How They Become Kaachi? Episode 14

Hello guys, how are you hope you will be fine. And thank you so much for unpredictable love.
Guys I know that I do lots of grammatical mistakes but it does not mean that I’m killing the English language coz one person cannot kill any language. U know my friends ,many tourist are comes in our country they are trying to speak our language so we are not tells them please don’t speak our language coz you are killing our language it’s freaking horrible we are getting headache during listening you. I don’t think we all are saying that to them infect we are happy that they are trying to speaking, trying to learning. We are motivate them not degrade them. So I’m very disappointed of such like that thinking of some peoples. Nowadays so many words are including in the English language. Recently new word fakir is included in the Cambridge dictionary which means “bikhari” fakir is comes from Urdu language.

So it’s a humble request to whom that gets headache during reading this ff does not read it. It’s harmful for health.
Sorry guys I cooked so much my whining. Now let’s move on.
…………………………………………….Episode 14……………………………………………………………………

Kabir comes there and says Maa.

Saanchi remove her tears that were appeared from her eyes.

Kabir annoyingly looking them then asks

Kabir: what happens?

Kusum: nothing beta, you talk with her I will make something for her.

Saanchi: no aunty ji no need of all that.

Kusum: aise kese zariirat nahi hai? You come here first time so I’ll make for you something.

She says to Kabir

Kusum: Kabir tum apna Saanchi ko kiun nhi dikhaate?

Kabir: Maa iss ki kiya zaroorat hai?

Kusum: Kabir I saying you to go.

Kabir: (with puppy face) come Saanchi.

Kusum: (smiles) that’s like my Kabir.

Saanchi and Kabir going to Kabir’s room they are walking on the stairs, Kabir is walking behind Saanchi then suddenly Saanchi is falling Kabir holds her from waist, Saanchi glaring to Kabir he is also lost in her beautiful eyes. They get a romantic an eye lock.

Kusum comes here and says “Kabir”.

They hear it, and then quickly get away from each other.

Kusum: (smiling) what’s going on here?

Kabir: Maa nothing like that you are thinking.

Kusum: what I am thinking?

Kabir: Maa

Kusum: ok,ok go.

After that they both reach Kabir’s room. It is very clean room everything is set on their place. It is well settled room Saanchi is very happy to seeing this. Saanchi is going towards balcony she sees white curtains are flying through air Saanchi slowly takes step towards them. She is going to falls again but this time also Kabir holds her both covers into curtains Kabir pins Saanchi into wall Kabir’s hands are on her shoulders their faces are very close to each other they can see only in each other’s eyes. They shares deeply romantic beautiful an eye locks. Their lips are so close to each other they are taking short breath they can feels breath of each other. They are totally lost in each other’s eyes, time is pause for them, and soft romantic music is playing in background.

After few minutes kusum calls them for food. They are comes out from their dream land in the actual world then instantly gets away from each other. They are feeling so much embarrassment, start looking around each other due to embarrassment.
They both come out from room where kusum is waiting for them to having lunch.

Kusum: Saanchi beta, sit and eat food, Aj mene saara khana Kabir ki pasand ka banaya hai I hope you also will like it.

Saanchi smiling and sees food and surprisingly these dishes are also her favorite dishes.

Saanchi: Wow aunty ji, you also made my favorite food. Can we start to eat lunch?

Kabir is smiling on Saanchi’s excitement. Kusum is happy to see Saanchi’s smile.

Kusum: yes sure beta, why not

They are sitting on the dining table and start eating food. Saanchi is taking plates and start eating food while Kabir is mesmerizing to see Saanchi. She is looking like kid during eating.

Kabir is only starring to Saanchi while kusum is glaring to Kabir and smiling. After that they are finish their lunch. Kabir is getting call from hospital for urgent piece of work. Kabir is saying to Saanchi that we should have to go hospital some important cases are waiting for us. Saanchi is taking blessings from kusum. Then they are sitting in the car, Saanchi tying her seatbelt. Kabir trying to start the car suddenly Kabir seeing Saanchi is upset coz after ties seatbelt she is constantly thinking about Kabir’s past and Kabir is thinking that Saanchi is thinking about veer. There is confusion between them.

Kabir: Saanchi I know you are thinking about veer. But Why?

Saanchi: (unexpectedly) what??

Kabir: I said are you still thinking about veer? Look Saanchi, sometimes such things happens with us that we not expect. Does not mean that we are get depress.

Saanchi: stares towards him

Kabir: what?? Did I say something wrong?

Saanchi: suddenly looking towards window.

Kabir: howwoww he raising his both hands then turning towards Saanchi, Saanchi scaring and turns toward him. Kabir trying to scare Saanchi then he is smiling in full of joy.

Saanchi is in completely shock coz she was never seen this Kabir before that.

Saanchi smiling and saying Sir, are you alright??

Kabir suddenly noticing her glare then he is quiet, he looking straight. He is feeling embarrassing.

Saanchi: Sir you are looking too good in smile, sir your smile is magical keep smiling it’s a request.

