hearing his scream..comes to her
sense..looks at her dad…
Sharmishta : shekar what happen to u…shekar..
Swara : dad… to…dad…
Sanskar : calls doctor.. And takes him to room..
Doctor comes..checks him..
Sanskar : what happened to him..
Doctor : due to stress..he got minor heart
attack…don’t give him any tension.. Plz take
care of him..
Swara : nothing happen to dad.. Na..
Doctor : he is fine..k I should take leave
now..give medicines on time..
Sharmishta :
Sanskar : aunty give the prescription.. I’ll bye
Sharmishta : its k beta..I’ll buy it..
And call me ma r mom..k..
Sanskar : I’m also like ur son
na..then give it to me..I’ll brought this..
Sharmishta : but..
Sanskar : no if…and buts..give it me..
Sharmishta : smiles..gave that to him..

Sanskar : takes that moves from there..comes
out of the room..and sees children’s r waiting..
Goes to them..
Sanskar : hi..bachus…
Children’s : hi..jiju..
Sanskar : smiles hear it..
One girl : u r to good like our swara di…
Sanskar : really..
Boy : s..bro..we r liked u..when ur supporting to
our sis..she always makes us smiles..seeing her
like that..we wanna kill that man who made our
sis cry..angrily..
Sanskar : smiles seeing their love for swara…so
if I did any wrong to ur sis..then i m gone right…
All : nods s..cutely..
Sanskar : acts like scared..plz don’t do anything
to me..I won’t hurt her..
All : laughs…
Girl : we know that very well bhaiya…
Sanskar :
Boy : the way u supported our sis..and ur
thought about girls..
Sanskar : smiles.. Hears it..
Girl : and we also love u like our di…plz take
care of her..
Sanskar : k..
Swara : comes out looks at them..and goes nears….y r u troubling him..
Sanskar : no..they r not troubling me..but says to
take care of..u…
Swara : looks at them it..
All : nods s..but didn’t speak..
Swara : gets that they all r angry on her..sorry…
All : turns their head..other side..
Sanskar : them…

Swara : so u all r angry on ur sweet sis..ha..
All : sees her..but stays silent…
Swara : starts to act..oh god..y r u pushing
me..what I did to u…see now my friends r angry
on me…u always does with me…start to cry..
Sanskar and children’s : r gets worried..seeing
Children’s : oh no..we made u cry and sad na
di…sorry plz..forgive us..plz but don’t cry…k we
all r forgave…hugs her..
Swara : hugs them..smiles winningly… But hides
Sanskar : noticed it..gets surprised seeing her
like this..
Swara : really..u all forgave
All : s..but one condition…
Swara : what..k..say..
All : smiles looks at each other..u have to do
whatever we say..
Swara : nods in s..innocently…
All : we will tell that tomorrow.. Now plz prepare
some snacks for us…
Swara : u all r did not have anything..
All : no…
Swara : r u all mad ?..
Boy : oh..hello…who is mad..its u..
Swara : what me..what I did..arun..
Girl : u only made us eat na..seriously… U r
forget that also..good..very good..
Swara : many things
happened..that’s y I didn’t realised
Ritu : sorry di..don’t be sad..siya..Priya..rahul..sunny..come..with me..
Swara : areeyyy..where r u going..
All : wait here..we will come…
Swara : nods..
Sanskar : comes there after get the medicines
from driver..and sees all it…standing near the
Swara : thinks whatever happened today..and
tears r started to come out from her eyes..
Sanskar : saw it..his heart ached seeing her like
this.. Moves towards her..
Swara : turns and sees him..wipes her
Sanskar : comes to her.. dont know what to
speak..Here is dads medicines…
Swara : first saw him..then looks at his
hand..then takes it..
Sanskar : about to leave..but stops hearing her..
Swara : one minute..oh…I m sorry cause of
me..u r facing its all..and why r u ruined ur life
by marrying me..
Sanskar : looks at her..then says..its not ur
fault..y r u asking sorry..did u forced me to
marry u..
Swara : no..but..
Sanskar : then leave it..whatever happens it
happened.. So let it be..
Swara : about to say something.. Children’s r
coming there..runningly..
Sanskar : hey guys..slowly.. Y so fast..
Rahul : oh…o..h…wait..
All takes a breath…swasan r looking at them
Arun : di..sit here..
Swara : y…an….
Ritu : pulls her down makes her sit..

