Bawara Dil 14th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Sidhi goes missing

Bawara Dil 14th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The inspector tells Shiva that we are leaving you this time but don’t get caught again. Shiva says you called my wife? The inspector says your wife? She doesn’t like your name so why would she come? She must think you should remain here, I am leaving you because some Akka Bai called my boss. We are being stopped from doing our work but it is what it is. Shiva asks if he calls the hotel, he doesn’t have the battery in the phone. The inspector says we are not sitting here to solve your marital issues. Do you beat your wife which is why she didn’t come to get you? If I find out that it’s a domestic violence matter then no Akka Bai will be able to save you. Shiva glares at him and leaves.

Bhavin tells Bai that Shiva was let out of the police station. Bai asks what happened? Bhavin says they found some weapons in his car that’s why he got caught. Bai says I don’t want Shiva’s name to be tarnished, I want Shiva’s name to be removed from the police file, we have to be careful as Narpat can find out. Bhavin says don’t worry, I will handle it. Sarkar asks what he was doing in Pune? Bhavin says he went with Sidhi to fill her college form. Bai says let her complete her education then we will celebrate her graduation, we will say that Bai influenced Shiva to give power to his wife, I will be a slogan for women empowerment. She tells Bhavin that Sidhi’s education and Shiva’s approval on it will be beneficial for me. Bhavin smiles. Bai says this is called politics.

Shiva is driving the car and says masterni could come to the police station and tell the truth. She teaches about right or wrong but she left for the village and didn’t tell me? The hotel room was empty when I went there, what will I tell baba now? He is driving and hits a girl with his car. Shiva is shocked and rushes to the girl. He looks at her and says you? The girl says Shiva you? She gets dizzy and faints. Shiva gets emotional, he puts her in the car and drives away.

Mangal tells Yashwant that you sent Shiva with that girl, he didn’t even tell me before leaving. Yashwant says your son left with his wife, her name is Sidhi. Mangal says you sent my son with a girl who threw stones at our house, who sent my son to the jail, who blamed my son for murder. Yashwant says that’s all gone by, don’t be angry. Shiva had work in Pune too. Mangal cries and says don’t know how my Shiva is there. Soni says don’t worry, he will come back, I am just thinking about what he would get for me. Yashwant says to call Shiva and asks him to bring a gift for Mangal too. Ishwar comes there. Yashwant greets him and says come inside. They all sit down. Ishwar says I came here to invite Shiva and Sidhi for a dinner. Mangal says you are late but at least you remember it, you are calling them only and not Shiva’s family? Yashwant asks her to stop it. He tells Ishwar that I will give the message to Shiva-Sidhi, you can invite us some later time. Ishwar says Sidhi and Shiva didn’t come from Pune? Yashwant says no. Bunty comes there and says Shiva has returned. Ishwar gets excited to see Sidhi but Shiva enters the house with an unconscious girl in his arms. All are confused. Shiva asks Bunty to bring water. He sprinkles water on the girl’s face and she wakes up. Yashwant and Mangal are shocked. The girl wakes up and says I am fine. Yashwant asks what she is doing here? Shiva says she got hit by my car and fainted. The girl says I was returning to the village, I was crossing the road and got hit by Shiva’s car. Shiva offers her water. Ishwar asks where is Sidhi? Shiva is stunned and says she didn’t come here? All look on. Yashwant asks where is Sidhi? Where did you leave her? Shiva says I thought she took the bus to come back home in the morning. Yashwant says how can you be so careless. Shiva says let me call her.. he says I don’t have her number. Yashwant shouts at him. Ishwar calls Sidhi but her number is off. All get worried. Yashwant asks Shiva where did he leave Sidhi? The girl says I am here at the wrong time, I will leave. She thanks Shiva and leaves. Yashwant asks Shiva what Jhanvi was doing with you? Shiva says she fainted in front of my car. Yashwant says you left Sidhi alone? Shiva says I don’t know where she went. Yashwant says you went with Sidhi but you returned with Jhanvi? The girl who you loved like crazy, who you wanted to marry.. Ishwar is stunned to hear all that. Mangal says what are you saying? Let Shiva rest a little bit. Yashwant asks her to shut up. Ishwar’s phone rings, it’s Malini. She asks where is he? Ishwar says there is some trouble here, I will come and tell you. He ends the call. Soni cries and leaves from there. Shiva is tensed.

Soni goes away and calls Sidhi but her number is off. Soni says where is she?

Shiva tells Yashwant that when I came to the hotel, Sidhi was not there so I thought she came back home. Yashwant says you left Sidhi alone the whole night? Shiva says police arrested me so I had to spend the night in the station. The inspector called Sidhi but she didn’t come, I was in the lock-up the whole night, I was freed in the morning so I went to the hotel but Sidhi was not there. Yashwant says you thought you could do anything in Pune? This is all your fault, if anything happens to Sidhi then I will not spare you. Ishwar is worried. Shiva folds his hand and tells Ishwar that I will bring your daughter and this house’s daughter-in-law back at any cost. He leaves from there.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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