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Hey guys,I am back with the next episode. Hope you all like it. Thanks for all your comments. I wasn’t able to reply personally.

Wattpad is so addictive!!

Recap:Shraman at the beach,Sumo becomes angry at Shravan and walks away.

Shravan POV

what did I do..?She became angry with me so fast and I didn’t even say anything..Okay I might have called her Sumo the wrestler but …First ,I should  go and  apologize.How will I handle her after marriage??I should take help from Puskar

End of Pov

He dials Pushkar’s number but it was coming to be engaged.

Shravan:Darn it,It is coming engaged at the time you need him the most*


Pushkar was in Plaza Singapura ,he was looking frustated and looking around for something.After some time,He moves inside Daiso to check out some Halloween decorations.He recieves Sumo’s call..

Pushkar:Hello                                                                                                                                                                          Sumo:Hi pushkar(Slightly angry)      

Pushkar:Why did you call?

Sumo:Where are you?You lied to me that you had some business work.


Sumo:Stop ummmming and give me a reply 

Pushkar:Sumo …Do I have to give you a 24hrs update of where I am ?

Sumo:Not at all,But why did you lie to me?

Pushkar:So that ,Both of you ….

Sumo interrupts:It would have been better if you had been there.

Pushkar:Wow,Sumo ,You are asking me to be there…
Sumo:we wouldn’t have fought at least

Pushkar:Where are you now?

Sumo:Reaching my hostel

Pushkar:I am  coming there,Pack your bag ..We will have a sleepover

Sumo:I am not going to him at all..What is wrong with you?

Pushkar:Don’t you trust me ?I will make sure he repents.

Sumo:I will be waiting.

Pushkar:See ,My Sumo will always be on my side.

Sumo:Not always on your side,But why are you so eager to get revenge from him?

Pushkar:I will tell when I come..Love you bye

Sumo:Love you too(in friends)

Pushkar buys a few stuff and leaves for Sumo’s hostel..

He hadn’t realized that his conversation had been heard by somebody else as well.

He had left behind a heart broken Preeti and a sighing Aisika..

Aisika:So,He is not single after all..I had so many dreams to make him mine..But he has atleast left his super hot bro behind.

Preeti POV

I knew that something was going on behind the both of them.How could Sumo not tell me about this?Wait!There are thousand Suman’s in the world..I will only believe if its my Sumo if she is not at hostel today night..

End of Preeti POV

Her chain of thought were broken by the ringing of her cell phone.It was non other than Sumo.
Preeti:Hey Sumo,Lets have dinner together at Margarita’s
Sumo:I am very sorry Preeti,I am going out with my best friends for sleep over today.I had just called you to inform that..Pakka,We will have it on Tuesday together..I have taken permission from the Principal,SO that you can go and sleep in Zainab’s dorm today..Love you Preeti.Bye


Preeti POV

So,Sumo is dating Pushkar sir.I am no more her best friend,she has stopped sharing stuff with me.I should not be a burden on her,She has moved on in life..I still dont believe this.

End of Preeti POV

Sumo POV

Why was Preeti behaving so wierdly?Is she feeling unwell?But if that had been the case,she would have told me.But where did give her a chance to speak?SHould I tell her about Pushkar and Shravan?I think I should wait for some time.I should talk to her once,IT has been the first time we are not going to be together on a weekend.What should I do?

POV ends

She is disturbed by the ringing of the room bell.

She opens the door and frowns.

She slams the door on the persons’s face.

End of Episode 

So who could the person be?Try to guess

I will post the second part of this on Monday . Don’t forget to vote and comment.
Sorry for the short update

love Anu

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  1. Tooooooooooooo cool superb. Who is that person waiting eagerly to know. Post ASAP

  2. _pari_alisha

    Sorryyyyy sorryyyyy soooo many epis i missed to cmment na soooooo i heartily appologize well pari here angel_pari??? Remem this is my new account….

    And about thisss story its really sweet and adorable i loved it,,,, preetiiiiiiiiii she is misunderstanding everything,,, and sharman are just sooo adorable loved it,…

    But how r u ?????

    Take care post soon

  3. hey anushika it was an interesting episode yaar….
    its amazing, fabulous, mind blowing extra – extra
    just love this one…
    lots of love & take care…

  4. It’s sooo interesting. Can’t wait to read further. Post ASAP. Love you ??

  5. Ruchi

    Hey Anu!!
    finally u r back with epi…
    Ahaan preeti is jealous …
    Superb epi…
    excited for next epi…
    post soon…
    take care…
    Lots of love

  6. Ariana

    Anuuuuuuuuu!!! Sry for a late comment dear
    it is going so great. I cannot stop wondering how nicely u managed writing so good
    I cannot stop laughing at some events. I do feel sad for Preeto. Pls sort out Preekar’s chemistry. I really wanna see them together.. N I’m 99% sure Sumo slammed the door at Shravo’s face
    but I’ll wait for the nxt part. Post soooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnn

  7. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hey anu !!!!!
    Love this part

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