Rahul : pulls sanskar..makes him sit near swara..
Swasan felt awkward…because they r close to
each other…
Siya : here..take it and make us eat..
Swara : smiles..takes a bit..and about to feed
Rahul : holds her hand..make her eat it..
Swara : smiles with tears..and start to feed
them..and next is sanskar..
Sanskar : looking at them amazingly… Seeing
their band…
Swara : about to feed him in flow..seeing him she
Priya : y u stopped di..feed jiju also na..jiju u
also have to feed our di…
Swasan looks at each other..
Swara : no..let it be..
Sunny : no..u both have to do it..for us..u said na that u do will whatever we say then do it..
All : it na..for us..plz..
Swasan dont have other option.. So they does it..
Swara : first hesitate.. And feeds him..
Sanskar : feeds her..and feeds childrens
also…after that..

Rahul : k..di..jiju..we have to go..good night..
Swasan : good night…
All kisses their cheeks and left..swasan
smiles..and moves to shekar room..
Sharmishta : u both go and sleep..swara take him
to ur room..
Swara : nods simply..and leads him to her room..
Sanskar : enters in her room..its looking so
beautiful.. Saying this..he looks at each and
corner of her room..
Swara : just stared him..and move to cupboardget some clothes for him and gives it to him..
Sanskar : looks at her..
Swara : don’t buy its for abhi u can use it..
Sanskar : nods..takes that..go to freshup..
When he comes out of washroom.. Swara
goes..and comes after few minutes.. Hearing the
door opening sound sanskar turns..and
memorized to see her..swara sees him..
Swara : moves to bed..
Sanskar : takes pillow and moves to couch..
Swara : hold his hand..
Sanskar : current passes through his body..sees her..
Swara : sorry…leaves his hand..where r u going..
Sanskar : going to sleep on couch..
Swara : no… u can sleep on bed..
Sanskar : then where will u sleep…
Swara : wo..we r got married.. We can share
bed..and I’ll put pillow wall between us..
Sanskar : agreement..
Swara : arrange the bed…
Both sleep on bed..but sleep far away from
them..swara sits on the bed..sanskar sees it..he
also sat..
Swara : y r u awake till now..
Sansakr : new ..and u..
Swara : whenever i closed my eyes today incident only cominh in front me…
Sanskar : divert that topic..k..we r
married..but we can will be friend will help us to come out
from this mess..
Swara : self swara sharma…bits
her tongue.. sorry..swara sanskar maheswai..
Sanskar : smiles at her. I’m sanskar
maheswari..owner of meheswari industry..
Swara : I’m a teacher..
Sanskar: good.. Which subject…
Swara : laughs.. I’m not that type of teacher..I’m
music teacher..
Sanskar : feels happy in his heart..seeing her like then whenever I want..I can here
u music..
Swara : nods..
Sanskar : k..its to late..sleep now..morning u will
feel better..
Swara : nods lie on bed..and sleeps..
Sanskar : sleeps.. Having smile on his face..
Swara was up early.. And get fresh up..takes out
one set of dress for him..and left from there..
Sanskar : wake up..sees swara is not there..gets
up immediately.. Looks at the room to search
her…and sees a note on side table.. Reads it..
Hi friend..
I know u will search me..that’s y I write go
get fresh up..and come down..ur clothes r on
bed take that..

Your new friend and wife..

Sanskar : smiles reading a wife word..and goes
to fresh up..and comes down..
Swara : praying to god..
Sanskar : lost seeing her..she wears red
saree..looking gorgeous..
Swara : feels his gaze on her..turns..and she
also lost in him..
Both don’t know what’s happening with them..its
new for them..swara came to aarthi
to him..he takes it…
Sanskar : waked up..
Swara : nods s..
Sanskar : k..I’ll go and see him..
Shekar : sharmishta..its enough.. I can’t eat
Swara : Noway..u have to..
Shekar : u r my daughter na..I will give dairy milk
Swara : a kid..
Shekar : took a relief sign..
Sharmishta : shook her head in disbelief..
Sansakar : looks on..seeing all this..
Swara : but u r not I don’t want
chocolate.. U have to eat all..right now..strictly..
Shekar : pouts..just then he saw

