Barrister Babu New Era Episode-8: Somnath saves Tapur from falling off the cliff.


The episode starts with some villagers kidnapping Tapur and taking her somewhere.Β  Tupur looks here and thereπŸ‘€Β  to find Tapur missing.Β  Tupur is searching for Tapur.

Tupur shouts, “Tapurrrrr.. Tapuurrrrrrrrr…. Where are you my sister??”

The villagers take Tapur near a cliff.

Meanwhile, Tupur runs to Roy Choudhary Haveli and informs everyone about missing Tapur.Β  Everyone gets shocked and tensed after hearing this.

Bondita quickly says, “I’ll go to find my sister.Β  I can’t let anything wrong happen with my sister.”

Anirudh :Β  “No no Bondita, you can’t go, you should stay with the kids. I promise you that I’ll surely find Tapur. Tapur is my sister too, I won’t let anything happen to her.”

Bondita says, “But Pati babu….”Β  Β  Β Trilochan interrupts saying, “Arrey Bondita bahu, Anirudh is right.Β  It’s important for you to stay here.Β  I’m also going to search for Tapur. We’ll find her very soon. You don’t need to be stressed.”

Anirudh and Trilochan leave with Tupur to search for Tapur.Β  Thakuma also goes with them.Β  But, the soft-hearted Bondita is still worried and tensed for her sister.

The villagers are heading towards the top of the cliff with Tapur.Β  Tapur is struggling very hard to get out from their clutches, but all in vain.Β  Β They reach at the top of the cliff.

Man 1 (To Tapur) :Β  “Hahahahahaaa…Β  Β See, how easily we trapped you!! That day, you were speaking like a Sherni na???Β  We’ll end your game today.”

Tapur :Β  “Leave me; or otherwise if Anirudh Jamai babu came to know about this, then think what he’ll do with you all.”

Man 3 :Β  “Look brothers, how much pride she has got.Β  She is going to die; and instead of begging us for her life, she’s still speaking like a lioness.”

Man 2 (To Tapur) :Β  “You wanted to become a Sherni, right?Β  We’ll show you your exact place today.Β  Your pride will shatter into infinite pieces today.”

The men push Tapur off the cliff.Β  But fortunately, Tapur catches the top of cliff with both her hands.


Now, Tapur is hanging from the cliff.


There is a very deep valley below the cliff.

Tapur shouts, “Help.. help…Β  Someone please help meeee……Β  Please save mee….Β  Plzzzzzzzzzzzzz………”

Meanwhile;Β  Anirudh, Trilochan, Thakuma and Tupur are searching for Tapur.Β  Inside Roy Choudhary Haveli, Bondita and Sampoorna are praying to Durga Ma for the well-being of Tapur.

On the cliff :-

The villagers laugh.Β  One man says, “In a few minutes, she’ll fall down the cliff and she’ll die.”

Second man says, “Yes, and now no other woman or girl will ever dare to go against the society.”

The men leave from there while laughing at Tapur.


Tapur struggles to reach the top of cliff.Β  But as soon as she looks at the deep valley, she gets very scared.Β  Tapur’s balance gets unstable and she’s about to fall down.


But before Tapur could fall inside the huge valley, someone catches her hand.


The person holds Tapur’s hand tightly and pulls her to the top of the cliff.

Tapur is unconscious.Β  The person who saved Tapur is none other than Somnath.

[Somnath recalls returning to Roy Choudhary Haveli from the Hospital.Β  He sees some villagers are forcefully dragging Tapur and taking her somewhere.Β  Somnath follows them.Β  Then, he sees those villagers pushing Tapur off the cliff.Β  Somnath runs to save her, but he falls down because of the rough and rocky surface.Β  Somnath is trying to get up, and Tapur is hanging from the cliff.Β  When Tapur is about to fall, Somnath gets up and rushes to save her.]Β  Flashback ends.Β 

Somnath is trying to make Tapur conscious.Β  He is searching for water.

Anirudh, Trilochan, Thakuma and Tupur are still calling out to Tapur with tears in their eyes.Β  Β All of a sudden, Tupur sees Tapur lying on the cliff and recognises her because of her saree.Β  Tupur tells everyone, “Look… Look…. Tapur is there on the cliff”,Β  and Tupur points her finger in Tapur’s direction.

Trilochan, Thakuma, Anirudh and Tupur go towards Tapur.Β  They see her lying unconscious.Β  Just then, Somnath comes with a pot of water.Β  Somnath sprinkles a few drops of water on Tapur’s face, and Tapur gains consciousness.

Somnath tells everything to the other family members that how some villagers were trying to kill Tapur.

Anirudh fumes with angerΒ  after hearing this and he says, “How can someone stoop soo low that they can forget humanity???Β  How can those people think of killing an innocent girl?😑😑😑”Β  Tapur says in an emotional voice, “Not everyone is like you Anirudh Jamai babu.Β  Today, Somnath came as a God to save me, otherwise…”Β  Tapur is not able to speak further.

