Bawara Dil 1st March 2021 Written Episode Update: Sidhi gets abducted

Bawara Dil 1st March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sidhi wakes up in a cell and coughs. She looks around and screams where am I? Who brought me here? What is all this? She cries and says open this door. She says where are you Ayi?

Malini wakes up in the morning and says I should get up now. She gets up and prays. She looks around and sees Sidhi gone from the bed. She says this is the first time Sidhi woke up before me, I don’t know if she even slept last night.

Sidhi cries and says why did they lock me here? My parents must be worried sick. She recalls her family moments and weeps. She screams for her father.

Ishwar is awake and feels Sidhi is calling out to him. Malini comes there and tells him Sidhi didn’t call him. Ishwar says I feel Sidhi is in some trouble. Malini says you are not able to digest that she is getting married today. Ishwar says I feel like something wrong is going to happen. Malini sees him writing a letter to Sidhi and asks what does he write about? Ishwar says sometimes we can’t talk about things so I write them down for her but I feel uneasy today. Malini says don’t worry, everything will be fine. I will make tea for you and ask Sidhi to bring it for you. she goes to look for Sidhi. Ishwar writes to keep Sidhi happy and healthy, she should never cry. Otherside Sidhi is crying in the cell.

Malini comes to Sidhi’s friends and asks them to wake up. She asks did you see Sidhi? Her friend says no. Malini says I will look in her room.

Malini comes to the garden and looks around for Sidhi. She calls out to her but doesn’t find her. She finds her earring on the ground and gets worried. She calls Ishwar there.

Sidhi is knocking on the door and shouts who are you? She falls down and cries.

Malini shows Sidhi’s earring to Ishwar. Ishwar asks her friend Akshita to call her but her phone is there too. Malini cries and says where did she go? Sagar says she might have gone to the mandir and left her phone here, don’t worry.

Scene 2
Gaurav is gettting ready for his baraat. Otherside Sagar comes home and tells everyone that Sidhi was not in the mandir. He gets a call from the baraat and says they have left the hotel. Ishwar says to call Gaurav and tell him everything. His sister says we should wait till the last moment of the wedding, her inlaws shouldn’t know that Sidhi is not home. Ishwar looks on.

Gaurav starts leaving his hotel for the wedding. Otherside Malini cries and tells Ishwar to find her daughter. Her sister Saru tells her to calm down. She says we will not cry. She asks Sidhi’s friends Ashish and Vineet to go and find Sidhi. Saru tells Malini to get ready for the wedding, Sidhi will come back, don’t worry.

Sidhi is crying in the cell and says my parents must be so worried. She finds a stand there and starts breaking the door.

Malini and all family members come to the wedding venue. Sagar tells Ishwar that there is no trace of Sidhi. Malini says we are all here dressed and she is nowhere to be found. Saru says everything will be alright. Groom Gaurav and his family enter the venue. Gaurav takes Sidhi’s parents’ blessings. Yogita says I just want this wedding to end fast. They all go to sit down. Malini and Ishwar are worried. Ishwar says what if something wrong happened with Sidhi? Malini says don’t worry. Gaurav sits in the mandap and the priest starts the ritual. Malini tells Ishwar that you need to control yourself as otherwise I will breakdown. Ishwar says we should tell everyone the truth and go find Sidhi.

Sidhi is trying to break the door with the stand. She gets hurt but keeps hitting the door.

the priest asks Ishwar to bring Sidhi to the mandap, we don’t have much time. Ishwar tells Malini that we can’t be silent anymore. Sagar calls someone to find about Sidhi. He tells Ishwar that we couldn’t find her till now. Ishwar says I have to talk to Gaurav’s parents now. He comes to Vishwash (Gaurav’s father) and takes him aside. Vishwash asks what happened? Ishwar says I don’t know how to say this.. he gets a call and goes to take it. Ishwar takes Vineet’s call who says we have looked everywhere but Sidhi is nowhere to be found. Ishwar is stunned to hear that.

Sidhi breaks the door and comes out.

Ishwar tells Vishwash that we are not able to find Sidhi. He says what? Ishwar says Sidhi was sleeping in her room last night but this morning she was not in her room, we looked in the house but Sidhi was nowhere to be found. Her friends have looked around everywhere but Sidhi is nowhere to be found. Vishwash shouts what is this rubbish? All come there. Ishwar says we are trying to find her but we need time. Vishwash says how can she vanish on her wedding day? Where is she? Gaurav looks on. Ishwar says we are looking for her. Vishwash says my son is in the mandap and you are looking for the bride? What happened? Tell us what are you hiding? Sagar says don’t say that. Yogita says this is a joke? How could she leave like this? Did she runaway with someone else? All are stunned.

Sidhi starts leaving the den but is stunned to see a bigger door in front of her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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