sanskar..oh..sorry beta..
Sanskar : its k..uncle..
Shekar : me dad r papa..not ur my daughter husband.. And our son also..for us..
Sanskar : smiles..k..papa..
Sharmishta : did u informed u parents about this..tensely..
Sanskar : looks at her tensed face..goes to I informed them..they will come here along with abhi..u don’t worry..
Shekar : they r should dream about u marriage..But it happened like this..thank u beta..for saving my daughter self respect.. And ours
Sanskar : papa..not again..right now she is my wife..and u both r my family.. But i think u all didn’t consider me like this..poutingly
Swara : smiles..unknowingly.. When she hears he
said his wife from his mouth..
Sharmishta : nothing like that beta..we blessed
to have a son like u..says with tears..
Sanskar : smiles..widely..

Shekar : hugs him..sanskar also reciprocates it..
That time abhi comes there runningly..towards them..
They broke the hug..
Abhi : thank u so much sanskar..for whatever u
Sanskar : now u also that time what
my heart told..I don’t make me
Abhi : smiles..and sees swara who r
pouting..goes to her..
Swara : sees him..turns her face..
Abhi : doll angry..on me..
Swara : y should I..who I’m to u..angrily..
Abhi : thinks..” Now I’m gone”..arrry..y r u angry
on me..for I’m not attending ur marriage..ha…
Swara : did not speak..
Abhi : darling..see I came here to saw u..but r u
angry on me..sweetheart…
Sanskar : gets jealous.. Hearing darling and
sweetheart.. But he know he is like her
brother..don’t no what he is thinking..

Swara : just get lost..don’t talk to me..
Abhi : how can I leave..when my sweet sister is
angry on me..
Swara : now only u think I’m ur sister..where r u
when I need u badly.. Says with tears..
Abhi : sorry na..doll..if I came then how will u
got married with sanskar..
Swara : looks at sanskar..and smiles..ya u said
correct..but still im angry on u..
Abhi : gives pleading and puppy dog eyes..all
smiles looking at him..sanskar gets surprise
seeing him like this..because he never saw him like this…
Girl : near 23 comes good
swara..only u can make him like this..

Swara : smiles widely.. Pragya..runs to her hugsher..
Abhi : mm..I can’t handle this cat alsocame..dont know what will happen to
Sanskar : smiles..hearing him..I think now u r dead..puts a hand on him..
Abhi : glares at him..
Swara : how r u..pragya..
Pragya : I’m fine..and I’m feeling bad for
whatever happen yesterday..but I’m happy for u that u got a husband like sanskar..his is adorable…
Swasan : smiles..
Abhi : sanskar ur parents r in hall..
Sanskar : ha..I’ll come just now..leaves from see his parents..
Swara ,shekar and sharmishta r tensed..after sometime sanskar enters in the room along with his parents..seeing them shekar..sharmishta..and swara r shocked..then smiles at each other..
Sanskar and abhigya r hell confused seeing their reaction..
Dp : r u..see u both after long
time…hugs him..
Ap : hugs sharmishta..they also accept that..
Shekar : we r r both..
Ap : we r also fine..bhai..
Dp : where is my princess..
Shekar : she is here only durgu..points to swara..
Ap : looks at she our princess..
Sharmishta : smiles and nods..
Ap : ur name is swara..right..
Swara : r u ??…ap cares her
hair..and how u all know each
Sanskar : mom..and dad what about that durgu..and princess..its all confusing me…and mom how do u know swara..
Abhiya : here also same condition..
Others : r smiling..
Dp : me and shekar r childhood best
friends..because of circumstances we r
separated.. Now im happy..
Ap : and swara is our princess..we love her lot..
Sanskar : more than me..asked cutely..
All : smiles..
Shekar : no..u r our Prince.. We both love u a
Sanskar : really..thank u papa..hugs him..and
Shekar smiles..dp signals him not to say..but
sanskar compels him..
Shekar : sorry..its ur dad’s Nick name given by
Dp : shekar u..never leave a
Shekar : what to do..I’m habituated..
Ap : mm..about to swara..I know her before.. (To
dp )..that day I’m talking about a
nods) she is the same girl..
Dp : mm..i think god heared ur wish that’s y he
made her ur dil..
Sharmishta : what r u both talking..we can’t
understand that..
All r confused by their talk..