Trilochan says with pride, “Don’t worry Tapur beta, I’ll banish those men from Tulsipur.Β  They can’t do anything wrong with you now.”

But Tapur replies, “No Kaka, this won’t work.Β  They won’t do it with me, but they’ll do it with some other Tapur.Β  They won’t throw someone from cliff, but they’ll drown them in river.Β  This must stop Kaka, and banishing those men from Tulsipur can’t stop this.”

Anirudh says, “Yes Kaka, Tapur is right.Β  We’ll have to do something big against all these crimes.”

Somnath gets an idea and he says, “Why don’t we file a case against these crimes happening with girls??Β  We should fight for their rights.Β  And there are already two barristers in our home.”Β  Β Somnath turns to Anirudh and says, “Dada, I think you and Boudi should file a case against all this.Β  What do you think???”

Anirudh gets happy and says, “Perfect idea Som!!Β  I’ll surely file a case against this and I’ll also give an application to Supreme Court for enacting a law against this.Β  Harrassment of women must stop.”

Thakuma says, “Ok, okay; you can do whatever you want.Β  But I think first we should go home.”

Everyone agrees and goes to Roy Choudhary Haveli.

In Roy Choudhary Haveli :-

Bondita is still praying to Dugga Ma for protecting Tapur.Β  Tapur happily comes towards Bondita and says, “Bondita didiiii…”Β  Β Bondita gets very happy after seeing Tapur and she hugs Tapur.

The two little twins who’re lying in their heavenly cradles, they also start smiling after seeing their Tapur Masi.Β  Tapur cuddles them.Β  Trilochan feels weird seeing Tapur playing with the babies. He is about to stop her, but he thinks, “If I’ll tell her like this, then Anirudh will become an Angry Raavan (Raavan is the name of a demon).Β  I’ll have to tell her indirectly.”

Trilochan tells to Tapur, “Arreyyy Tapur beta, you should take rest.Β  You’ve came here after getting saved from a huge calamity, you need some relaxation.”

Thakuma also agrees to this by saying, “Haan haannn Tapur, you should go and relax in your room.”

Tapur nods and goes to her room with Tupur.

The moon shines brightly.

In Anidita’s room –

Bondita says, “Pati babu, I’m very worried. Why this society doesn’t understand a woman’s pain??Β  If a woman is molested or tried to be molested, then what is her fault in this????Β  This must stop Pati babu. Women must get justice.”

Anirudh calms Bondita and says, “Yes Bondita, women will definitely get justice.Β  We will file a case against the men who consider women low and harrass them.Β  I also want to apply for enactment of a law for stopping all this.”

Anirudh forwards his right hand towards Bondita and says, “Sooo, Bondita Roy Choudhary, will you help me in completing my mission???”Β  Β Bondita holds Anirudh’s hand🀝🏻 and says, “Pati babu, Bondita is always there with you in all your missions.Β  I’ll try my level best to help you. We’ll together fight against this cruel and patriarchal society.”Β  Β  Anidita smile.Β  Β RTM playsΒ  (Aaja tujhko mitti pukare…)

In the morning :-

Thakuma is preparing some Ayurvedic medicines with Jadi-booti (Medicinal herbs).Β  She makes Binoy eat those medicines.

Thakuma comes out of Binoy’s room to see Trilochan standing at the door.Β  Trilochan asks with tears in his eyes, “Kallindi ji, are your Ayurvedic medicines working on Binoy???”

Thakuma replies with a fake smile on her face, “Yes yess Trilochan ji, my medicines are working very well on Binoy ji.Β  See, his condition has improved a little.”Β  Trilochan thanks Thakuma with all his heart and leaves from there.

Thakuma says to herself, “If I would’ve treated him 8 years ago, then he might have got cured.Β  Now, no medicine can affect him.Β  What should I do now???”

The episode ends.Β 

Update Credit: Khushi(a)Barbie


Thakuma takes Binoy somewhere. She angrily says, “Whatever these Roy Choudharys have done with my family, they will get its fruit today. I will pay them for their deeds.”Β  She takes an iron rod and hits Binoy on his head. Binoy shouts in pain.


  1. Kritisha Sengupta

    Promo update:

    Narrator says, “Let’s celebrate this Diwali with Anirudh and Bondita.”Β  Anidita are happily celebrating Diwali with Roy Choudhary and Das families. At some place, a person is removing all the Diwali decorations. That person angrily shouts, “Don’t take the word Diwali in front of me. I hate this Diwali.”Β  A very beautiful and gorgeous girl comes out. She’s the exact lookalike of Bondita.

    Bondita’s lookalike says to the angry person, “What do you get by shouting like this??Β  If you don’t like Diwali then don’t celebrate. But we all want to celebrate, and we will definitely celebrate.Β  You can’t stop us.”Β  Β Saying this, she walks away in a style.

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    Thakuma’s dialogue in the precap is confusing meπŸ€”πŸ€”
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    1. Yeah Snow sis, Anidita will surely fight for women’s rights.
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