Bawara Dil 30th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Sidhi blames Shiva for destroying her future

Bawara Dil 30th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sidhi eats with Malini’s hand. Malini asks if she talked to Shiva? Sidhi says don’t spoil my mood by talking about him. Malini says no one told you but when you were missing, I fought with your inlaws, I bad-mouthed Shiva and even protested in front of their house. Sidhi says what? Malini says what could I do? I said so much to Shiva and his family because I didn’t know what else to do. Sidhi hugs her and says you were worried about me, I will talk to Yashwant and he will understand. I am fine now. Malini says I thought I wouldn’t see you again but there was only one person who had faith to find you, his faith didn’t waver, it didn’t weaken. Sidhi says who? Malini says Shiva, Sidhi is surprised.

Bunty and Bubblu take Sidhi’s books and says let’s start.

Malini tells Sidhi that my thoughts about Shiva are changing, I want to trust him now. The person is not what he seems. Sidhi says no, I mean when I was in quarantine he might have looked for me but that doesn’t change his behavior, what I know about him also matters. He is stubborn and egoistic. I fought with him just now, he doesn’t see anyone else but Akka Bai, an ill-mannered man. Malini says don’t say that, you have to live life with him now. Sidhi says no, I am not thinking about the future, I am living in the present. I now have a mission, I am doing an MA, I get happy when I study, I will succeed in my studies and become independent. Malini smiles.

Bunty and Bubblu tear Sidhi’s books. Mangala comes there and smirks.

Sidhi tells Malini that I have to take care of you and baba. Malini says yes but.. will your inlaws let you study? Sidhi says don’t worry about that. Yashwant and Soni understand me, they are always standing with me. Shiva brought my books but he thinks my education is my ego, I will change his thoughts and break his ego. Malini says if you like to study then just focus on that. Sidhi smiles.

Sidhi comes to her mandir and prays to Lord. Sidhi comes to her and says where did my book box go? She looks around but can’t find it. She says where did it go? Sidhi comes to Mangala and asks if she has seen her books? Mangala says no I didn’t see, she calls Bunty and Babblu but a servant comes there and says we found a box near the trash. Sidhi sees that it’s her book box, she rushes to it. Mangala says this is not trash, she asks the servant to leave. Mangala asks Sidhi to see if all books are present? Sidhi opens the box to find all her books torn there. Shiva comes there and is talking on the call, he says I know how to break the egos of people. Sidhi glares at him and recalls how he said that he will crush her ego one day. Sidhi cries and thinks Shiva tore my books.

Scene 2
Shiva is in his room and opens the cupboard. He turns to see Sidhi crying and asks what happened? Sidhi says you could stoop this low? Shiva says what did I do now? Sidhi says you are asking me? You destroyed my future, you can’t see anything behind your ego. She grabs his collar and says why? She hits his chest and says why? How could you? She falls down on the bed and weeps. Sidhi says I am tired now, you have finished everything. Shiva gets worried and sits in front of her. He says how many times will you repeat this? I am tired too. Jalwa calls Shiva. Shiva doesn’t want to leave Sidhi but goes from there.

Jalwa comes to Shiva and says the fire broke out in the fields. Shiva says to call the fire brigade, he goes from there. Sidhi comes outside the house and looks at her torn books. Mangala says I am feeling bad for you, this is all trash now. We will have to throw them away. Sidhi cries hearing that and leaves from there. Mangala smirks.

Sidhi is sitting in her room and recalls Shiva challenging to crush her ego. Soni comes there and sees all lights turned off. She asks Sidhi what happened? Come for dinner. Sidhi says I am not hungry. Soni asks why she is crying? Sidhi says just go from here. Soni says did anyone say something? Sidhi cries and my books were torn. Soni says who? Sidhi says your brother did it. Soni is confused and says no, he can never do that, you must be mistaken, why would he do it? Sidhi says you trust your brother and I trust him too to do something this cheap. Nobody can do it but him, he acts like this pious man in front of his family but I have seen an animal in him. She asks Soni to leave her alone for some time. Soni consoles her and leaves from there.

Soni comes to Yashwant and says Sidhi won’t come for dinner. Yashwant says why? She needs to eat on time. Soni says Sidhi is crying a lot, someone tore her books. Yashwant says who? Soni looks on. Yashwant asks who? Soni says Sidhi thinks Shiva tore them but why would he do it? He brought them for her. Yashwant says he can do anything in anger, did they fight? Soni says I don’t know but Shiva can’t do this. Vijiya comes there and says Sidhi is mistaken and says I know who have done this.

Shiva comes to his house and sits in the garden. He finds Sidhi’s book box there. Sidhi comes there. Shiva says why is this box here? Sidhi says you are asking this? She opens the box to show him torn books. Shiva is stunned. Sidhi says you tore them all. Shiva is confused.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I can see love coming since Malini begun trusting Shiva

  2. Exactly love is coming to them

  3. Beverley martin

    Shiva is again be accused. The man is shocked. I hope Vijaja know for sure who tore her books.
    I’m glad siddhi mom look like she like and trust shiva.
    Everything is put on shiva. Siddhi must stop it.
    Why would shiva tore her books. Shiva was the one go for her books and he want her to finish her studies, then why would he tore her books.
    Is who children are the ones that torn books.
    I cant believe they’re Vijaja children. What siddhi done to them for they to do such thing.i hope they are punished for their act.

  4. Beverley martin

    Thanks for the written updates.
    Waiting for the next episode update.

  5. Malini is trusting Shiva because he never disrespected them ,since their encounter with him ,and more so despite his ego,he’s trying to get familiar with Sindhi, but shidhi replied is hurtful.don’t know why Shiva mother is behaving like a goon,.

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