Ap : hahahaha..sharmu..I meet swara few days
before..she helped me…and also others..I like her
lot..and wish to make her my dil..thats it..
Swasan : at a time what…both r embarrassed..
Abhi : seems like..u both have many connection
and gods blessing also..
Swasan blushed it..swara lefts from there making
Swara : oh..I ll make coffee for u all..runs from
All r smiles looking at her..sanskar admirers

Sharmishta : k..all come for breakfast..
Dp : ya..bhabi..
Ap : mm..
All r sitting in dining table..chatting..swara and pragya serves all..
Sanskar : ma..its too good..u have a magic on ur hand…i love u..
Dp : ha..but taste is different buy its really..nice..
Sharmishta : haha..of course..taste will be
different.. Because its all prepared by swara only..
Sanskar : what..

Ap : smiles..she is to other girl..
Abhi : gets teasing idea..sanskar..what u
said..ha..I love u tell this to swara..
Swara : smiles..hearing it..get shocked..
Sanskar : shut up..abhi..r else I ll kill u..
Abhi : whatever u have to..what say
pragya..winks at her..
Pragya : got his intention.. Ya sanskar..u have to..
Parents r smiling.. Because they now..abhigya r pulling his leg..sanskar don’t know what to
do..swara just staring him..cant see him like this..
Swara : bhai..stop it..
Abhi : sister is spoke to I’m leaving u now..but not next time..smirks at him..
Sansakr : take a relief breath..but he is
happy..when abhi told him to say I love u to
swara..don’t know..y..
Swara : sees his relax face..
Sanskar : signals her thank u..
Swara : comes near my friendship no thank u..k.
Sanskar : nods with…wide smile..on his face..
Pragya : what r u both talking..that to ear to
ear..tell us na..

Swara : oh..nothing..
Abhi : really..
Swasan : glare at him…he gulps..
After finish it..elders r speaking..about
reception.. Younger r move to swara room..
Abhi : I’m really happy..for u swara..he is loving…caring person..but sometimes get hiper..but i think u will can control him..wink and smiles naughtily..
Swara : blushed..
Sanskar : saw his naughty smile..
Pragya : shut up..she is ur sister and he is ur friend..
Abhi : oh..miss u shut up..
Pragya : y should I..u close ur mouth..
Abhi : no..ya how can I forget that..u can’t zip ur mouth for a sec also…
Pragya : throws a killer look to him..he gets
scared..just then they hears laughing sound..and turns sees swasan laughing at them..
Swasan : hahahaha..u both can’t stay together without fighting na..
Abhi : without fighting..there is nothing fun..and I love to fight with her..
Pragya : and I love to irritate him..

Swara : u both r same as before..
Pragya : ya…That’s y we r together now also..
Abhi : and ya..sanskar u want to meet my sweety
na..and swara u want meet my close friend na..
Swasan : nods..
Abhi : so she is my sweety..and he is my close friend..
Swasan : what..

Abhi : s..its true..
Parents r comes there..behind them bachus r comes..
Dp /ap : k..we have to leave now..
Bachus: soon..sadly..
Hearing the voice all turns..and sees them..who having hears in their eyes..and sad..
Swara : runs to them..hugs..they also hugs her
All : di..don’t go..if u go whi will make us smile. And feed us..and
Swara : cries..but bachus r
crying.. So bad..
All : u r leaving us na..innocently..
Swara : gets emotional..I will come to see u all..
Ritu : promise..
Swara : pinky promise..

All : smiles..

Abhi : won’t hug ur bhai..
All runs to him..Hus him..and also pragya..after sometime dp..ap..swasan..left..abhigya..
Consoles shemish..and they also left..swasan reaches home..ap make swara
grahapravesh..and takes swara to sanskar room..
Swara enters..and see the room..

Ap : now its ur room also..go change the dress..
Swara : nods..go to washroom.. Forget to take a cloth…im forget to take my clothes…what will do now..sees sanskar shirt..thinks for a while..and wears it..
San enters the room…he…forget that swara also a swara comes out..wearing his shirt..hearing the door sound..he turns..get awestruck to see swara in his shirt..swara looks up..saw him..screams ahhhhh..he came to sense..turns quickly.. Swara takes clothes runs to washroom..
Sanskar : blushed…hits his stupid u r sanskar..