Kabir: Dr. Saanchi I think we are getting late so it’s better to go.

Saanchi: ok sir.

Then they reach at the hospital.

Isha: Saanchi aagyi tum? kesa raha din?

Saanchi: acha.

Isah: ( smiles) bus sirf achha?

Saanchi: no……..yes…….no…..ahmm …I mean good.

Isha; (smiles) Ohhh Saanchi, are you blushing?

Saanchi: no ways, why I’m blushing what rubbish yaar?

Isha: look Saanchi I think you likes Dr. Kabir’s company.

Saanchi: yaar isha. How can you thinking like that? He is my senior and I respect him. I know he is very good person he was faced a lot trouble in his life. Saanchi stops between talking she goes into deep thought. She is thinking about how much Kabir was faced in his life.

Isha: O Saanchi where were you lost yaar I’m talking with you and you aren’t here.

Saanchi: no, isha I hearing you.

Isha: ok Saanchi I have to go we will talk later.

Saanchi: yaa she smiles.

At Kabir’s cabin:

He is thinking about which was he did in front of Saanchi in the car. He is saying to himself.

Kabir: what was that Kabir? How can you do this in front of her? What she will be thinking about you? Kabir why did you behaved like a child? Why you feel so comfortable with her? Why you want to spend time with her? And today you were behaved, it was so embarrassing. No Kabir you cannot do this.

Just then someone knocks the door.

Kabir: come in Dr. Saanchi.

Dr. Kabir I’m Dr. Riya not Saanchi.

Yes she is Riya. She is in shock to hear Saanchi’s name from Dr. Kabir.

Riya’s POV:

Why Kabir always thinks about Saanchi? What’s going between them? What is in her? She is totally looks like bhehn ji type. Looks at me I’m so hot, gorgeous, stunning. But Kabir is not watching me. His eyes are always finding Saanchi.

Kabir: Dr. Riya what is problem with you why are you come here?

Riya: yes Kabir sir I want to assist you in the surgery.

Kabir: but Dr. Saanchi is already assist me so why you?

Riya: (burns) Why Dr. Kabir only she is your an intern what about us? We want to learn something from you. If you not give us any chance so how can we learn appropriately??

Kabir: O really Dr. Riya do you want to learn something? So first you go and prove yourself like Saanchi coz she always proves that she is the best intern of the entire hospital. She is talented, hard worker and many more. I cannot bear anything against her. You got it.

Then Miss Fernandez comes here and saying to di Kabir.

Miss F: Sir Patient is ready for surgery you come immediately.

Kabir: (glaring to her) okay I’m coming.

Then they Left.

Riya fumes in anger and saying Saanchi Saanchi, Saanchi my ears are cooked to hear this name.jise dekho saanchi ke hi gun gaata rehta hai.aakhir aisa kia hai us main?

As usual surgery is completed successfully. Kabir and Saanchi come out from the ot. Kabir appreciates saanchi , saanchi says thakuu sir they smiles both are leaves from there.

Time skipped

Pragya is walking in the corridor suddenly she is collides with a girl.

Pragya: AbeO Dekh kar nahi chal sakti?

Girl: I’m so sorry.

Pragya turns and seeing her she is so beautiful like saanchi.

Pragya: it’s ok I’m dr….

Girl: can you please tell me where is Kabir’s cabin?

Pragya get shock coz the girl called Dr. Kabir to only Kabir.

Pragya: yes go straight then turn right.

Girl: ok thankuu so much (leaves).

Saanchi is going to Kabir’s cabin where she seeing Pragya stands there she is asking from her.

Saanchi: why are you stand here and what are you looking for?

Precap: Record room romance amid Kabir and Saanchi……………………………………………….Saanchi spy on Kabir to know about this Girl.

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  1. Hema69

    its amazing Anee
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    post next one asap
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    1. Anee

      Hey hema thank you so much for an encouraging me and yaa you are everyone is not perfect everything. your comment is really gives me sigh of relief.

  2. This suprb anee seems someone is going to be jealous???loved it to the core dear nd kabir’s so good with sanchi. Plzz post nxt one soon dear.

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  6. Abhilasha

    Awesome yr… And don’t worry u r improving na that’s main thing an those who criticize u.. U tale them as lesson and those who say headache if they are so talented in English then they must understand what u r writing and ur only mistake is tenses in which of of coursecourse no one is perfect so mitti pao andand keep writing!

    1. Anee

      thanks Abhi dear and yaa you are right i need to ignores them coz i tries improving it. that’s enough for me. your way of supporting is amazing i liked it.

  7. Its amazing .

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    Such a nyc epi Anee….
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  12. RuCh23

    First of all Anee today’s part was fab ???. And don’t mind those who critizise you for grammar and language stuff coz it really doesn’t matter. If your readers can understand what you’re trying to say, then what’s there problem? ??? we can understand your story soooo well and we love you for giving us such an amazing story luv u ??

    1. Anee

      Thanuu RuCh love u to yaar i feel happy that you understand my story very well.

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