Swara : blushed..comes out..avoid eye contact with him..I’m going to down..
Sanskar : just nods..sorry..I forget that I’m
Swara : its k..left to down..
Sanskar change the dress..and goes down to eat dinner..all r had dinner..and goes to
sleep..swasan share the bed without pillow.. Cause bed is large.. And in mid night..swara shivers due to ac..moves towards him unknowingly.. And hugs him..he also in deep sleep puts hand on her waist..both feels heat and warmath..and sleeps peacefully..

Sun rays peeps to their room..and fell on
sanskar..he opens his eyes..and feels hot bearth on his neck..turns and sees swara so close to him..smiles at her innocent face..and then his eyes fell on his hand which is holding on her shocked..thinks how is it happen..and removes his hand immediately… When is
thinking that..swara wakeup..with a smile.. And sees sanskar close..and saw herself hugging him tightly.. Gets up with a jerk shockingly.. Both r gets awkward… Swara runs to washroom taking her cloths..sanskar seeing it smiles at her
act..swara comes out wearing a green

saree..sanskar looking at her without
blinking..swara sees him..the way he is looking at her..she gets shy..sanskar control his emotion moves to get ready…both get ready..swara
comes down to prepare breakfast..finishing it..she goes to temple.. And does aarthi by singingly.. Hearing her sweet voice..sanskar..dp..­ ap..and servants r came near her..she involved
in didn’t notice them..

Swara : turns..and sees all r looking at
her..smilingly.. She to smiles and takes blessing from dp and prashad to them..and moves to sanskar gives to him also..and gives all servants..all servants r looking at her surprisingly..
Servant : can we get that..
Swara : y..u r also human us..then..
Servant : but we r ur servants..
Swara : smiles..for me u r also like us..take this kaka..I’m first time giving u all..but u all r not at all happy..says poutingly..
All smiles at her act..including San..ap..dp..they r get impressed by her talk..and her thought.. They r overwhelmed by her..
All servants : we will take it..beta..god bless
u..and live happily.. Like this..congrats for ur marriage..
Swara : smilingly.. Thank u and takes blessing from that kaka..went to dining table to arranged the breakfast..
Dp : we r happy..beta..can’t express by word..I think we did good thing for our previous birth.. That’s y we got u..
Swara : I’m blessed to have u all in my life..
Ap : we r proud of..u beta..

Sanskar : u sings well..swara I liked ur voice..And ur thoughts also..
Swara : smiles shyly..thanked him..and serves them all..
Sanskar : saw the gheer..and taste yummmy..says like kid..
Swara ..ap..dp..giggles seeing him..ap and her a gift for make a wonderful
dishes..sanskar about to go for office..
Dp : sanskar where r u going..
San : of course..going to office dad..y r u asking like that..
Ap : u got married yesterday only..and today ur going to office.. disbelief..
San : but work..

Dp : work is all always there..but we have to
give some time for home for one
week..u have leave..and take swara out..and talk
to each other.. Then only u both understand
each other..
Swara : work also important
Dp : smiles..but not more than my child’s
San :
Dp left to office..ap goes to mandhir..abhigya
comes to meet them..
Abhi : hello guys..

Swasan : smiles..hugs him..
Pragya hugs swara..and side hugs sanskar..
Swa : u all talk..I’ll come with coffee and
Abhi : I want my special coffee made by ur
hand..I’m literally missing a days..
Swa : sure bhai..
San : what was that special coffee..
Pragya : smiles..says with natural ingredients..
San : then I’m also want it..made for me also swara..
Swara : k..sanskar..she goes to kitchen with

Abhi : sanskar can I ask u something..
San : ya..
Abhi : its ur personal..
San : don’t hesitate..I’m friend only..not tiger..k.
Abhi : r u like swara??..
San : smiles..yes..abhi..y r u asking it now..
Abhi : gets relax after hearing it..nothing just
wanna confirm it..
San : k..
Swara and pragya comes there with snacks and
coffee..and gives to them..sanskar sips the
coffee..looks at swara..
Swara : sat next to him..sees his face
expression…r u not like it..sadly…

San : no..
Abhigya : him dead glare..swara get
even more sad..
San : I mean..I like it very tensions r
gone. Thank u for it..
Swara : face lighten up..and hits him on
shoulder.. U scared me..
San : hahahah..but u look cute..
Swa : ha..I’m sad..but u said cute..angrily..
San : pulls her u r even more
cute..smiles at her..
Swa : seeing his smiling face..she also smiles..
Abhigya : stares at them amazingly.. With in one
day they shares a good bond..they both
forgetting their presences also..looks at each
other smiles seeing them like this..

Abhi : oh..hello we r also here..
Pragya : seems like we both disturbed them..
Abhi : ya..
San : stop ur acting..and we r sorry..k..
Swa : hmm..sorry bhai..sorry pragya..says
cutely..anyone melts seeing her..
Abhi : no..doll..its k..see what I have buy for u..
Swa : like a kid..what me na..
Abhi : smiles…Gives dairy milk to her..
Swa : jump on him..takes chocolate.. Hug
him..and kissed his cheeks…
San : looks on..
Pragya : laughs seeing san expression.. And
gives them small gift from their side..
San : took it..
Abhi : swara can I ask u one thing..

Swa : yes..bhai u can..and when started to ask permission from me…
Pragya : u were his u r married..
Swa : but I’m always ur sister same as bhai u have all
rights on me..i m always ur sis only..k..
San : who says that..she can’t be ur sister aftermarriage..
Abhi : thank u..for understanding.. Her sanskar..
San : I’m ur friend..and she is also my friend and my wife..I can do anything for her happiness..Urs don’t be formal..k..
Abhi : k..and swara I didn’t get one thing..that ur marriage stopped..i dont see any sad on ur face..ur happy..seeing ur happy face..I’m also happy..but wanna ask it..
Swa : smiles..fades after hear it..and that
incident came to her eyes..san put a hand

around her side hug..smiles at him..that I’m fine’..bhai u said correct..but I’m not sad for it..because u know the reason..that I agreed this marriage only for my I’m
not all affected by it..but I’m happy that get a life patner like sanskar..he understands
me..bhai..we r friends now..
Abhi : sister growned up..
Pragya : she already grown was u only think her kid..
Abhi : ha she is my kid sister only..don’t be
Swasan : not again..guys…

They talk sometime..and had lunch..abhigya left…
On the way..

Abhi : pragya I think both r like each other..
Pragya : I’m also thinking same..but the did not realised it..
Abhi : we have to make them understand it..
Pragya : ya..but not now..later..
Abhi : k..I want their happiness only..
Pragya : that will happen..
Swa : sanskar I have to go out..will come in one hour..
San : wait I’ll come with u..
Swa : but..

San : shh..I said na..
Swa : k..come..
They come out..and sat in car..sanskar
drives..swara shows him path..they
reached..then only..sanskar noticed that..its graveyard..
San : swara what we r going to do here..and y u
want to come here..
Swa : smiles..come I’ll tell u..

San : k..they gets down of car..moves in..and swara goes to one of them..and placed a flowers on it..and prays..
Swa : turns..its my friend priya..she died in
health problem… She is so close to me..we both always together..after her left..I did not made any friend and talk..seeing me like parents and bhai..gets worried..and at that time bhai only support me and gets out form that..and then pragya helped me..that’s y bhai is so close to me..and protective towards me..and
pragya also..and whenever good happen to
me..I came to share this to this
graveyard..says with tears..

San : who listen and saw tears in her eyes..hugs
her..shhh..I with u na..seeing u like this she will not feel give me a smile..
Swa : feels secure in his arms..looks at him
San : k..come..he turns but did not saw the tree near his sudden turn..his hand get hurt..ahh..
Swara : what happened sanskar..sees the wound in his hand..angrily..u r careless..who said to
turn suddenly.. That to without seeing
anything..sanskar smiles at her..for her caring towards him..swara apply cream on his wound when they reach home..

Days passed like it..swasan closeness also
increased day by day..but did not realised for their love..reception also gets over..on this days..
One day
Heavy rain..sanskar comes home..full drenched..And sneezing..continuously..
Swa : see him like this.. Gets worried..what
happen sanskar..why u all wet..
San : car repaired in mid way..thought to come by walk..but suddenly rain started..due to that I’m wet all..
Swa : gives him angry look..
San : smiles..but again sneezes..
Ap : k..go change ur dress..
Dp : mm..I will call doctor..
San : No no..I m fine..sneeze.
Swa : ya..we can see that..angrily..
San : I’m don’t need doctor..

Swa : stop behaving like kid sanskar..ur
continuously sneezing.. Doctor inject u one
injection.. U will became fine..
San : eyes widen hearing it.. Injection.. No..I
Swa : y..
Ap/dp : smiles..
Swa : r u laughing..
Ap : beta..he is affaired of injection.. That’s
y..he behaving like this..
Swa : smiles at him..k..u go change ill come with ur dinner..
San : nods..but no doctor k..

Swa : nods..san I’ll take care of him..u both don’t worry..
Ap /dp : nods..left..
Swara makes khada for him..and takes it along with dinner..
San : eats dinner..and swa gives him khada..san makes faces..
Swa : sanskar stop making faces..drink it..
San : no..its bitter..I can’t..
Swa : will be..but reduce u cold easily.. Come drink this…
San : no..gets up..start to move back..swa move towards him…he hits the bed and falls..
Swa : holds him..but falls on him..
San : lost in her…

Swa : taking a opportunity.. Sanskar u can do anything for me na..san nods. Then drink it..make him drink..
San : tasting the bitter..comes to sense..u r so a kid..
Swa : ya..for u health..
San : graps her.. Hugs her tightly.. And sleeps..
Swa : smiles..hugs him back..and sleeps…
They both habitual for this..due to ac..swara feels cold..sanskar can’t see her like they both sleeping each other embrace..
After 2 days…
Swa : receive a call..after that.. She cries.. And runs out..
San : also receive a call..he also runs from
They both reached the lonely place..and start to search something..r someone.. Both r searching madely..

When they both see each other..hugs each other tightly.. And even more..
San : swara r u all right..kisses her forehead.. Tightly..
Swa : ha..but what happen to u..
San : i m fine..nothing happen to me..
Swa : don’t leave me..I can’t live without u..
San : I’m also..I can’t imagine my life without u…I love u swara..
Swa : I love u too sanskar..
Swa : but that call..
San : what call..which call..swara…
Swa : that caller said that u meet with accident.. Hearing that my heart stops to beat for a sec..
San : I’m also got a news like it..but who did
Abhigya : we r only..
San : y u both did like that..angrily..
Abhi : we don’t have other option..
Swa : for what..

Pragya : by make u realised and confessing ur love to each other..but hearing that.. U both forget to call each other.. And came here running..both loving each other..we all know
that…but u both didn’t realised it…
Abhi : so we do it for that only..
Swasan : realised it..that they confessed their love to each other..and smiles..
Swa : thank u bhai..u r the best..hugs him..
Abhi : hugs her..back..I want ur happiness..
That’s it..
Pragya : k..we r leaving now..bye..
Swasan : nods..they both left them alone..
Swasan looks at each other..swara gets
shy..looks down..
San : smiles..swara I want hear it again..plz tell
me one more time..
Swa : nods no.

San : plz..
Swa : I love u sanskar..hugs him..
San : I love u too..beginning of our love life started in our marriage only..hugs her..both break the
hug..san sees her lovingly.. Swara can’t face
him..tries to go..but sanskar hold her by waist
pull her. She landed on his chest…and both r
lost..sanskar leans to her..swara closes her
eyes..soon their they kissed each
other sweetly..but it turns..hungry and wanted
one..and a long kiss..out of each
other..breathing heavily.. And hugs..after that
they both goes home..but to their surprise no
one in they moves towards their
room..opening the room they both r shocked to
see the decoration..and saw the note on
table..san takes it..and reads..

Hi guys..
We know u both want some privacy
uncle and aunty r staying in swras home..enjoy

Your friends
Swasan smiles reading it..san close the
door..and looks at swara lovingly.. Swara runs to
balcony.. That time rain starts..swara play with
rain..drench full..seeing her like this..sanskar is
now out of control..moves towards hers..pulls
her towards waist..and smashed his lips
on her..first she was shock.. Then reciprocate
it..and sanskar carries her in his arms..and made
her lie on bed..and they both consummates their
marriage.. And slept in hugging each other

One year later..
They both blessed by to got a girl baby..and a
boy baby.. Shemish.. and abhigya..also lives with
them in one mansion..they all lives their life

I hope u all love it..plz drop the comments…

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